The Main Commandment

Our mes­sage to you is about love, which the Main Commandment teaches.


The Main Commandment has two parts:

“You shall love the LORD your GOD

with all your heart,

with all your soul,

with all your mind

and with all your strength!”


This is the first Commandment. But the second is like to this:

“You shall love your neigh­bour as your­self!”



Both these parts to­gether, then, are the Main Commandment. So we are to keep and ful­fil both parts.

Mountain Cross

If they taught you only the love of neigh­bour, then the full­ness of the Main Commandment ac­cord­ing to the di­vine teach­ing would not be preached to you. Neither is this the case if they told or taught you only the first part. For in this way sects gen­er­ally act preach­ing only parts of CHRIST’s teach­ing ex­actly as it fits in with their plans.

Especially with the Main Commandment this has been hap­pen­ing for a long time not only on the part of the sects but nearly in the whole Official Church. No man can claim to live up to the love de­sired of GOD if he prac­tises only part of the Main Commandment.

What do people miss out on! Because he who loves GOD whole­heartedly will be filled by GOD with count­less bless­ings and tokens of af­fec­tion. This in turn en­kindles in man the de­sire to love and give GOD more and more.

And it is here that the second part of the Main Commandment comes to man’s aid, be­cause (as it says in Sacred Scripture) the SAVIOUR Himself did as­sure: “As long as you did it to one of these My least brethren, you did it to Me.” And in­deed, this prom­ise of JESUS is a real sheet an­chor for any­one who loves GOD with a glow­ing heart. For he would be con­sumed, could he not re­turn these tokens of GOD’s love as far as he is able. And here he has the op­por­tun­ity: he prac­tises the love of neigh­bour! He is lucky enough to know that he does it to the LORD Himself. You see, and there­fore the love of neigh­bour is the second part of the Main Command­ment, which makes the first part (the love of GOD) com­plete. This, and only this alone, is the Main Commandment! The Main Com­mandment of each Christian faith­ful! Everything else is in­com­plete!

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