Pilgrimage Sites & Privileged Souls

Once GOD showed me how in our time false priv­ileged souls spring up like mush­rooms. There are those who claim that Holy Scripture is out­dated, that they have re­ceived a new Gospel or sup­ple­ments to Holy Scripture. Also Jakob Lorber is one of them. He brings in very good ideas but the Sacraments do not ex­ist with him. It is sim­ilar with oth­ers. Likewise, a so-called “Third Testament” and the “Gospel of Mary Magdalene” cir­cu­late, both of which do not come from GOD. Mary Magdalene has, in­deed, also writ­ten let­ters, these are lost, but never, never a gos­pel. This is just a very finely woven, cun­ning mesh of the Evil One.

Apostle Paul writes in his let­ter to the Galatians: “I am as­ton­ished that you are so quickly desert­ing the one who called you by the grace of Christ and are turn­ing to a dif­fer­ent gos­pel – which is really no gos­pel at all. Evidently some people are throw­ing you into con­fu­sion and are try­ing to per­vert the gos­pel of Christ. But even if we or an an­gel from heaven should preach a gos­pel other than the one we preached to you, let him be etern­ally con­demned! As we have already said, so now I say again: If any­body is preach­ing to you a gos­pel other than what you ac­cep­ted, let him be etern­ally con­demned!” (Gal. 1,6ff)

Believe me, Holy Scripture is and re­mains the touch­stone and the found­a­tion of faith, by which you can check everything.

On What Path Does GOD Lead His Elect?

Look, if you go fish­ing, you will hang tempt­ing bait on your fish­ing rod de­pend­ing on the kind of fish you want to catch. You hide your true in­ten­tion from the fish. Satan acts in ex­actly the same way: He of­fers you fant­astic bait and only when you have swal­lowed it, will you feel the hook or not, since his poison and foul-smelling breath are so treach­er­ous. But then it might be too late, un­less someone en­lightened by GOD rushes to your aid. For in­stance, you go to faith heal­ers or to so-called priv­ileged souls be­cause they pre­tend to be pi­ous, light up a candle, say nice prayer for­mu­las, and you will fall for it be­fore you know it. Whereas the path on which the LORD leads His elect is called: be­ing mis­judged, des­pised by the world. You can test priv­ileged souls by it. Mary, the Daughter, Mother and Spouse of GOD, was chosen to go this path of be­ing mis­judged, of dif­fi­culties, of suf­fer­ing. The way to eternal blessed­ness is nar­row and steep.

The Broad and Narrow Way to Heaven

What Are Signs of Genuineness for Apparition Sites?

At the mo­ment, ap­par­i­tions of Mary mean big busi­ness. Pilgrims are in­deed al­ways very gen­er­ous. Amongst them are the real ap­par­i­tion sites such as Lourdes, Fatima, La Salette, Heroldsbach, Marienfried, San Damiano, Montichiari and many oth­ers. My fa­vour­ite ap­par­i­tion site of Mary is La Salette, be­cause there the Mother of GOD has spoken very clearly: “Rome will lose its faith!”

The ap­par­i­tion in Medjugorje was genu­ine at the time, but the mes­sages which today are daily made known have noth­ing to do with the Mother of GOD any more. Mary is cer­tainly no blab­ber­mouth! Medjugorje is a mass sug­ges­tion. The Mother of GOD ap­peared there, which is why great an­swers to pray­ers hap­pen there as well, but as soon as the Official Church be­comes in­volved, it is all over and done with. The mes­sages of Heaven are no longer rendered word-for-word, but are toned down, made to sound nicer at the Church’s own dis­cre­tion.

When the Mother of GOD ap­pears, she would have to speak quite straight­for­wardly about the cur­rent griev­ous situ­ation in the world. She would have to warn and call for re­pent­ance be­cause the world is head­ing for a ter­rible dis­aster. Mary would also have to speak about the ser­i­ous state of af­fairs in the Church be­cause as the SAVIOUR told me, the Church has be­come a cess­pool. Mary fore­told the same in La Salette.

          Apparition in Lourdes                Apparition in Fatima               Apparition in La Salette            Apparition in Paris             Apparition in Montichiari

GOD Withdraws His Light from the Privileged Souls
GOD spoke: „You will be pur­i­fied, My people, un­til the last penny has been paid. You will be sorely tried and af­flic­ted, and the tri­als will be­come ever big­ger and more severe. Extraordinary things will come to pass in the Church and the world caus­ing you to cry out in un­cer­tainty and des­pair. Then you will search for My pre­vi­ous lights (priv­ileged souls), but I will with­draw from these the per­fect light! I will cause My former priv­ileged souls to make false state­ments. Thus you will fi­nally be led to him whom I have elec­ted for this time and the time yet to come. Many of My former priv­ileged souls will fall away from Me, even though they once brought forth richest fruits, and will be­come in­stru­ments of Satan. They will lead many pi­ous people astray, which has in part already happened (e. g. Palmar).”

Do Not Be Deceived by False Privileged Souls!
Now do you not re­cog­nise the be­fuddle­ment, the smoke, the secret and subtly woven trick­er­ies of the Evil One? Why then do you have such a hard time listen­ing to the Instrument of GOD as you are oth­er­wise so gull­ibly jump­ing after each “priv­ileged soul” un­der greatest sac­ri­fice and ef­fort? Do you not know then that it is Satan who wants to turn you against the true Instrument of GOD, and he does so with all his fury and hatred? Why are you so hard to win over for the true teach­ing and love? Has your heart then already been so much smothered by self-right­eous­ness that it has hence­forth be­come in­cap­able of self­less love to­wards and for GOD?

Many much rather visit pil­grim­age sites where the priv­ileged souls have already died, be­cause they can no longer “talk.” A still liv­ing priv­ileged soul or in­stru­ment of GOD does not tickle the ears and will point out your mis­takes to you or tell you where you could please GOD still more. However, most people do not like to hear or ac­cept this. Think of the Gospel, Matthew 13,45–46: “Again, the king­dom of heaven is like a mer­chant seek­ing good pearls. When he found a pre­cious pearl, he went away, sold everything he had and bought it.”

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