The Apostolic Succession

In the fol­lo­wing gathe­red mate­ri­al the various lines of suc­ces­si­on will be quo­ted by which Bishop Hugh Geor­ge DeWill­mott-New­man, Patri­arch of Glas­ton­bu­ry in Gre­at Bri­ti­an, is sup­por­ted. The­r­ein is also con­fir­med that the­se suc­ces­si­ons were con­fer­red on Arch­bi­shop Maria Josef Thie­sen of Colo­gne through Alois Stumpfl. A fur­ther con­se­cra­ti­on, which Thie­sen had con­di­tio­nal­ly recei­ved from the Old Roman Catho­lic Bishop Tho­mas Tol­lenaar of Arn­hem on 4 Novem­ber 1951, gives him indis­pu­ta­ble con­fir­ma­ti­on of the pos­ses­si­on of the apos­to­lic suc­ces­si­on of the Arme­ni­an-United and Antio­chi­an lines. Bishop Johan­nes Brom, con­se­cra­ted by Thie­sen, con­se­cra­ted Gerardus Franck to bishop, assisted by Thie­sen and the Bishops Bey­er and Sme­kal of Kiel. Bishop Franck ordai­ned me to priest­hood and on 24 August 1977 he con­se­cra­ted me a bishop in Sit­tard (Nether­lands).

Reli­able wit­nes­ses of my con­se­cra­ti­on to bishop are today mem­bers of the New Chris­ti­an socie­ty foun­ded by me.

For cla­ri­ty of pre­sen­ta­ti­on, we have arran­ged all secu­red lines of suc­ces­si­on in order of con­se­cra­ti­on of the bishops and num­be­red them 1 to 14.

In 14 dif­fe­rent lines 7 suc­ces­si­ons pro­ve to be secu­red, only one apos­to­lic suc­ces­si­on of which suf­fices for the vali­di­ty of the Apost­les’ suc­ces­si­on. Anne­xed the­re­to the over­view of the 14 lines in com­pa­ri­son. We are not in pos­ses­si­on of any addi­tio­nal con­fir­ma­ti­on for the 3 bishops of Angli­can descent men­tio­ned in the “Cor­po­ra­te Reunio­nis”:

The Eter­nal Guard of Rome – Niko­laus Schnei­der as a Swiss Guard

Moss­mann, Lee and Sec­com­be, who have a writ­ten con­fir­ma­ti­on of a trip­le suc­ces­si­on, name­ly the Greek-(Byzantine), the Syro-Mel­chi­tic and Roman Catho­lic ones.

In accordance with the infor­ma­ti­on, Moss­mann and Lee were incor­po­ra­ted as valid into the Roman Catho­lic Church. Con­se­quent­ly, the­se suc­ces­si­ons would app­ly to DeWill­mott-New­man and his suc­ces­sors.

Anyo­ne who, for any rea­son, wis­hes to express doubt as to the vali­di­ty of my con­se­cra­ti­on is recom­men­ded to exami­ne the “suc­ces­si­on of the pure, apos­to­lic tea­ching” sub­se­quent­ly empha­sis­ed by F. W. Haack with me per­so­nal­ly.

Fur­ther­mo­re, we refer to a cano­ni­cal report drawn up by Hel­mut Deix­ler M.Div. of Vien­na on 13 Decem­ber 1985 con­cer­ning the vali­di­ty of my con­se­cra­ti­on as bishop.

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