In the Crossfire of Criticism

Luke 7,19ff: Two dis­ciples came to Jesus, ask­ing: “John the Baptist sent us to you to ask: ‘Are you the one who is to come, or should we ex­pect someone else?’ … And he answered the mes­sen­gers: ‘Go back and re­port to John what you have seen and heard: The blind re­ceive sight, the lame walk, those who have lep­rosy are cleansed, the deaf hear, the dead are raised, and the good news is pro­claimed to the poor. Blessed is any­one who is not scan­dal­ised in me.’”

I ab­so­lutely de­test won­der-seek­ing and an id­ol­isa­tion of my per­son. Nevertheless, I bear wit­ness to the work­ing of GOD. In His Name I was able to per­form the cast­ing out dev­ils and even the cur­ing of the sick as well as the rais­ing of the dead. This is of­ten re­in­ter­preted by ad­versar­ies as com­ing from the Evil One, which is un­think­able be­cause with these people strik­ing and genu­ine con­ver­sions and re­form to good has taken place. Because there is one thing the Evil One is never able to do: en­kindle the heart in love for GOD and make you bet­ter!

Testimony of the Prelate Prof. Harambillet 

(Professor, Doctor of church law and law­yer of the Rota Romana, the highest ec­cle­si­ast­ical court in the Vatican)

He wrote about the priests who preached against me:
«Those priests put them­selves in great danger of im­it­at­ing the Pharisees and of judging things which to judge only GOD is en­titled. It is fool­ish and ir­re­spons­ible, in a time of a gen­eral break­down of the Church, to still judge on the basis of a church law drawn up for nor­mal times. As a doc­tor and judge in this cause I must an­nounce that today not few tra­di­tion­al­ists go the way of de­struc­tion by tak­ing GOD’s place and con­demning in their own un­en­lightened com­pet­ence that which GOD calls in­di­vidu­ally.

Now is not the time to judge but to ob­serve and to pray be­cause GOD will make His choice here sov­er­eignly as He does in all things. He will never be guided by the thoughts of men as is shown through­out Sacred Scripture and in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass …!»

Prelate Dr Harambillet ex­plained be­fore sev­eral wit­nesses:
«According to ec­cle­si­ast­ical law you have been val­idly con­sec­rated, though without per­mis­sion. However, since Pope Paul VI has called out: “The smoke of Satan has pen­et­rated the Church right to the top!” these laws may no longer be valid, an emer­gency law must be en­acted. However, be­cause the Church does not re­spond, GOD as Sovereign in­ter­venes.»

Prelate Dr Harambillet ex­amined me for two hours, he then kneeled down and re­ques­ted: «Your Excellency, please give me your bless­ing.»

Further Confirmations

Letter of reply of Maria Simma (well-known Poor Souls Mother from Vorarlberg) to Mrs H., who in­quired of Maria Simma about me

Writing of Prof Matt (Doctor of Church Liturgy) about the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, which I wrote by GOD’s in­struc­tions

Canonical ap­proval of Master Hel­mut Deixler from Vienna writ­ten on 13 December 1985 con­cern­ing the valid­ity of my con­sec­ra­tion as bishop
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