The ma­jor­ity of men do no longer be­lieve in Angels, and those who do be­lieve in such seem­ing Angels – these are elves which they ven­er­ate.

What do Angels look like?
Angels with breasts are no min­is­ters of GOD be­cause these are young men. If fe­males are rep­res­en­ted as Angels, then they are elves and not Guardian Angels. Angels with little wing­lets are not the Angels of Heaven either, but elves and the like. For an Angel is so su­premely power­ful, he can­not be made into a cute and cuddly be­ing. It may be wise per­haps with little chil­dren to ex­plain the Angels to them in a lov­ing man­ner. But the Angels of GOD are of­ten show­ing them­selves with mighty wings, as is also rep­res­en­ted with statues. The wings are no more than sym­bols. It has a power­ful ef­fect! It also shows: they are ser­vants of GOD, swift to act.

How many Angels are there?
There are un­count­able Angels in Heaven! From amongst these Angels GOD con­tinu­ally takes one and sends him to the earth to a new hu­man be­ing. As soon as the first or­gan, the heart, has been formed in the mother’s womb, GOD already places an Angel at the side of this de­vel­op­ing hu­man be­ing. So each one of you has such an Angel and he sees GOD’s coun­ten­ance. He knows GOD’s plan for you. And he will, like GOD, not act against your free will.

Your Guardian Angel is al­ways with you!
If any­one of you could see his Guardian Angel, he would be­lieve he had seen GOD. An Angel is of such shin­ing beauty that we could not look at him with our bod­ily eyes, we would die on the spot. Our earthly mat­ter would be shattered by so much splend­our and beauty. And this Angel is al­ways be­side you, no mat­ter what you do – whether you are asleep or on the toi­let, whether you sin or please GOD. I of­ten see the Guardian Angel – very col­lo­qui­ally speak­ing – like a but­ler, al­ways stand­ing be­hind his protégé, wait­ing for his master’s re­quests. You can be thank­ful that he does many things by GOD’s com­mand, oth­er­wise your Angel would of­ten be un­em­ployed.

When you die, your Guardian Angel will be to­gether with you for all etern­ity provided that you at­tain ever­last­ing bliss. But if you go to eternal dam­na­tion – which does ex­ist! – it will be for your Angel such an in­cred­ibly hor­ri­fy­ing thing! There is only one com­fort which GOD can give him and that is to as­sign him to the Mother of GOD: he will be handed over to his Queen. Because you did not give him any love, the Mother of GOD will give him this love.

Have a High Regard for Your Angel
He looks at you all the time. He is a mighty help, of which you are far too little aware. If you have to settle im­port­ant mat­ters or pay like vis­its, do send your Angel ahead that he may ar­range con­ver­sa­tions, pre­pare jobs, make con­tact with the Angels of those with whom you will get in touch. You would be much more suc­cess­ful. If you worry about your chil­dren, why do you not send their or your Angel? Do ask him for his help! How pleased will he be to help! You, par­ents, have a spe­cial priv­ilege of call­ing on the Angels of your chil­dren, of giv­ing in­struc­tions or de­liv­er­ing mes­sages. You can also send him, for ex­ample, to at­tend the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass so that he may take back to you the graces and bless­ing of the Sacrifice of the Mass. Do not think in such a ter­ribly hu­man way but al­low GOD to reign in His won­der­ful Providence!

What can you give to your Guardian Angel as a present?
There are so many things you do not know yet. Your Guardian Angel, how­ever, knows. Take his ad­vice. Have you ever thanked your Angel for everything which he did for you without be­ing no­ticed? In tempta­tions he de­fen­ded you a thou­sand times. You do not see the devil com­ing and how cun­ningly he ap­proaches you, but your Angel does. The phys­ical and spir­itual dangers you will mostly re­cog­nise too late, whilst your Angel pro­tects you from harm – fights for you! Do you also thank him for any­thing which you do not fore­see and re­cog­nise, for all the good he did to you today?

If you want to give your Angel a spe­cial joy and re­ward, then en­trust GOD, his Creator, with it, or his noble Queen Mary. Ask them that they may give him a spe­cial joy as a present. Pray for ex­ample: “My GOD, I pray you, give my Angel a spe­cial present – You can give him any­thing for he is without sin. Give him a huge ray of Your glory and an even greater know­ledge.” (Even an Angel does not have all know­ledge of GOD!) As for you, thank him with will­ing obed­i­ence. I wit­nessed it my­self with my Angel: at that very mo­ment he stretches out his arms and re­ceives such a ray from Heaven and an un­ex­pec­ted joy. The Angel is com­pletely over­come with joy, with fer­vent love of GOD! What do you think how much he will in turn re­ward you? You have asked for it in prayer.

Work with your Guardian Angel and let him also work with you. Give him a name that could please him. He is your guide. Which of you wants to climb the biggest moun­tain, Heaven, without a moun­tain guide? In or­der to climb it, GOD gave you your Angel. He is hold­ing the rope in his hands. Confide in him. Make friends with him. Let your “in­ner an­tenna” be ad­jus­ted most ac­cur­ately by him, then you will hear your Angel.

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