Pilgrimage Sites & Privileged Souls

Once GOD show­ed me how in our time fal­se pri­vi­le­ged souls spring up like mushrooms. The­re are tho­se who claim that Holy Scrip­tu­re is out­da­ted, that they have recei­ved a new Gos­pel or sup­ple­ments to Holy Scrip­tu­re. Also Jakob Lor­ber is one of them. He brings in very good ide­as but the Sacra­ments do not exist with him. It is simi­lar with others. Like­wi­se, a so-cal­led “Third Tes­ta­ment” and the “Gos­pel of Mary Mag­da­le­ne” cir­cu­la­te, both of which do not come from GOD. Mary Mag­da­le­ne has, inde­ed, also writ­ten let­ters, the­se are lost, but never, never a gos­pel. This is just a very fine­ly woven, cun­ning mesh of the Evil One.

Apost­le Paul wri­tes in his let­ter to the Gala­ti­ans: “I am asto­nis­hed that you are so quick­ly deser­ting the one who cal­led you by the grace of Christ and are tur­ning to a dif­fe­rent gos­pel – which is real­ly no gos­pel at all. Evi­dent­ly some peop­le are thro­wing you into con­fu­si­on and are try­ing to per­vert the gos­pel of Christ. But even if we or an angel from hea­ven should pre­ach a gos­pel other than the one we preached to you, let him be etern­al­ly con­dem­ned! As we have alrea­dy said, so now I say again: If any­bo­dy is preaching to you a gos­pel other than what you accep­ted, let him be etern­al­ly con­dem­ned!” (Gal. 1,6ff)

Belie­ve me, Holy Scrip­tu­re is and remains the touch­stone and the foun­da­ti­on of faith, by which you can check ever­ything.

On What Path Does GOD Lead His Elect?

Look, if you go fishing, you will hang temp­t­ing bait on your fishing rod depen­ding on the kind of fish you want to catch. You hide your true inten­ti­on from the fish. Satan acts in exac­t­ly the same way: He offers you fan­tastic bait and only when you have swal­lo­wed it, will you feel the hook or not, sin­ce his poi­son and foul-smel­ling breath are so treache­rous. But then it might be too late, unless someo­ne enligh­te­ned by GOD rus­hes to your aid. For instan­ce, you go to faith hea­lers or to so-cal­led pri­vi­le­ged souls becau­se they pre­tend to be pious, light up a cand­le, say nice pray­er for­mu­las, and you will fall for it befo­re you know it. Whe­re­as the path on which the LORD leads His elect is cal­led: being mis­jud­ged, des­pi­sed by the world. You can test pri­vi­le­ged souls by it. Mary, the Daugh­ter, Mother and Spou­se of GOD, was cho­sen to go this path of being mis­jud­ged, of dif­fi­cul­ties, of suf­fe­ring. The way to eter­nal bles­sed­ness is nar­row and steep.

The Broad and Nar­row Way to Hea­ven

What Are Signs of Genui­neness for Appa­ri­ti­on Sites?

At the moment, appa­ri­ti­ons of Mary mean big busi­ness. Pil­grims are inde­ed always very generous. Amongst them are the real appa­ri­ti­on sites such as Lour­des, Fati­ma, La Salet­te, Herolds­bach, Mari­en­fried, San Damia­no, Mon­ti­chia­ri and many others. My favou­rite appa­ri­ti­on site of Mary is La Salet­te, becau­se the­re the Mother of GOD has spo­ken very clear­ly: “Rome will lose its faith!”

The appa­ri­ti­on in Med­ju­g­or­je was genui­ne at the time, but the messa­ges which today are dai­ly made known have not­hing to do with the Mother of GOD any more. Mary is cer­tain­ly no blabber­mouth! Med­ju­g­or­je is a mass sug­ges­ti­on. The Mother of GOD appeared the­re, which is why gre­at ans­wers to pray­ers hap­pen the­re as well, but as soon as the Offi­ci­al Church beco­mes invol­ved, it is all over and done with. The messa­ges of Hea­ven are no lon­ger ren­de­red word-for-word, but are toned down, made to sound nicer at the Church’s own dis­cre­ti­on.

When the Mother of GOD appears, she would have to speak qui­te strai­ght­for­ward­ly about the cur­rent grie­vous situa­ti­on in the world. She would have to warn and call for repen­tan­ce becau­se the world is hea­ding for a ter­ri­ble dis­as­ter. Mary would also have to speak about the serious sta­te of affairs in the Church becau­se as the SAVIOUR told me, the Church has beco­me a cess­pool. Mary fore­told the same in La Salet­te.

          Appa­ri­ti­on in Lour­des                Appa­ri­ti­on in Fati­ma               Appa­ri­ti­on in La Salet­te            Appa­ri­ti­on in Paris             Appa­ri­ti­on in Mon­ti­chia­ri

GOD With­draws His Light from the Pri­vi­le­ged Souls
GOD spo­ke: „You will be puri­fied, My peop­le, until the last pen­ny has been paid. You will be sorely tried and aff­lic­ted, and the tri­als will beco­me ever big­ger and more seve­re. Extra­or­di­na­ry things will come to pass in the Church and the world causing you to cry out in uncer­tain­ty and des­pair. Then you will search for My pre­vious lights (pri­vi­le­ged souls), but I will with­draw from the­se the per­fect light! I will cau­se My for­mer pri­vi­le­ged souls to make fal­se state­ments. Thus you will final­ly be led to him whom I have elec­ted for this time and the time yet to come. Many of My for­mer pri­vi­le­ged souls will fall away from Me, even though they once brought forth richest fruits, and will beco­me instru­ments of Satan. They will lead many pious peop­le astray, which has in part alrea­dy hap­pen­ed (e. g. Palmar).”

Do Not Be Decei­ved by Fal­se Pri­vi­le­ged Souls!
Now do you not reco­gnise the befudd­le­ment, the smo­ke, the secret and subt­ly woven tri­cke­ries of the Evil One? Why then do you have such a hard time lis­ten­ing to the Instru­ment of GOD as you are other­wi­se so gul­li­bly jum­ping after each “pri­vi­le­ged soul” under grea­test sacri­fice and effort? Do you not know then that it is Satan who wants to turn you against the true Instru­ment of GOD, and he does so with all his fury and hat­red? Why are you so hard to win over for the true tea­ching and love? Has your heart then alrea­dy been so much smo­the­red by self-righ­te­ous­ness that it has hence­forth beco­me inca­pa­ble of sel­fless love towards and for GOD?

Many much rather visit pil­grimage sites whe­re the pri­vi­le­ged souls have alrea­dy died, becau­se they can no lon­ger “talk.” A still living pri­vi­le­ged soul or instru­ment of GOD does not tick­le the ears and will point out your mista­kes to you or tell you whe­re you could plea­se GOD still more. Howe­ver, most peop­le do not like to hear or accept this. Think of the Gos­pel, Mat­thew 13,45–46: “Again, the king­dom of hea­ven is like a mer­chant see­king good pearls. When he found a pre­cious pearl, he went away, sold ever­ything he had and bought it.”

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