The Main Commandment

Our mes­sage to you is about love, which the Main Com­mand­ment teach­es.


The Main Com­mand­ment has two parts:

“You shall love the LORD your GOD

with all your heart,

with all your soul,

with all your mind

and with all your strength!”


This is the first Com­mand­ment. But the sec­ond is like to this:

“You shall love your neigh­bour as your­self!”



Both these parts togeth­er, then, are the Main Com­mand­ment. So we are to keep and ful­fil both parts.

Moun­tain Cross

If they taught you only the love of neigh­bour, then the full­ness of the Main Com­mand­ment accord­ing to the divine teach­ing would not be preached to you. Nei­ther is this the case if they told or taught you only the first part. For in this way sects gen­er­al­ly act preach­ing only parts of CHRIST’s teach­ing exact­ly as it fits in with their plans.

Espe­cial­ly with the Main Com­mand­ment this has been hap­pen­ing for a long time not only on the part of the sects but near­ly in the whole Offi­cial Church. No man can claim to live up to the love desired of GOD if he prac­tis­es only part of the Main Com­mand­ment.

What do peo­ple miss out on! Because he who loves GOD whole­heart­ed­ly will be filled by GOD with count­less bless­ings and tokens of affec­tion. This in turn enkin­dles in man the desire to love and give GOD more and more.

And it is here that the sec­ond part of the Main Com­mand­ment comes to man’s aid, because (as it says in Sacred Scrip­ture) the SAVIOUR Him­self did assure: “As long as you did it to one of these My least brethren, you did it to Me.” And indeed, this promise of JESUS is a real sheet anchor for any­one who loves GOD with a glow­ing heart. For he would be con­sumed, could he not return these tokens of GOD’s love as far as he is able. And here he has the oppor­tu­ni­ty: he prac­tis­es the love of neigh­bour! He is lucky enough to know that he does it to the LORD Him­self. You see, and there­fore the love of neigh­bour is the sec­ond part of the Main Command­ment, which makes the first part (the love of GOD) com­plete. This, and only this alone, is the Main Com­mand­ment! The Main Com­mandment of each Chris­t­ian faith­ful! Every­thing else is incom­plete!