The Instrument

GOD alone is the One who called, trained, and after many tri­als chose me to be His per­sonal Instrument. To Him alone I am an Instrument. What would a ham­mer, a paint­brush be without the master’s hand? Likewise, I am a noth­ing in His hand. Chosen out­side Church hier­archy in or­der that I speak and act freely without hier­arch­ical con­straint as GOD al­lows me to sense within my heart.

Consecrated as bishop by the Church’s hand, our jur­is­dic­tion dir­ectly relates to JESUS CHRIST, the sov­er­eign Head of the Church. Although ex­traordin­ary, such is known by the Church and, by gen­eral con­sent, is based on ec­cle­si­ast­ical law­ful­ness.

Baptised Nikolaus Andreas in the Roman Catholic Church in 1937, I was taught by GOD from child­hood in a per­sonal in­tim­acy with Him. Years of dry­ness and ter­rible at­tacks from Hell fol­lowed, from which I surely did not al­ways emerge vic­tori­ous, how­ever, as JESUS let me know, I never will­ingly con­sen­ted in my heart.

In or­der to be able to be His Instrument, GOD equipped me with all that I need for the task. He gave me, for in­stance, I do not know to what ex­tent, the feel­ings of JESUS’ Heart. At first, I found it ex­tremely dif­fi­cult when I began to see and hear, to ex­per­i­ence joy and mainly suf­fer­ing with these feel­ings of JESUS’ Heart.

One of the most dread­ful suf­fer­ings is that I have to feel JESUS’ grief over His be­loved Bride, the holy Church, which is blinded by Satan’s smoke to such an ex­tent that JESUS is no longer able to raise a bishop in her who could save the Church. Not that there are no men of good will in the Church, but the cur­rent hier­arch­ical struc­tures would nowadays hinder any­one from act­ing in the Spirit of JESUS. The few loyal ones of the Church’s lead­er­ship do be­lieve that they do good, how­ever: it is not in ac­cord­ance with JESUS’ Heart! There is no salt, no fire any more in the Church of CHRIST. What to the faith­ful looks like fire is mere pa­per fire re­kindled again and again, which, al­though it flares up brightly, in­stantly crumbles into ashes again!

Now is the time that was fore­told dur­ing which even the just go astray, were GOD not to come to their aid. That is why GOD sends His Sword-Bishop from out­side the Church. This out­side help has also of­ten been proph­esied. However, just as it happened in the time of JESUS, again the Church is not will­ing to ac­know­ledge what did not pass through her school or re­ceive her good­will.


JESUS told me at the day of my con­sec­ra­tion to bishop:


 You are there to teach the ig­nor­ant and to un­cover the secret mach­in­a­tions of Satan.”

 The SAVIOUR later ad­ded to this task yet an­other one, that of re­new­ing His Church in the HOLY SPIRIT.

Upon this, we tried more than once to have an audi­ence with the Pope. However, no re­sponse ever re­turned!

I know that it is very dif­fi­cult to ac­know­ledge a bishop who has been con­sec­rated without the Official Church’s con­sent. But Heaven con­firms this con­sec­ra­tion by signs and won­ders: dead rise again, sick people are healed, sin­ners are con­ver­ted … In man­i­fold and un­count­able ways, GOD’s bless­ing re­veals it­self.

People might an­swer me that the devil can work false mir­acles, but my reply is: never will nor can he im­plant in hu­man hearts the Main Commandment, love of GOD and neigh­bour, and never will he be able to set this love ablaze. It is also ab­so­lutely im­possible for him to kindle the vir­tue of true hu­mil­ity. Yet all this is the fruit of our work in the Name and power of GOD! Acknowledged doc­tors of di­vin­ity, of canon law and of liturgy as well as ex­traordin­ar­ily priv­ileged souls have con­firmed me as com­ing from GOD and have cer­ti­fied the con­sec­ra­tion.

At that time JESUS began to speak and said:

“I praise you, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, be­cause you have hid­den these things from the wise and prudent and have re­vealed them to little ones! Yes, Father, for so it was well-pleas­ing in your sight.” (Matt. 11:25f)

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