Short Biography

Born on 6 Sep­tem­ber 1937 in the Swiss Rhi­ne Val­ley, I was bap­ti­sed Niko­laus Andre­as in the Roman Catho­lic Church. As a child I had alrea­dy been initia­ted by my father, Paul Schnei­der, into the mys­ti­cism of Anna Katha­ri­na Emme­rich. My mother, Julia­na Schnei­der-Kal­mar, the daugh­ter of a con­ver­ted Polish Jew and a Hun­ga­ri­an mother, grew up in Vien­na.

When I was nine years old, my father used to take me to a litt­le cha­pel that con­tai­ned a mira­cu­lous cru­ci­fix. In the past, peop­le from near and far would go the­re on pil­grimage. In this litt­le cha­pel JESUS then began to speak to me inward­ly. Wit­hout actual­ly rea­li­sing it, I had alrea­dy ent­e­red the spe­cial school of the SAVIOUR.

Amongst other things, I com­ple­ted a two-year ser­vice with the Papal Swiss Guard at the Vati­can under Pope Pius XII and Pope John XXIII.

At the age of 28, it was GOD’s will that I should mar­ry. We led a har­mo­nious mar­ried life, in which we were given four sons. Our mar­ria­ge had never been tar­nis­hed by a sin­gle angry word. During that time, GOD taught me many things about the Sacra­ment of Matri­mo­ny as well as fami­ly life; and many things that the Church did not reco­gnise, or mis­jud­ged con­cer­ning mar­ria­ge. – Sud­den­ly, GOD’s hand pain­ful­ly inter­ven­ed once again requi­ring me to renoun­ce fami­ly life. GOD wan­ted me to be His per­so­nal Instru­ment and that deman­ded abso­lu­te wil­ling­ness to make sacri­fices – not only of me, but also of my spou­se and our child­ren!

In this man­ner my who­le life was mar­ked: some­ti­mes high and then abso­lu­te depth. It was the most magni­ficent school of the SAVIOUR on the Cross! During that time GOD show­ed me more and more the situa­ti­on of His holy Church and all human­kind.


On 25 March 1975, feast of the “Annun­cia­ti­on of the Bles­sed Vir­gin,” I recei­ved from GOD the FATHER the task to found the Children’s Pray­er Storm with the words: “Go to the litt­le ones! Just only the litt­le child­ren will be able to calm My holy wrath. Their inno­cent and unsel­fish pray­er from their pure children’s hearts is what I am lon­ging for, as Joseph lon­ged for Ben­ja­min. Ver­i­ly, ver­i­ly, ver­i­ly, I tell you, the Children’s Pray­er Storm (KGS) is given the grace to undo events. … Gather the child­ren to a world­wi­de Children’s Pray­er Storm!”


The KGS caught on in Switz­er­land, short­ly after­wards also in the Nether­lands whe­re I worked in a for­mer retre­at house with about 220 rooms and a lar­ge church. I gave lec­tu­re after lec­tu­re, held retre­ats for the par­ents, and so on. The news­pa­pers began to beco­me inte­rested in them. Maga­zi­nes brought out mul­ti-page reports with pic­tures. On the front page the papers repor­ted about the KGS in lar­ge let­ters. So many peop­le came that I urgent­ly nee­ded a priest to cele­bra­te the Holy Sacri­fice of the Mass. GOD sent Bishop Ger­hard Franck to me, a for­mer Old Roman Catho­lic bishop but who had been con­ver­ted to the Roman Catho­lic Church. It was he who ordai­ned me to minor orders up to the deaco­na­te in the church of the for­mer retre­at house in Spau­beek.

Retre­at House in Spau­beek

On 17 June 1977, Bishop Ger­hard Franck ordai­ned me priest in GOD’s will. When I was pre­pa­ring for the first Holy Sacri­fice of the Mass in the sacris­ty in Spau­beek (Nether­lands), only then did I dis­co­ver that on that very day was the Feast of the Sacred Heart of JESUS. It over­whel­med me instant­ly sin­ce JESUS had told me the day befo­re: “Tomor­row you will be My Priest of the heart!”

Holy Sacri­fice of the Mass of Father Niko­laus

Many fought against the KGS becau­se they belie­ved to see com­pe­ti­ti­on in it. Ter­ri­ble slan­ders and out­right mean things, taken over and ven more garbled by for­eign news­pa­pers and maga­zi­nes, des­troy­ed GOD’s work. By the hund­reds they depar­ted from me and the Children’s Pray­er Storm. Only through the power of GOD did I recei­ve new cou­ra­ge to start from scratch, with my wife stan­ding by me faith­ful­ly, as well as a few remai­ning faith­ful.

On 24 August 1977, the feast of the holy Apost­le Bartho­lomew, I was con­se­cra­ted bishop in Sit­tard (Nether­lands) accord­ing to Roman Catho­lic Rite. On the way to the con­se­cra­ti­on the SAVIOUR let Him­s­elf be heard and said to me: “Be you My Sword-Bishop! You are the­re to teach the igno­rant and to unco­ver the secret machi­na­ti­ons of Satan!” The SAVIOUR later added to this task ano­t­her one, that of renewing His Church in the HOLY SPIRIT.

In all tho­se years, faith­ful have gathe­red around me to sup­port GOD’s mis­si­on. Cler­gy, ordai­ned and edu­ca­ted by me, pro­vi­de the faith­ful of the various branch sett­le­ments with the Sacra­ments and give them their advice and sup­port in life’s wor­ries.

In 1981, at the wish of the Hea­ven­ly FATHER, I foun­ded the Order of the “Ser­vants of the Holy Mother Church” as the power engi­ne of the Church. Their pray­er and day’s work, done in love for GOD, makes them indis­pensable co-workers in the LORD’s viney­ard.

Sin­ce 1984, my main resi­dence has been in Rehe­to­bel. This house is also the Mother House of the cler­gy and the Order. Sin­ce 1990, our commu­nity bears the name “NEW CHRISTIANS.” Our faith goes by the tea­ching of JESUS CHRIST and His Apost­les.

More and more see­king peop­le turn up, the most obsti­na­te sin­ners con­fess their sins wee­ping and sob­bing, many luke­warm Chris­ti­ans again beco­me dili­gent through GOD’s working and live accord­ing to His Com­man­dments.

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