Blessing Hand

At GOD’s de­sire, I have is­sued a bless­ing – de­pic­ted as my bless­ing hand with a writ­ten be­ne­dic­tion – for all who are open-hearted and of good will so that for the time to come they may be strengthened and pro­tec­ted from false doc­trines, tor­ments, also of diabol­ical nature, etc.

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Holy Water

“The smoke of Satan has pen­et­rated the Church right to the top!” Pope Paul VI called out pub­licly in those days. This smoke con­stantly en­shrouds us and still we do not see it. Therefore, the holy wa­ter is so re­com­mend­able. When you are com­ing home, take holy wa­ter and cross your­self say­ing: “All evil away from here, JESUS CHRIST, do You reign in me!”

Today there are many churches in which the sex­ton re­fills the stoup only with or­din­ary wa­ter. In many places, candles and holy wa­ter are just blessed by the priest, no longer sac­ral­ised. Yet sac­ra­ment­als such as holy wa­ter, sac­ral­ised crosses, medals as well as candles are ex­cel­lent pro­tec­tion shields against the in­flu­ence of the Evil One. You have no idea of what a wide berth the devil gives them. Use and wear these sac­ra­ment­als!

Sacralisation of the Easter wa­ter
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