Pilgrimage Sites & Privileged Souls

Once GOD showed me how in our time false priv­i­leged souls spring up like mush­rooms. There are those who claim that Holy Scrip­ture is out­dat­ed, that they have received a new Gospel or sup­ple­ments to Holy Scrip­ture. Also Jakob Lor­ber is one of them. He brings in very good ideas but the Sacra­ments do not exist with him. It is sim­i­lar with oth­ers. Like­wise, a so-called “Third Tes­ta­ment” and the “Gospel of Mary Mag­da­lene” cir­cu­late, both of which do not come from GOD. Mary Mag­da­lene has, indeed, also writ­ten let­ters, these are lost, but nev­er, nev­er a gospel. This is just a very fine­ly woven, cun­ning mesh of the Evil One.

Apos­tle Paul writes in his let­ter to the Gala­tians: “I am aston­ished that you are so quick­ly desert­ing the one who called you by the grace of Christ and are turn­ing to a dif­fer­ent gospel – which is real­ly no gospel at all. Evi­dent­ly some peo­ple are throw­ing you into con­fu­sion and are try­ing to per­vert the gospel of Christ. But even if we or an angel from heav­en should preach a gospel oth­er than the one we preached to you, let him be eter­nal­ly con­demned! As we have already said, so now I say again: If any­body is preach­ing to you a gospel oth­er than what you accept­ed, let him be eter­nal­ly con­demned!” (Gal. 1,6ff)

Believe me, Holy Scrip­ture is and remains the touch­stone and the foun­da­tion of faith, by which you can check every­thing.

On What Path Does GOD Lead His Elect?

Look, if you go fish­ing, you will hang tempt­ing bait on your fish­ing rod depend­ing on the kind of fish you want to catch. You hide your true inten­tion from the fish. Satan acts in exact­ly the same way: He offers you fan­tas­tic bait and only when you have swal­lowed it, will you feel the hook or not, since his poi­son and foul-smelling breath are so treach­er­ous. But then it might be too late, unless some­one enlight­ened by GOD rush­es to your aid. For instance, you go to faith heal­ers or to so-called priv­i­leged souls because they pre­tend to be pious, light up a can­dle, say nice prayer for­mu­las, and you will fall for it before you know it. Where­as the path on which the LORD leads His elect is called: being mis­judged, despised by the world. You can test priv­i­leged souls by it. Mary, the Daugh­ter, Moth­er and Spouse of GOD, was cho­sen to go this path of being mis­judged, of dif­fi­cul­ties, of suf­fer­ing. The way to eter­nal blessed­ness is nar­row and steep.

The Broad and Nar­row Way to Heav­en

What Are Signs of Gen­uine­ness for Appari­tion Sites?

At the moment, appari­tions of Mary mean big busi­ness. Pil­grims are indeed always very gen­er­ous. Amongst them are the real appari­tion sites such as Lour­des, Fati­ma, La Salette, Herolds­bach, Marien­fried, San Dami­ano, Mon­tichiari and many oth­ers. My favourite appari­tion site of Mary is La Salette, because there the Moth­er of GOD has spo­ken very clear­ly: “Rome will lose its faith!”

The appari­tion in Med­ju­gor­je was gen­uine at the time, but the mes­sages which today are dai­ly made known have noth­ing to do with the Moth­er of GOD any more. Mary is cer­tain­ly no blab­ber­mouth! Med­ju­gor­je is a mass sug­ges­tion. The Moth­er of GOD appeared there, which is why great answers to prayers hap­pen there as well, but as soon as the Offi­cial Church becomes involved, it is all over and done with. The mes­sages of Heav­en are no longer ren­dered word-for-word, but are toned down, made to sound nicer at the Church’s own dis­cre­tion.

When the Moth­er of GOD appears, she would have to speak quite straight­for­ward­ly about the cur­rent griev­ous sit­u­a­tion in the world. She would have to warn and call for repen­tance because the world is head­ing for a ter­ri­ble dis­as­ter. Mary would also have to speak about the seri­ous state of affairs in the Church because as the SAVIOUR told me, the Church has become a cesspool. Mary fore­told the same in La Salette.

          Appari­tion in Lour­des                Appari­tion in Fati­ma               Appari­tion in La Salette            Appari­tion in Paris             Appari­tion in Mon­tichiari

GOD With­draws His Light from the Priv­i­leged Souls
GOD spoke: „You will be puri­fied, My peo­ple, until the last pen­ny has been paid. You will be sore­ly tried and afflict­ed, and the tri­als will become ever big­ger and more severe. Extra­or­di­nary things will come to pass in the Church and the world caus­ing you to cry out in uncer­tain­ty and despair. Then you will search for My pre­vi­ous lights (priv­i­leged souls), but I will with­draw from these the per­fect light! I will cause My for­mer priv­i­leged souls to make false state­ments. Thus you will final­ly be led to him whom I have elect­ed for this time and the time yet to come. Many of My for­mer priv­i­leged souls will fall away from Me, even though they once brought forth rich­est fruits, and will become instru­ments of Satan. They will lead many pious peo­ple astray, which has in part already hap­pened (e. g. Pal­mar).”

Do Not Be Deceived by False Priv­i­leged Souls!
Now do you not recog­nise the befud­dle­ment, the smoke, the secret and sub­tly woven trick­eries of the Evil One? Why then do you have such a hard time lis­ten­ing to the Instru­ment of GOD as you are oth­er­wise so gullibly jump­ing after each “priv­i­leged soul” under great­est sac­ri­fice and effort? Do you not know then that it is Satan who wants to turn you against the true Instru­ment of GOD, and he does so with all his fury and hatred? Why are you so hard to win over for the true teach­ing and love? Has your heart then already been so much smoth­ered by self-right­eous­ness that it has hence­forth become inca­pable of self­less love towards and for GOD?

Many much rather vis­it pil­grim­age sites where the priv­i­leged souls have already died, because they can no longer “talk.” A still liv­ing priv­i­leged soul or instru­ment of GOD does not tick­le the ears and will point out your mis­takes to you or tell you where you could please GOD still more. How­ev­er, most peo­ple do not like to hear or accept this. Think of the Gospel, Matthew 13,45–46: “Again, the king­dom of heav­en is like a mer­chant seek­ing good pearls. When he found a pre­cious pearl, he went away, sold every­thing he had and bought it.”