Explanation of the Name “Sword-Bishop”

Sword-Bishop – this name and mis­si­on were given by JESUS Him­s­elf to me say­ing: “Be you My Sword-Bishop! You are the­re to teach the igno­rant and to unco­ver the secret machi­na­ti­ons of Satan.” Later it was added, to renew the Church in the HOLY SPIRIT.

Does it not alrea­dy say in Reve­la­ti­on 1,16; 19,15: “A sharp, two-edged sword comes out of God’s mouth!” which means: the word of GOD! For my task it is also the sword against Satan!

Hebrews 4,12f: “For the word of God is living and power­ful, and more pier­cing than any two-edged sword! And it pene­tra­tes even to divi­ding soul and spi­rit, also joints and mar­row, and it is a dis­cer­ner of the thoughts and dis­po­si­ti­ons of the heart!”

Ephe­si­ans 6,14ff: “Stand firm then for the batt­le! With the belt of truth buck­led around your waist, with the bre­ast­pla­te of righ­te­ous­ness in place, and with your feet fit­ted with the readi­ness to spread the gos­pel of peace. In addi­ti­on to all this, take up the shield of faith, with which you can extin­guish all the fla­ming arrows of the evil one. Take the hel­met of sal­va­ti­on and the sword, which the Holy Spi­rit gives you; this sword is the word of God.”

… and com­ing out of His mouth was a sharp, two-edged sword …

Here the Main Com­man­dment, the love of GOD and neigh­bour, is the mea­su­re in jud­ging and acting.

The­re­fo­re, I am ans­wer­able to no human being, but to GOD alo­ne, in order to be able to speak the truth pure­ly and genui­ne­ly as I, as a pri­vi­le­ged mys­tic, see and expe­ri­ence it with GOD.

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