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You will not in the least be­lieve how dan­ger­ous eso­ter­i­cism is, es­pe­cially the curi­os­ity to see mir­acles arising from it. Sometimes it is done so shrewdly: in these eso­teric books they al­ways tell you only part of it; when you read them, you will no­tice that that is not everything yet. Then you are also sup­posed to buy this or that book or some magazine and so it goes on and on. You do not even no­tice that, in this way, you be­come ever more deeply in­volved in it. – For med­it­a­tion a simple cross would suf­fice.

Why are Esotericism and Reiki dan­ger­ous?
Esotericism is so dan­ger­ous today. There are things in it that are good and not good; you can­not sep­ar­ate them any more, they have be­come in­ter­twined, partly also with black and white ma­gic. Because there were seven mighty Angels who were mas­ters of heav­enly ma­gic, three of whom have fallen and they are the ones who now do black ma­gic be­low. It is ab­so­lutely dan­ger­ous! Hands off from eso­ter­i­cism!

Esotericism, oc­cult­ism, Reiki, etc. – it is diabolic! Often even young people get caught up in the oc­cult by us­ing a Ouija-board, by table-turn­ing, card-read­ing and such more. Just look at the male and fe­male Reiki teach­ers when they have prac­tised it for a couple of years: they are spent! And I know, I made the ac­quaint­ance of such people my­self who came to me that I help them to es­cape from it. There are also some fe­male Reiki teach­ers who man­aged to with­draw from Reiki through a grace and ad­mit­ted to hav­ing seen Satan. Quite of­ten everything that is not good, even diabolic needs cast­ing out from them first. How many mar­riages and fam­il­ies have already been des­troyed be­cause of it.

“Decluttering” Your Home
Elf fig­ur­ines, Buddha statues and the like simply do not be­long in a Christian home. If you re­move all these bad things from your homes, you will see how you are re­lieved af­ter­wards. I am well aware that they are con­sidered art or an­tique. But you have no idea how such statues and fig­ur­ines of­ten con­tain little, ma­gic­ally charged notes and there­fore have an ef­fect. There are also such statues that were even charged by a ma­gi­cian or a sor­cerer prior to selling. As a res­ult, your house might oc­ca­sion­ally be haunted or there are just prob­lems, there is no har­mony, there are troubles in the cow­shed, and so on. It is for that reason that I say “de­clut­ter”!

How of­ten are there Bibles or other re­li­gious writ­ings at homes which are not at all in line with Catholic teach­ing, e.g. from Jehovah’s Witnesses, and so on. Just be­cause there is pos­sibly a won­der­fully beau­ti­ful, ap­par­ently Christian im­age de­pic­ted on it, people con­sider it al­right. In the homes of some Christians you will even find the Koran. The Koran or any books about other re­li­gions should only be read by someone ap­poin­ted by the Church for that pur­pose. Because then they also have the strength and grace not to be­come en­tangled in it, that no bad seed may find its way in them.

The Bible is the guar­antor of faith
Believe me, you will bring your soul more safely to the goal by lit­er­ally re­ly­ing on Sacred Scripture, even if it may not al­ways be such a for­tu­nate trans­la­tion, than by sur­ren­der­ing to the state­ments and teach­ings of eso­ter­ics, gurus, and the like. If one day you stand be­fore GOD, it will be much easier for you to say: “LORD, I have be­lieved and lived ac­cord­ing to Sacred Scripture!” than: “Dear GOD, please ex­cuse me, I have just stuck to the teach­ing of doc­tor, pro­fessor, theo­lo­gian so-and-so, I have latched on to some or other mir­acle-worker.” However fant­astic and genu­ine the con­tents of a book, a teach­ing, a mes­sage may sound – ex­am­ine it! Examine it to see whether it agrees with Sacred Scripture. Sacred Scripture is the guar­antor of faith!

Beware of Spirit Doctors and Faith Healers
Charismatic groups, in which they seem to speak in tongues and “fall out in the HOLY SPIRIT,” fall on their back and ap­par­ently pass out, do not come from GOD; such is char­lat­an­ism. Also be­ware of such people who lay their hands on you or want to bless your home with in­cense and the like. There is a lot of mon­key busi­ness go­ing on with it and many people were af­ter­wards af­flic­ted with dis­ease or mys­ter­i­ous mis­haps.

Satan de­mands trib­ute for his mir­acles
Today GOD has be­come spar­ing with vis­ible mir­acles. People’s piety has been on the wane, people have be­come more sin­ful and alarm­ingly in­dif­fer­ent. Miracles only rarely lead to con­ver­sions. Now is the time that GOD with­draws Himself and also al­lows all kinds of so-called spirit doc­tors and faith heal­ers to emerge. Also Satan can work false mir­acles and make lame people walk. But what use is a sound leg, if, as a res­ult, the sal­va­tion of your soul is at stake? “It is bet­ter for you to lose one part of your body than for your whole body to be thrown into hell.” (Matt 5,29) For the Evil One de­mands trib­ute in re­turn for his “mir­acles.” How can you dis­cern which spirit it is? The Evil One, the father of lies, can hood­wink and dazzle people so shrewdly that his “priv­ileged souls” usu­ally see them­selves as priv­ileged by GOD and also be­have as such. Know that there is one thing the devil is not cap­able of: en­kind­ling your heart with love of GOD. “By their fruit you will re­cog­nise them.” (Matt 7,16) This is the only re­li­able fea­ture.

The greatest mir­acles of our time, though, – and GOD is gen­er­ous in grant­ing them – are those which give us strength and cour­age to hold on in all kinds of ill­nesses and hos­til­it­ies, in all the hard­ships of our lives and to be cheer­ful in spite of everything. That our bless­ing is able to lead the med­ical skill and medi­cine in such a way that a per­son may re­cover. We will fur­ther­more be al­lowed to per­form these mir­acles of GOD’s grace, al­ways to the ex­tent in which the pe­ti­tioner him­self is will­ing to lov­ingly ob­serve and abide by GOD’s Commandments, and is also pre­pared to for­give. “Forgive us our debts, as we also for­give …,” it says in the “Our FATHER.”

A Good Tree Bears Good Fruit – But a Bad Tree Bears None
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