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You will not in the least belie­ve how dan­ge­rous eso­te­ri­cism is, espe­ci­al­ly the curio­si­ty to see mira­cles ari­sing from it. Some­ti­mes it is done so shrewd­ly: in the­se eso­te­ric books they always tell you only part of it; when you read them, you will noti­ce that that is not ever­ything yet. Then you are also sup­po­sed to buy this or that book or some maga­zi­ne and so it goes on and on. You do not even noti­ce that, in this way, you beco­me ever more deeply invol­ved in it. – For medi­ta­ti­on a simp­le cross would suf­fice.

Why are Eso­te­ri­cism and Rei­ki dan­ge­rous?
Eso­te­ri­cism is so dan­ge­rous today. The­re are things in it that are good and not good; you can­not sepa­ra­te them any more, they have beco­me intert­wi­ned, part­ly also with black and white magic. Becau­se the­re were seven migh­ty Angels who were mas­ters of hea­ven­ly magic, three of whom have fal­len and they are the ones who now do black magic below. It is abso­lute­ly dan­ge­rous! Hands off from eso­te­ri­cism!

Eso­te­ri­cism, occul­tism, Rei­ki, etc. – it is dia­bo­lic! Often even young peop­le get caught up in the occult by using a Oui­ja-board, by table-tur­ning, card-rea­ding and such more. Just look at the male and fema­le Rei­ki tea­chers when they have prac­tised it for a coup­le of years: they are spent! And I know, I made the acquain­tan­ce of such peop­le mys­elf who came to me that I help them to escape from it. The­re are also some fema­le Rei­ki tea­chers who mana­ged to with­draw from Rei­ki through a grace and admit­ted to having seen Satan. Qui­te often ever­ything that is not good, even dia­bo­lic needs cas­ting out from them first. How many mar­ria­ges and fami­lies have alrea­dy been des­troy­ed becau­se of it.

“Declut­te­ring” Your Home
Elf figu­ri­nes, Bud­dha sta­tu­es and the like sim­ply do not belong in a Chris­ti­an home. If you remo­ve all the­se bad things from your homes, you will see how you are relie­ved after­wards. I am well awa­re that they are con­si­de­red art or antique. But you have no idea how such sta­tu­es and figu­ri­nes often con­tain litt­le, magi­cal­ly char­ged notes and the­re­fo­re have an effect. The­re are also such sta­tu­es that were even char­ged by a magi­ci­an or a sorce­rer pri­or to sel­ling. As a result, your house might occa­sio­nal­ly be haun­ted or the­re are just pro­blems, the­re is no har­mo­ny, the­re are trou­bles in the cow­shed, and so on. It is for that rea­son that I say “declut­ter”!

How often are the­re Bibles or other reli­gious wri­tings at homes which are not at all in line with Catho­lic tea­ching, e.g. from Jehovah’s Wit­nes­ses, and so on. Just becau­se the­re is pos­si­b­ly a won­der­ful­ly beau­ti­ful, appar­ent­ly Chris­ti­an image depic­ted on it, peop­le con­si­der it alright. In the homes of some Chris­ti­ans you will even find the Koran. The Koran or any books about other reli­gi­ons should only be read by someo­ne appoin­ted by the Church for that pur­po­se. Becau­se then they also have the strength and grace not to beco­me ent­ang­led in it, that no bad seed may find its way in them.

The Bible is the gua­ran­tor of faith
Belie­ve me, you will bring your soul more safe­ly to the goal by liter­al­ly rely­ing on Sacred Scrip­tu­re, even if it may not always be such a for­tu­n­a­te trans­la­ti­on, than by sur­ren­de­ring to the state­ments and tea­chings of eso­te­rics, gurus, and the like. If one day you stand befo­re GOD, it will be much easier for you to say: “LORD, I have belie­ved and lived accord­ing to Sacred Scrip­tu­re!” than: “Dear GOD, plea­se excu­se me, I have just stuck to the tea­ching of doc­tor, pro­fes­sor, theo­lo­gi­an so-and-so, I have lat­ched on to some or other mira­cle-worker.” Howe­ver fan­tastic and genui­ne the con­tents of a book, a tea­ching, a mes­sa­ge may sound – exami­ne it! Exami­ne it to see whe­ther it agrees with Sacred Scrip­tu­re. Sacred Scrip­tu­re is the gua­ran­tor of faith!

Bewa­re of Spi­rit Doc­tors and Faith Hea­lers
Cha­ris­ma­tic groups, in which they seem to speak in tongues and “fall out in the HOLY SPIRIT,” fall on their back and appar­ent­ly pass out, do not come from GOD; such is char­la­ta­nism. Also bewa­re of such peop­le who lay their hands on you or want to bless your home with incen­se and the like. The­re is a lot of mon­key busi­ness going on with it and many peop­le were after­wards aff­lic­ted with disea­se or mys­te­rious mishaps.

Satan demands tri­bu­te for his mira­cles
Today GOD has beco­me spa­ring with visi­ble mira­cles. People’s pie­ty has been on the wane, peop­le have beco­me more sin­ful and alar­min­gly indif­fe­rent. Mira­cles only rare­ly lead to con­ver­si­ons. Now is the time that GOD with­draws Him­s­elf and also allows all kinds of so-cal­led spi­rit doc­tors and faith hea­lers to emer­ge. Also Satan can work fal­se mira­cles and make lame peop­le walk. But what use is a sound leg, if, as a result, the sal­va­ti­on of your soul is at sta­ke? “It is bet­ter for you to lose one part of your body than for your who­le body to be thrown into hell.” (Matt 5,29) For the Evil One demands tri­bu­te in return for his “mira­cles.” How can you dis­cern which spi­rit it is? The Evil One, the father of lies, can hood­wink and dazz­le peop­le so shrewd­ly that his “pri­vi­le­ged souls” usual­ly see them­sel­ves as pri­vi­le­ged by GOD and also behave as such. Know that the­re is one thing the devil is not capa­ble of: enkind­ling your heart with love of GOD. “By their fruit you will reco­gnise them.” (Matt 7,16) This is the only reli­able fea­ture.

The grea­test mira­cles of our time, though, – and GOD is generous in gran­ting them – are tho­se which give us strength and cou­ra­ge to hold on in all kinds of ill­nes­ses and hos­ti­li­ties, in all the hardships of our lives and to be cheer­ful in spi­te of ever­ything. That our bles­sing is able to lead the medi­cal skill and medi­ci­ne in such a way that a per­son may reco­ver. We will fur­ther­mo­re be allo­wed to per­form the­se mira­cles of GOD’s grace, always to the extent in which the peti­tio­ner him­s­elf is wil­ling to lovin­g­ly obser­ve and abi­de by GOD’s Com­man­dments, and is also pre­pa­red to for­gi­ve. “For­gi­ve us our debts, as we also for­gi­ve …,” it says in the “Our FATHER.”

A Good Tree Bears Good Fruit – But a Bad Tree Bears None
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