Today they say all reli­gi­ons are wel­co­me, we are not allo­wed to con­tra­dict anyo­ne. Stran­ge tea­chings gain reco­gni­ti­on from the hig­hest Church aut­ho­ri­ties by say­ing: “They, too, wor­ship GOD, after all.” This is a huge mista­ke! The SAVIOUR gives His unam­bi­guous tea­ching and mis­sio­na­ry task: “Go the­re­fo­re and make disci­ples of all nati­ons, bap­ti­sing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spi­rit, tea­ching them to obser­ve all that I have com­man­ded you.” (Matt 28,19f) If JESUS’ tea­ching were only an irrele­vant mat­ter, then the cru­ci­fi­xi­on alo­ne would have suf­fi­ced for our redemp­ti­on. Then the SAVIOUR could have saved Him­s­elf the trou­ble of preaching and tea­ching, He could have car­ri­ed on working as a car­pen­ter until the age of His offe­ring on the Cross.

The Sen­ding of the Apost­les

Satan stri­ves for the mer­ging of reli­gi­ons

They built, for examp­le, a gigan­tic house whe­re St. Pad­re Pio lived, whe­re all reli­gi­ons are allo­wed to gather. Do peop­le still not under­stand what is going on? Is this still a Chris­ti­an West? No! A mul­ti­cul­tu­ral reli­gi­on, that’s what it is! Amongst the­se the­re sup­po­sed­ly are also reli­gi­ons that do not ack­now­ledge the TRINITY GOD. Let us take the Moham­medans for instan­ce: they see CHRIST merely as a pro­phet, con­se­quent­ly deny­ing His Godhead. Then the­re are the Jews who do not ack­now­ledge JESUS as the Mes­siah, as SON of GOD, who sits at the right hand of the FATHER. The­re are the Hin­dus, who wor­ship many gods (idols). Then again the­re are reli­gi­ons that wor­ship no GOD but try to work their way up to bles­sed­ness by their own strength and medi­ta­ti­on, and so on. GOD does not sha­re His Temp­le with idols! As we read in Sacred Scrip­tu­re: “I alo­ne am your GOD. You shall have no other gods befo­re Me!”

Catho­lic bishops, inde­ed, even the Pope, real­ly know how to pre­ach and wri­te so that the faith­ful only think high­ly of them, but at the same time their words are often just paper fire that fizz­les out at once. The high priests in for­mer times were tea­ching accord­ing to Sacred Scrip­tu­re of the Old Tes­ta­ment and yet the SAVIOUR said: “Do what they tell you but do not do accord­ing to their works.” They per­se­cu­t­ed JESUS. He was cru­ci­fied as a result of their per­sis­ting. Today JESUS would have to teach: “Do not do ever­ything they tell you!” The Apost­le Saint Paul says: “Whoever gives you a tea­ching other than the one I have given to you, which I recei­ved from GOD after all, let him be accur­sed, and even if it were an angel from hea­ven, let him be accur­sed!”

Why Is Inter­com­mu­ni­on Impos­si­ble
The­re was a com­ment on the radio about inter­com­mu­ni­on. The­re were high­ly intel­li­gent scho­l­ars, gra­dua­tes, speaking, howe­ver, as far as the future, as far as GOD is con­cer­ned, they were tal­king utter non­sen­se. One, for instan­ce, said: “I sim­ply can­not under­stand and it is not right when the Refor­med or Pro­tes­tants can­not recei­ve Com­mu­ni­on with Catho­lics.” Even peop­le of dif­fe­rent faiths ought to know what Catho­lic and Ortho­dox peop­le belie­ve: that the HOLY SPIRIT through the ordai­ned priest accom­plishes what the lat­ter, at the words of Con­se­cra­ti­on, says and belie­ves. For in this Bread and Wine is not just con­tai­ned the power of GOD, but it is tru­ly Body and Blood of JESUS CHRIST. JESUS did not say: “This will once be My Body,” but: “This is My Body! … This is My Blood!” The­re­fo­re, a Pro­tes­tant who does not belie­ve in the Tran­sub­stan­tia­ti­on can­not recei­ve Com­mu­ni­on with Catho­lics, other­wi­se he will be guil­ty of sin­ning against the Body and Blood of CHRIST. But if someo­ne of a dif­fe­rent faith can belie­ve that JESUS is tru­ly pre­sent with Flesh and Blood in the Sacred Host, the ques­ti­on ari­ses, what pre­vents him yet from accep­t­ing the faith with the seven Sacra­ments.

John 6,53ff: “Then Jesus said to them: ‘Very tru­ly I tell you, unless you eat the flesh of the Son of man and drink his blood, you have no life in you. Whoever eats my flesh and drinks my blood has ever­las­ting life, and I will rai­se him up at the last day. For my flesh is food inde­ed and my blood is drink inde­ed. Whoever eats my flesh and drinks my blood remains in me, and I in him.’”

Ever­y­whe­re, even in the Church, they want to inter­pret JESUS’ words after their own liking and dif­fer­ent­ly: “Well, obvious­ly, it is meant like this …, it was wron­gly unders­tood … The pas­tors, priests, bishops and the Pope have chan­ged it.” The SAVIOUR spo­ke qui­te clear­ly: “This is My Body! … This is My Blood! … As often as you shall do the­se things, you shall do them for per­pe­tu­al rene­wal!” JESUS’ words can­not be exp­lai­ned in a human way, to be meant like this or like that! GOD said: “Hea­ven and earth will pass away, but My words will not pass away!” Whe­re do we find His words? For GOD said that they will not pass away. We find them in Sacred Scrip­tu­re. GOD’s words can­not be remo­del­led.

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