Sword-Bishop – His Personal Development

(Accord­ing to notes by Fried­rich Bucher)
GOD schoo­led Niko­laus, whom He calls His per­so­nal Instru­ment, sin­ce his ear­liest child­hood with the aim of trai­ning him for very dark times, in which we are now, in the Church, poli­tics and the world

In the Name of GOD TRINITY

Wor­te Words of GOD to man­kind through His per­so­nal Instru­ment, the Sword-Bishop

Read and Recognize

Explo­si­ve reve­la­ti­ons from GOD’s point of view about the situa­tion of Church and world.

Main Commandment

On the Love of GOD and Neigh­bour

Sings and Wonders

accom­pa­ny the Sword-Bishop

The Divine Directions for Use

Links bet­ween the envi­ron­men­tal pro­blems and cata­stro­phes and sole chan­ce of sal­va­ti­on


of the Sword-Bishop

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