Sermon September 2019

The Christian West
Islam Denies GOD’s SON

My be­loved! How blind must you be? Ramstein is even en­larged now. Still more mil­it­ary ma­chines are sta­tioned there and the num­ber of sol­diers is in­creased. Germany is in­volved in these wars be­cause it is from there that these drones take off, mostly killing a great many ci­vil­ians. And the in­stru­ments of the Evil One have only one wish: to mor­ally des­troy Europe. That is just why they  want to drive mi­grants after mi­grants in, and then the rot­ten Christianity in Europe will be­come like dung and per­ish. There is only one de­sire, not just of Erdogan, the Turks, and the Islam, but even of the highest money mag­nates: that the Christian West may dis­ap­pear. But: „CHRISTUS vin­cit! CHRISTUS reg­nat! CHRISTUS im­perat!“ Which means: „CHRIST con­quers! CHRIST reigns! CHRIST com­mands!“ That is just lo­gical.

A Priest Speaks about Migrants
I am the Instrument of GOD and I speak what GOD gives me.  But if one day I hap­pen to find a jewel of someone else, I will also men­tion it; but then I will tell you whose it is. I have re­cently heard a ser­mon of a priest on the Internet and found it fant­astic. It was about the mi­grants com­ing in. He said to the listen­ers, to the be­liev­ers: „Imagine that you have a large house with many flats and you would like to rent these out. You your­self have got many chil­dren of your own in your flat. You would cer­tainly make sure that such people with chil­dren will in­habit these flats who could not bully or se­duce your chil­dren. You would see to it that they will not be­come a threat to your chil­dren. And what about our coun­try? We al­low mi­grants in, we al­low Muslims 

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