The Sin that Cries to Heaven – Fornication against Nature

Homo­se­xua­li­ty is ram­pant like never befo­re. Homo­se­xu­al­ly dis­po­sed peop­le are not to be con­dem­ned, only their sin­ful activi­ty is. They, too, are child­ren of GOD and must be saved. They may well live tog­e­ther like bro­ther and sis­ter, not­hing can be said against it. But a mar­ria­ge-like, car­nal rela­ti­ons­hip bet­ween homo­se­xu­als is against GOD and does not bring any bles­sing.

Lot’s Flight from Sodom and Gomor­rah

Sin in the world has beco­me enor­mous. And I know it has beco­me even more tre­men­dous by lega­li­sing homo­se­xu­al and les­bi­an mar­ria­ges, as well as future lega­li­sa­ti­on to be car­ri­ed out in various coun­tries. Sodom and Gomor­rah were burnt with fire becau­se of this blas­phe­mous sin (for­ni­ca­ti­on against natu­re). (see Jude 1,7)

Rom 1,24ff: “The­re­fo­re, God gave them up to the desi­res of their heart to sexu­al immo­ra­li­ty, to dis­ho­nour their own bodies among them­sel­ves, who exch­an­ged the truth of God for a lie, and wor­ship­ped and vene­ra­ted crea­ted things rather than the Crea­tor, who is bles­sed for ever. Amen. Becau­se of this, God deli­ve­r­ed them up to shame­ful affec­tions. For their women exch­an­ged natu­ral rela­ti­ons for tho­se against natu­re, and, in a simi­lar way, the men also aban­do­ned natu­ral rela­ti­ons with women and were infla­med in their lust towards one ano­t­her; men com­mit shame­ful acts with other men, and recei­ve in them­sel­ves the due punish­ment for their error.”

Gay mar­ria­ge: Should les­bi­ans and gays be able to mar­ry?
Not man crea­ted man but GOD alo­ne. It is He who crea­ted the cos­mos and ever­ything that lives and exists. As a result, He alo­ne is the Sover­eign. He alo­ne is ent­it­led to give cer­tain laws and decrees to ever­ything He crea­ted.

He taught man the same and bade him obser­ve them. Like­wi­se with regard to mar­ria­ge. GOD brought a woman to Adam and not a human being of the same sex.

GOD’s com­mand: “Be fruit­ful and mul­ti­ply!”
Let us hear the law of GOD from Sacred Scrip­tu­re, Gene­sis 2,24: “That is why a man shall lea­ve father and mother, and shall clea­ve to his wife: and they beco­me one flesh.”

For this rea­son GOD crea­ted men male and fema­le!

Fur­ther­mo­re, this uni­on was at the same time to ful­fil a mis­si­on of GOD: “Increa­se you and mul­ti­ply …,” that which two homo­se­xu­al per­sons can­not ful­fil. What GOD has star­ted, man is to con­ti­nue, name­ly to pro­crea­te …!

What does the Bible say about homo­se­xua­li­ty?
By the way, con­cer­ning homo­se­xu­al mar­ria­ge, Sacred Scrip­tu­re gives an une­qui­vo­cal and irre­fu­ta­ble ans­wer, sta­ting:

Levi­ti­cus 20,13: “If a man lies with a man as one does with a woman, both have com­mit­ted a detesta­ble act; let them be put to death. Their blood will be upon them.”

Cer­tain­ly, GOD gave man his free will with which he can also igno­re GOD’s law. Howe­ver, sin­ce He is the law­ma­ker, He will, at the latest when you will appe­ar befo­re Him, judge you accord­ing to your deeds! As He is our Father, we are heirs of His glo­ry. If then we are obedient child­ren, we will be allo­wed to come into this inheri­tan­ce. If, howe­ver, we have acted against Him, GOD may can­cel this inheri­tan­ce.

