I be­lieve in GOD, the FATHER Almighty, Creator of Heaven and earth, of all things vis­ible and in­vis­ible, and in one LORD JESUS CHRIST, the only-be­got­ten SON of GOD.

He is born of the FATHER be­fore all ages. GOD of GOD, Light of Light, true GOD of true GOD; be­got­ten, not made, of one Being with the FATHER. By Him all things were made. For us men and for the sake of our sal­va­tion, He came down from Heaven.


He was made flesh by the HOLY GHOST of Mary, the Virgin, and was made man!


He was even cru­ci­fied for us; un­der Pontius Pilate He suffered death and was bur­ied. He des­cen­ded into hell, the third day He rose from the dead, as­cen­ded into Heaven, and sits at the right hand of the Almighty FATHER. He shall come again in glory, to judge the liv­ing and the dead, and His king­dom shall have no end.


I be­lieve in the HOLY GHOST, the LORD and Giver of life. He is ad­ored and glor­i­fied like the FATHER and the SON! He works from ever­last­ing like a flood of fire from the FATHER to the SON. Always cre­at­ing SPIRIT of GOD from the Everliving One to us mor­tals. He has spoken through the Prophets.


I be­lieve in one, holy, apostolic Church, foun­ded by JESUS CHRIST, with the seven holy Sacraments in­sti­tuted by Him, the com­mu­nion of Saints, the re­sur­rec­tion of the flesh, and the life of the world to come. Amen!

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