The Apostolic Succession

In the fol­low­ing gathered ma­ter­ial the vari­ous lines of suc­ces­sion will be quoted by which Bishop Hugh George DeWillmott-Newman, Patriarch of Glastonbury in Great Britian, is sup­por­ted. Therein is also con­firmed that these suc­ces­sions were con­ferred on Archbishop Maria Josef Thiesen of Cologne through Alois Stumpfl. A fur­ther con­sec­ra­tion, which Thiesen had con­di­tion­ally re­ceived from the Old Roman Catholic Bishop Thomas Tollenaar of Arnhem on 4 November 1951, gives him in­dis­put­able con­firm­a­tion of the pos­ses­sion of the apostolic suc­ces­sion of the Armenian-United and Antiochian lines. Bishop Johannes Brom, con­sec­rated by Thiesen, con­sec­rated Gerardus Franck to bishop, as­sisted by Thiesen and the Bishops Beyer and Smekal of Kiel. Bishop Franck or­dained me to priest­hood and on 24 August 1977 he con­sec­rated me a bishop in Sittard (Netherlands).

Reliable wit­nesses of my con­sec­ra­tion to bishop are today mem­bers of the New Christian so­ci­ety foun­ded by me.

For clar­ity of present­a­tion, we have ar­ranged all se­cured lines of suc­ces­sion in or­der of con­sec­ra­tion of the bish­ops and numbered them 1 to 14.

In 14 dif­fer­ent lines 7 suc­ces­sions prove to be se­cured, only one apostolic suc­ces­sion of which suf­fices for the valid­ity of the Apostles’ suc­ces­sion. Annexed thereto the over­view of the 14 lines in com­par­ison. We are not in pos­ses­sion of any ad­di­tional con­firm­a­tion for the 3 bish­ops of Anglican des­cent men­tioned in the “Corporate Reunionis”:

The Eternal Guard of Rome – Nikolaus Schneider as a Swiss Guard

Mossmann, Lee and Seccombe, who have a writ­ten con­firm­a­tion of a triple suc­ces­sion, namely the Greek-(Byzantine), the Syro-Melchitic and Roman Catholic ones.

In ac­cord­ance with the in­form­a­tion, Mossmann and Lee were in­cor­por­ated as valid into the Roman Catholic Church. Consequently, these suc­ces­sions would ap­ply to DeWillmott-Newman and his suc­cessors.

Anyone who, for any reason, wishes to ex­press doubt as to the valid­ity of my con­sec­ra­tion is re­com­men­ded to ex­am­ine the “suc­ces­sion of the pure, apostolic teach­ing” sub­sequently em­phas­ised by F. W. Haack with me per­son­ally.

Furthermore, we refer to a ca­non­ical re­port drawn up by Helmut Deixler M.Div. of Vienna on 13 December 1985 con­cern­ing the valid­ity of my con­sec­ra­tion as bishop.

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