The Billion-Fold Child Murder

It is still the case: to gain gro­wing power and influ­ence, Satan needs HUMAN VICTIMS!

So it was and has been sin­ce Cain and Abel. Let us think of the civi­li­sed nati­ons in the past, which sacri­fi­ced to their gods (idols) chas­te virgins, male youths as well as pre­fer­a­b­ly inno­cent suck­lings. Behind all the­se see­ming gods fal­len angels and accom­pli­ces of Satan were hiding.

And today? Never befo­re, even in the most pri­mi­ti­ve times, were the­re such inhu­man prac­tices as well as vast num­bers of mur­de­red human vic­tims! And this for the most part exe­cu­t­ed by phy­si­ci­ans under sta­te pro­tec­tion! Phy­si­ci­ans, who are actual­ly cal­led to sup­port life and heal sick life.

Now, howe­ver, things have alrea­dy come to the point whe­re phy­si­ci­ans go to court if they are being pre­ven­ted from kil­ling litt­le, inno­cent child­ren to make money. (So it alrea­dy hap­pen­ed in Bava­ria in the year 1998.) The­re­fo­re, exe­cu­tio­ner of human life, which has been pro­noun­ced NOT GUILTY!

Abor­ti­on is mur­der!
The­re are women who shout: “My body, my choice!” You mur­deress! We are surely not tal­king about your body, you are not kil­ling that after all, but we are tal­king about the soul crea­ted by the Hea­ven­ly FATHER, which He puts insi­de the begin­ning life. (As a mat­ter of fact, the organ first func­tio­n­ing is the heart.) GOD, who crea­tes the soul, still puts some­thing uni­que and pre­cious into the soul, name­ly: the free will, which He Him­s­elf as Crea­tor respec­ts. You, howe­ver, dare to deci­de on this life crea­ted by GOD! So you want to be more than GOD, the GOD who calls each sin­gle star at the infi­ni­te fir­ma­ment by its name.

The child­ren do not come from father and mother, but from GOD – through father and mother! He, the Hea­ven­ly FATHER, is the true Father. You, howe­ver, dare to des­troy His joys of being a Father and His plans of crea­ti­on! Do you know that you will once stand befo­re HIM and must give an account?!

Incom­pre­hen­si­ble is and remains that this mur­de­ring, kil­ling, exe­cu­ting of inno­cent lives was orde­red or at least appro­ved wit­hout com­ment by poli­ti­ci­ans, “fathers” and “mothers” of the nati­on, even if part­ly under com­pul­si­on.

The­se, this sin in their num­ber have beco­me unbe­ara­ble! Hit­ler does not have so many mur­ders on his con­sci­ence as you who assent to abor­ti­on!

If you, mother or father, phy­si­ci­an or whoever was invol­ved, die unrepen­tant­ly and appe­ar in GOD’s sight, you will have the abor­ted child or child­ren as accu­sers befo­re you!

And you, poli­ti­ci­ans, who gave your voices to the child mur­der will have all the abor­ted child­ren of your coun­try as accu­sers befo­re you, mil­li­ons upon mil­li­ons!!! For GOD the­re will then, at the latest, be jus­ti­ce for the­se inno­cent child­ren!

More than body, spi­rit or age counts the soul crea­ted by GOD, becau­se she has been crea­ted from Divi­ne breath! And each sin­gle soul is crea­ted by GOD so that He may recei­ve from her prai­se, love and ado­ra­ti­on and He can reward her becau­se of that with ever­las­ting bliss with Him. You, howe­ver, have depri­ved Him of this joy through your self-see­king beha­viour! Dare you still appe­ar in His sight?

How can one make amends for an abor­ti­on befo­re GOD?
You are for­tu­n­a­te that you can still make up for this sin­ce GOD in spi­te of ever­ything (as long as you are still ali­ve) does not want the death of your soul but that you may reco­gnise your offence and make good to the best of your abi­li­ty! Repent, con­fess and chan­ge!

And if you as a mother have abor­ted your own child or as a father wan­ted or have allo­wed it, bap­ti­se it with the “Bap­tism of the Unborn”! Only in this way will GOD for­gi­ve you, and ins­tead of your child beco­m­ing your accu­ser, it will imme­dia­te­ly after­wards beco­me a hap­py and gra­te­ful child accom­pany­ing you spi­ri­tual­ly and ange­li­cal­ly.

Should your church not be wil­ling or able to help you, I am wil­lin­gly pre­pa­red, or one of my bishops as well as priests, to do so in their stead!

Tho­se who want to can also pray the “Bap­tism of the Unborn” on behalf of all the peop­le, but then it should be left up to GOD how He will dis­tri­bu­te the­se graces. Once a month all my bishops and priests cele­bra­te a Holy Sacri­fice of the Mass for the abor­ted child­ren.

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