Esotericism – Reiki

You will not in the least believe how dan­ger­ous eso­teri­cism is, espe­cial­ly the curios­i­ty to see mir­a­cles aris­ing from it. Some­times it is done so shrewd­ly: in these eso­teric books they always tell you only part of it; when you read them, you will notice that that is not every­thing yet. Then you are also sup­posed to buy this or that book or some mag­a­zine and so it goes on and on. You do not even notice that, in this way, you become ever more deeply involved in it. – For med­i­ta­tion a sim­ple cross would suf­fice.

Why are Eso­teri­cism and Rei­ki dan­ger­ous?
Eso­teri­cism is so dan­ger­ous today. There are things in it that are good and not good; you can­not sep­a­rate them any more, they have become inter­twined, part­ly also with black and white mag­ic. Because there were sev­en mighty Angels who were mas­ters of heav­en­ly mag­ic, three of whom have fall­en and they are the ones who now do black mag­ic below. It is absolute­ly dan­ger­ous! Hands off from eso­teri­cism!

Eso­teri­cism, occultism, Rei­ki, etc. – it is dia­bol­ic! Often even young peo­ple get caught up in the occult by using a Oui­ja-board, by table-turn­ing, card-read­ing and such more. Just look at the male and female Rei­ki teach­ers when they have prac­tised it for a cou­ple of years: they are spent! And I know, I made the acquain­tance of such peo­ple myself who came to me that I help them to escape from it. There are also some female Rei­ki teach­ers who man­aged to with­draw from Rei­ki through a grace and admit­ted to hav­ing seen Satan. Quite often every­thing that is not good, even dia­bol­ic needs cast­ing out from them first. How many mar­riages and fam­i­lies have already been destroyed because of it.

“Declut­ter­ing” Your Home
Elf fig­urines, Bud­dha stat­ues and the like sim­ply do not belong in a Chris­t­ian home. If you remove all these bad things from your homes, you will see how you are relieved after­wards. I am well aware that they are con­sid­ered art or antique. But you have no idea how such stat­ues and fig­urines often con­tain lit­tle, mag­i­cal­ly charged notes and there­fore have an effect. There are also such stat­ues that were even charged by a magi­cian or a sor­cer­er pri­or to sell­ing. As a result, your house might occa­sion­al­ly be haunt­ed or there are just prob­lems, there is no har­mo­ny, there are trou­bles in the cow­shed, and so on. It is for that rea­son that I say “declut­ter”!

How often are there Bibles or oth­er reli­gious writ­ings at homes which are not at all in line with Catholic teach­ing, e.g. from Jehovah’s Wit­ness­es, and so on. Just because there is pos­si­bly a won­der­ful­ly beau­ti­ful, appar­ent­ly Chris­t­ian image depict­ed on it, peo­ple con­sid­er it alright. In the homes of some Chris­tians you will even find the Koran. The Koran or any books about oth­er reli­gions should only be read by some­one appoint­ed by the Church for that pur­pose. Because then they also have the strength and grace not to become entan­gled in it, that no bad seed may find its way in them.

The Bible is the guar­an­tor of faith
Believe me, you will bring your soul more safe­ly to the goal by lit­er­al­ly rely­ing on Sacred Scrip­ture, even if it may not always be such a for­tu­nate trans­la­tion, than by sur­ren­der­ing to the state­ments and teach­ings of eso­ter­ics, gurus, and the like. If one day you stand before GOD, it will be much eas­i­er for you to say: “LORD, I have believed and lived accord­ing to Sacred Scrip­ture!” than: “Dear GOD, please excuse me, I have just stuck to the teach­ing of doc­tor, pro­fes­sor, the­olo­gian so-and-so, I have latched on to some or oth­er mir­a­cle-work­er.” How­ev­er fan­tas­tic and gen­uine the con­tents of a book, a teach­ing, a mes­sage may sound – exam­ine it! Exam­ine it to see whether it agrees with Sacred Scrip­ture. Sacred Scrip­ture is the guar­an­tor of faith!

Beware of Spir­it Doc­tors and Faith Heal­ers
Charis­mat­ic groups, in which they seem to speak in tongues and “fall out in the HOLY SPIRIT,” fall on their back and appar­ent­ly pass out, do not come from GOD; such is char­la­tanism. Also beware of such peo­ple who lay their hands on you or want to bless your home with incense and the like. There is a lot of mon­key busi­ness going on with it and many peo­ple were after­wards afflict­ed with dis­ease or mys­te­ri­ous mishaps.

Satan demands trib­ute for his mir­a­cles
Today GOD has become spar­ing with vis­i­ble mir­a­cles. People’s piety has been on the wane, peo­ple have become more sin­ful and alarm­ing­ly indif­fer­ent. Mir­a­cles only rarely lead to con­ver­sions. Now is the time that GOD with­draws Him­self and also allows all kinds of so-called spir­it doc­tors and faith heal­ers to emerge. Also Satan can work false mir­a­cles and make lame peo­ple walk. But what use is a sound leg, if, as a result, the sal­va­tion of your soul is at stake? “It is bet­ter for you to lose one part of your body than for your whole body to be thrown into hell.” (Matt 5,29) For the Evil One demands trib­ute in return for his “mir­a­cles.” How can you dis­cern which spir­it it is? The Evil One, the father of lies, can hood­wink and daz­zle peo­ple so shrewd­ly that his “priv­i­leged souls” usu­al­ly see them­selves as priv­i­leged by GOD and also behave as such. Know that there is one thing the dev­il is not capa­ble of: enkin­dling your heart with love of GOD. “By their fruit you will recog­nise them.” (Matt 7,16) This is the only reli­able fea­ture.

The great­est mir­a­cles of our time, though, – and GOD is gen­er­ous in grant­i­ng them – are those which give us strength and courage to hold on in all kinds of ill­ness­es and hos­til­i­ties, in all the hard­ships of our lives and to be cheer­ful in spite of every­thing. That our bless­ing is able to lead the med­ical skill and med­i­cine in such a way that a per­son may recov­er. We will fur­ther­more be allowed to per­form these mir­a­cles of GOD’s grace, always to the extent in which the peti­tion­er him­self is will­ing to lov­ing­ly observe and abide by GOD’s Com­mand­ments, and is also pre­pared to for­give. “For­give us our debts, as we also for­give …,” it says in the “Our FATHER.”

A Good Tree Bears Good Fruit – But a Bad Tree Bears None