Early Sex Education & Gender

The world speaks so much about love and yet pre­cise­ly the world sel­dom under­stands what love is. By love peop­le usual­ly mean sex. It is true that it is one of man’s stron­gest natu­ral instinc­ts, but you can chan­ge the power of this dri­ve, e.g in order to be suc­cess­ful in your pro­fes­sio­nal life. Nobo­dy will beco­me a saint wit­hout struggling. Never for­get: not your natu­ral instinc­ts should gui­de you, but your spi­rit should wear the crown and wise­ly rule, worthy of love, over your body. It is often heard said: “I am going to mar­ry so that I can have sex!” That is not love! That is sel­fi­sh­ness! Love means wan­ting to show­er your neigh­bour with it and also being able to make the occa­sio­nal ren­un­cia­ti­on.

The sexu­al dri­ve is the stron­gest dri­ve
But today peop­le are alrea­dy cor­rup­ted at school, inde­ed, even at the nur­s­e­ry school with the gen­der-doc­tri­ne and the like. Child­ren are sedu­ced in gre­at num­bers, by the thousands and thousands, through sex edu­ca­ti­on. Have the­se so high­ly edu­ca­ted peop­le not unders­tood that sexua­li­ty is a dri­ve, a dri­ving force, which opens up by even only tick­ling this spot? Whe­re are father and mother stan­ding up for their child­ren here? Whe­re do I hear anything from the Pope? Whe­re do I hear anything from the Church? She remains silent and, as a result, has incur­red the dread­ful wrath of GOD! What did the SAVIOUR say? “Woe to tho­se who cau­se offence to the litt­le ones! It would be bet­ter for them to have a lar­ge mill­stone hung around their neck and to be drow­ned in the depths of the sea!”

Ame­ri­ca wants to dis­ho­nour young peop­le at school. In cer­tain pla­ces, ear­ly sex edu­ca­ti­on alrea­dy takes place with 5‑ye­ar-olds. What did they use to do when they wan­ted to wea­ken a coun­try in order to inva­de it after­wards? Porn maga­zi­nes were dis­tri­bu­t­ed, sex films were shown in the cine­ma, etc.

To be honest, the 6th Com­man­dment, unchas­ti­ty, is not the gra­vest sin – the gra­vest sin is against love – but it is the most dan­ge­rous! He who is stuck in sexua­li­ty is sin­king in a swamp, he can­not have any este­em for him­s­elf any more. He is a slave of his dri­ves and that is alrea­dy inten­ded to hap­pen to 5‑ye­ar-olds. One thing is cer­tain: GOD con­demns this! By doing so you can wea­ken the who­le socie­ty.

What is the pur­po­se behind the gen­der theo­ry?
Holy Scrip­tu­re says: “Male and fema­le he crea­ted them.” (Gen. 1,27) The­se are GOD’s words – who still dare to speak against it? Male and fema­le He crea­ted them, not male and male or fema­le and fema­le. He did not make two Adams, nor two Eves. What is the pur­po­se behind the gen­der cra­ze? GOD crea­ted two human beings and gave them the com­mand: “Be fruit­ful and mul­ti­ply!” (Gen. 1,28) Does the gen­der doc­tri­ne not pro­mo­te that no more child­ren are crea­ted? That is exac­t­ly what they want, that the­re are no more new child­ren, whe­re­as the coun­tries are floo­ded with peop­le of other faiths, who have very many child­ren. As always, it is their goal to des­troy the Chris­ti­an West.

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