The majo­ri­ty of men do no lon­ger belie­ve in Angels, and tho­se who do belie­ve in such see­ming Angels – the­se are elves which they vene­ra­te.

What do Angels look like?
Angels with bre­asts are no minis­ters of GOD becau­se the­se are young men. If fema­les are rep­re­sen­ted as Angels, then they are elves and not Guar­di­an Angels. Angels with litt­le winglets are not the Angels of Hea­ven eit­her, but elves and the like. For an Angel is so supre­me­ly power­ful, he can­not be made into a cute and cuddly being. It may be wise perhaps with litt­le child­ren to exp­lain the Angels to them in a loving man­ner. But the Angels of GOD are often sho­wing them­sel­ves with migh­ty wings, as is also rep­re­sen­ted with sta­tu­es. The wings are no more than sym­bols. It has a power­ful effect! It also shows: they are ser­vants of GOD, swift to act.

How many Angels are the­re?
The­re are uncoun­ta­ble Angels in Hea­ven! From amongst the­se Angels GOD con­ti­nu­al­ly takes one and sends him to the earth to a new human being. As soon as the first organ, the heart, has been for­med in the mother’s womb, GOD alrea­dy pla­ces an Angel at the side of this deve­lo­ping human being. So each one of you has such an Angel and he sees GOD’s coun­ten­an­ce. He knows GOD’s plan for you. And he will, like GOD, not act against your free will.

Your Guar­di­an Angel is always with you!
If anyo­ne of you could see his Guar­di­an Angel, he would belie­ve he had seen GOD. An Angel is of such shi­ning beau­ty that we could not look at him with our bodi­ly eyes, we would die on the spot. Our earth­ly mat­ter would be shat­te­red by so much splendour and beau­ty. And this Angel is always besi­de you, no mat­ter what you do – whe­ther you are asleep or on the toi­let, whe­ther you sin or plea­se GOD. I often see the Guar­di­an Angel – very col­lo­qui­al­ly speaking – like a but­ler, always stan­ding behind his pro­té­gé, wai­ting for his master’s requests. You can be thank­ful that he does many things by GOD’s com­mand, other­wi­se your Angel would often be unem­ploy­ed.

When you die, your Guar­di­an Angel will be tog­e­ther with you for all eter­ni­ty pro­vi­ded that you attain ever­las­ting bliss. But if you go to eter­nal dam­na­ti­on – which does exist! – it will be for your Angel such an incredi­b­ly hor­ri­fy­ing thing! The­re is only one com­fort which GOD can give him and that is to assign him to the Mother of GOD: he will be han­ded over to his Queen. Becau­se you did not give him any love, the Mother of GOD will give him this love.

Have a High Regard for Your Angel
He looks at you all the time. He is a migh­ty help, of which you are far too litt­le awa­re. If you have to sett­le important mat­ters or pay like visits, do send your Angel ahead that he may arran­ge con­ver­sa­ti­ons, pre­pa­re jobs, make con­tact with the Angels of tho­se with whom you will get in touch. You would be much more suc­cess­ful. If you worry about your child­ren, why do you not send their or your Angel? Do ask him for his help! How plea­sed will he be to help! You, par­ents, have a spe­cial pri­vi­le­ge of cal­ling on the Angels of your child­ren, of giving inst­ruc­tions or deli­vering messa­ges. You can also send him, for examp­le, to attend the Holy Sacri­fice of the Mass so that he may take back to you the graces and bles­sing of the Sacri­fice of the Mass. Do not think in such a ter­ri­b­ly human way but allow GOD to reign in His won­der­ful Pro­vi­dence!

What can you give to your Guar­di­an Angel as a pre­sent?
The­re are so many things you do not know yet. Your Guar­di­an Angel, howe­ver, knows. Take his advice. Have you ever thank­ed your Angel for ever­ything which he did for you wit­hout being noti­ced? In temptati­ons he defen­ded you a thousand times. You do not see the devil com­ing and how cun­nin­gly he approa­ches you, but your Angel does. The phy­si­cal and spi­ri­tu­al dan­gers you will most­ly reco­gnise too late, whilst your Angel pro­tec­ts you from harm – fights for you! Do you also thank him for anything which you do not fore­see and reco­gnise, for all the good he did to you today?

If you want to give your Angel a spe­cial joy and reward, then ent­rust GOD, his Crea­tor, with it, or his noble Queen Mary. Ask them that they may give him a spe­cial joy as a pre­sent. Pray for examp­le: “My GOD, I pray you, give my Angel a spe­cial pre­sent – You can give him anything for he is wit­hout sin. Give him a huge ray of Your glo­ry and an even grea­ter know­ledge.” (Even an Angel does not have all know­ledge of GOD!) As for you, thank him with wil­ling obedience. I wit­nessed it mys­elf with my Angel: at that very moment he stret­ches out his arms and recei­ves such a ray from Hea­ven and an unex­pec­ted joy. The Angel is com­ple­te­ly over­co­me with joy, with fer­vent love of GOD! What do you think how much he will in turn reward you? You have asked for it in pray­er.

Work with your Guar­di­an Angel and let him also work with you. Give him a name that could plea­se him. He is your gui­de. Which of you wants to climb the big­gest moun­tain, Hea­ven, wit­hout a moun­tain gui­de? In order to climb it, GOD gave you your Angel. He is hol­ding the rope in his hands. Con­fi­de in him. Make fri­ends with him. Let your “inner anten­na” be adjus­ted most accu­rate­ly by him, then you will hear your Angel.

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