Why are gays and les­bi­ans not allo­wed to adopt any child­ren?
Then the desi­re was expres­sed that such unna­tu­ral mar­ria­ges would like to adopt child­ren. That would mean that the­se child­ren should lose some­thing of the grea­test value amongst human beings: the image of a father and a mother! Becau­se this image of a father and a mother was meant to be a living image of GOD as well as of Mary, the Mother of GOD. From this alo­ne one should alrea­dy reco­gnise who is at work here to des­troy this. The­re is only one who would like to des­troy this: Satan!

The ina­bi­li­ty for their own father- or mother­hood is thus pre-pro­gram­med with the­se child­ren. The image of a Chris­ti­an fami­ly is con­se­quent­ly des­troy­ed. With the­se child­ren homo­se­xua­li­ty is alrea­dy pre-pro­gram­med in up to 90% of the cases.

The LORD GOD deemed it necessa­ry for man and woman to start a fami­ly, and not other­wi­se. And for this pur­po­se they have been crea­ted: towards and for each other.

GOD asks: “Child, when will you come back?”
Every Chris­ti­an knows that JESUS has made satis­fac­tion for our sins with His and our Hea­ven­ly FATHER. Inde­ed, He has even bought us with His human and divi­ne Blood. This His Blood was­hes away every human sin.

Matt. 26,28: “For this is my blood of the covenant, which is pou­red out for many for the for­gi­veness of sins.”

No man can com­mit a sin that pos­ses­ses grea­ter power than the divi­ne Blood of JESUS! Surely, that is obvious to all! Our human deeds will never be able to sur­pass the divi­ne deeds. Yet this divi­ne Blood, which is able to blot out all sins of past and future men ali­ke, must be asked for in pray­er indi­vi­dual­ly!

For­gi­veness through the Sacra­ment of Con­fes­si­on
In the Church­es with the seven Sacra­ments you obtain for­gi­veness through holy Con­fes­si­on. Through the word of the priest ordai­ned and aut­ho­ri­sed the­re­to all sins will be was­hed away by the Blood of JESUS CHRIST if the­re is con­tri­ti­on and reso­lu­ti­on.

John 20,23: “Who­se sins you shall for­gi­ve, they are for­gi­ven them; and who­se sins you shall retain, they are retai­ned.”

At the same time, Con­fes­si­on gives the necessa­ry grace and strength to get away from sins. Through fur­ther Sacra­ments, such as the Holy Eucha­rist, this power will be enhan­ced and embed­ded.

The Return of the Pro­di­gal Son

You can­not belie­ve it? Then I ask you: Have you tried? How should someo­ne be able to say whe­ther a new food­s­tuff tas­tes good or not if he has neit­her seen nor tried it! You will not be like that per­son who has not had anything to eat for a long time, then he comes to a stand at which fresh­ly baked, sweet-smel­ling bread is sha­red out, who alt­hough star­ving does not want to take this bread becau­se he does not belie­ve that this bread can satis­fy him. Of cour­se, in the begin­ning you are only allo­wed to take mor­sel by mor­sel and it requi­res good chewing. But then again, it depends on the ordai­ned priest as well: the more plea­sing he is to GOD, the more graces he will draw from Hea­ven for you. Also the holy Doc­tor of the Church Bona­ven­ture taught this.

The­re­fo­re, in con­clu­si­on, I say: no mat­ter what sins you com­mit­ted: mur­der, for­ni­ca­ti­on, drugs, theft, etc., you did this only as a human being. Come, and in the Name of JESUS ever­ything can be was­hed off of you with divi­ne power, if you have the desi­re to get away from it and do not want to back­sli­de.

Should your Church, howe­ver, not pos­sess this Sacra­ment of Con­fes­si­on, the debt of sin can also be for­gi­ven you if you con­fess your sins to GOD and to a per­son sui­ted to the task, albeit not with this full­ness of grace as the auri­cu­lar Con­fes­si­on can give you with an ordai­ned priest as the Sacra­ment insti­tu­ted by JESUS CHRIST.

Whoever would like to know more about it or seeks help, can obtain this from us.

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