Sermon October 2019

Guidance through Your Guardian Angel
False Image of GOD

My be­loved! Who is like GOD? Any of you? Any hu­man be­ing? And yet there was one – at that time the greatest one apart from GOD, a mighty leader of Angels, Lucifer was his name – who thought he was like GOD. GOD had with­drawn Himself to test  the Angels be­cause Heaven is not for free; ac­tu­ally, only those  who love GOD will re­ceive it. When you die, if you are saved, but were un­able to love yet, you will learn to, be­fore you enter Heav­en, be­cause GOD is love. Nothing will enter Heaven that has only one thou­sand tril­lionth part of the ti­ni­est thing about it, which does not love GOD, be­cause GOD is so su­premely power­ful!

„Who Are You, GOD?“
A per­son asked: „Who are You, GOD?“
And GOD answered: „I am!“ Nothing else. Then this per­son asked: „But who is ‘I am’?“ And GOD answered: „I am love. I am peace. I am grace. I am  joy. I am strength. I am se­cur­ity. I am pro­tec­tion. I am power. I am the Creator. I am the com­forter. I am the be­gin­ning and the end, the Alpha and the Omega. I am the way, the truth, and the life. I am the light.“ And with tears in his eyes this per­son looked up to Heaven and said: „Now I un­der­stand You. But who then am I?“ Then GOD very ten­derly wiped away this person’s tears whisper­ing: „You are Mine!“ – Is there any­thing more won­der­ful?

Let Yourself Be Guided by Your Guardian Angel
If the Angels could speak – of course they can, but people gen­er­ally are not pre­pared to listen to them any more – they would say: „Have faith and let yourselves

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