The Sin that Cries to Heaven – Fornication against Nature

Homosexuality is rampant like never be­fore. Homosexually dis­posed people are not to be con­demned, only their sin­ful activ­ity is. They, too, are chil­dren of GOD and must be saved. They may well live to­gether like brother and sis­ter, noth­ing can be said against it. But a mar­riage-like, car­nal re­la­tion­ship between ho­mo­sexu­als is against GOD and does not bring any bless­ing.

Lot’s Flight from Sodom and Gomorrah

Sin in the world has be­come enorm­ous. And I know it has be­come even more tre­mend­ous by leg­al­ising ho­mo­sexual and les­bian mar­riages, as well as fu­ture leg­al­isa­tion to be car­ried out in vari­ous coun­tries. Sodom and Gomorrah were burnt with fire be­cause of this blas­phem­ous sin (for­nic­a­tion against nature). (see Jude 1,7)

Rom 1,24ff: “Therefore, God gave them up to the de­sires of their heart to sexual im­mor­al­ity, to dis­hon­our their own bod­ies among them­selves, who ex­changed the truth of God for a lie, and wor­shipped and ven­er­ated cre­ated things rather than the Creator, who is blessed for ever. Amen. Because of this, God de­livered them up to shame­ful af­fec­tions. For their wo­men ex­changed nat­ural re­la­tions for those against nature, and, in a sim­ilar way, the men also aban­doned nat­ural re­la­tions with wo­men and were in­flamed in their lust to­wards one an­other; men com­mit shame­ful acts with other men, and re­ceive in them­selves the due pun­ish­ment for their er­ror.”

Gay mar­riage: Should les­bi­ans and gays be able to marry?
Not man cre­ated man but GOD alone. It is He who cre­ated the cos­mos and everything that lives and ex­ists. As a res­ult, He alone is the Sovereign. He alone is en­titled to give cer­tain laws and de­crees to everything He cre­ated.

He taught man the same and bade him ob­serve them. Likewise with re­gard to mar­riage. GOD brought a wo­man to Adam and not a hu­man be­ing of the same sex.

GOD’s com­mand: “Be fruit­ful and mul­tiply!”
Let us hear the law of GOD from Sacred Scripture, Genesis 2,24: “That is why a man shall leave father and mother, and shall cleave to his wife: and they be­come one flesh.”

For this reason GOD cre­ated men male and fe­male!

Furthermore, this union was at the same time to ful­fil a mis­sion of GOD: “Increase you and mul­tiply …,” that which two ho­mo­sexual per­sons can­not ful­fil. What GOD has star­ted, man is to con­tinue, namely to pro­cre­ate …!

What does the Bible say about ho­mo­sexu­al­ity?
By the way, con­cern­ing ho­mo­sexual mar­riage, Sacred Scripture gives an un­equi­vocal and ir­re­fut­able an­swer, stat­ing:

Leviticus 20,13: “If a man lies with a man as one does with a wo­man, both have com­mit­ted a de­test­able act; let them be put to death. Their blood will be upon them.”

Certainly, GOD gave man his free will with which he can also ig­nore GOD’s law. However, since He is the law­maker, He will, at the latest when you will ap­pear be­fore Him, judge you ac­cord­ing to your deeds! As He is our Father, we are heirs of His glory. If then we are obed­i­ent chil­dren, we will be al­lowed to come into this in­her­it­ance. If, how­ever, we have ac­ted against Him, GOD may can­cel this in­her­it­ance.

Why are gays and les­bi­ans not al­lowed to ad­opt any chil­dren?
Then the de­sire was ex­pressed that such un­nat­ural mar­riages would like to ad­opt chil­dren. That would mean that these chil­dren should lose some­thing of the greatest value amongst hu­man be­ings: the im­age of a father and a mother! Because this im­age of a father and a mother was meant to be a liv­ing im­age of GOD as well as of Mary, the Mother of GOD. From this alone one should already re­cog­nise who is at work here to des­troy this. There is only one who would like to des­troy this: Satan!

The in­ab­il­ity for their own father- or moth­er­hood is thus pre-pro­grammed with these chil­dren. The im­age of a Christian fam­ily is con­sequently des­troyed. With these chil­dren ho­mo­sexu­al­ity is already pre-pro­grammed in up to 90% of the cases.

The LORD GOD deemed it ne­ces­sary for man and wo­man to start a fam­ily, and not oth­er­wise. And for this pur­pose they have been cre­ated: to­wards and for each other.

GOD asks: “Child, when will you come back?”
Every Christian knows that JESUS has made sat­is­fac­tion for our sins with His and our Heavenly FATHER. Indeed, He has even bought us with His hu­man and di­vine Blood. This His Blood washes away every hu­man sin.

Matt. 26,28: “For this is my blood of the cov­en­ant, which is poured out for many for the for­give­ness of sins.”

No man can com­mit a sin that pos­sesses greater power than the di­vine Blood of JESUS! Surely, that is ob­vi­ous to all! Our hu­man deeds will never be able to sur­pass the di­vine deeds. Yet this di­vine Blood, which is able to blot out all sins of past and fu­ture men alike, must be asked for in prayer in­di­vidu­ally!

Forgiveness through the Sacrament of Confession
In the Churches with the seven Sacraments you ob­tain for­give­ness through holy Confession. Through the word of the priest or­dained and au­thor­ised thereto all sins will be washed away by the Blood of JESUS CHRIST if there is con­tri­tion and res­ol­u­tion.

John 20,23: “Whose sins you shall for­give, they are for­given them; and whose sins you shall re­tain, they are re­tained.”

At the same time, Confession gives the ne­ces­sary grace and strength to get away from sins. Through fur­ther Sacraments, such as the Holy Eucharist, this power will be en­hanced and em­bed­ded.

The Return of the Prodigal Son

You can­not be­lieve it? Then I ask you: Have you tried? How should someone be able to say whether a new food­stuff tastes good or not if he has neither seen nor tried it! You will not be like that per­son who has not had any­thing to eat for a long time, then he comes to a stand at which freshly baked, sweet-smelling bread is shared out, who al­though starving does not want to take this bread be­cause he does not be­lieve that this bread can sat­isfy him. Of course, in the be­gin­ning you are only al­lowed to take morsel by morsel and it re­quires good chew­ing. But then again, it de­pends on the or­dained priest as well: the more pleas­ing he is to GOD, the more graces he will draw from Heaven for you. Also the holy Doctor of the Church Bonaventure taught this.

Therefore, in con­clu­sion, I say: no mat­ter what sins you com­mit­ted: murder, for­nic­a­tion, drugs, theft, etc., you did this only as a hu­man be­ing. Come, and in the Name of JESUS everything can be washed off of you with di­vine power, if you have the de­sire to get away from it and do not want to back­slide.

Should your Church, how­ever, not pos­sess this Sacrament of Confession, the debt of sin can also be for­given you if you con­fess your sins to GOD and to a per­son suited to the task, al­beit not with this full­ness of grace as the au­ri­cu­lar Confession can give you with an or­dained priest as the Sacrament in­sti­tuted by JESUS CHRIST.

Whoever would like to know more about it or seeks help, can ob­tain this from us.

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