Blessing Hand

At GOD’s desi­re, I have issued a bles­sing – depic­ted as my bles­sing hand with a writ­ten bene­dic­tion – for all who are open-hear­ted and of good will so that for the time to come they may be streng­t­he­ned and pro­tec­ted from fal­se doc­tri­nes, torments, also of dia­bo­li­cal natu­re, etc.

Avail­ab­le at: NEUCHRISTEN, Berg­stras­se 52, CH-9038 Rehe­to­bel
(plea­se, do not for­get to add your own com­ple­te pos­tal address)

Or in the online­shop:

Holy Water

“The smo­ke of Satan has pene­tra­ted the Church right to the top!” Pope Paul VI cal­led out publicly in tho­se days. This smo­ke con­stant­ly enshrouds us and still we do not see it. The­re­fo­re, the holy water is so recom­mend­a­ble. When you are com­ing home, take holy water and cross yours­elf say­ing: “All evil away from here, JESUS CHRIST, do You reign in me!”

Today the­re are many church­es in which the sext­on refills the stoup only with ordi­na­ry water. In many pla­ces, cand­les and holy water are just bles­sed by the priest, no lon­ger sacra­li­sed. Yet sacra­men­tals such as holy water, sacra­li­sed crosses, medals as well as cand­les are excel­lent pro­tec­tion shields against the influ­ence of the Evil One. You have no idea of what a wide berth the devil gives them. Use and wear the­se sacra­men­tals!

Sacra­li­sa­ti­on of the Eas­ter water
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