The Billion-Fold Child Murder

It is still the case: to gain grow­ing pow­er and influ­ence, Satan needs HUMAN VICTIMS!

So it was and has been since Cain and Abel. Let us think of the civilised nations in the past, which sac­ri­ficed to their gods (idols) chaste vir­gins, male youths as well as prefer­ably inno­cent suck­lings. Behind all these seem­ing gods fall­en angels and accom­plices of Satan were hid­ing.

And today? Nev­er before, even in the most prim­i­tive times, were there such inhu­man prac­tices as well as vast num­bers of mur­dered human vic­tims! And this for the most part exe­cut­ed by physi­cians under state pro­tec­tion! Physi­cians, who are actu­al­ly called to sup­port life and heal sick life.

Now, how­ev­er, things have already come to the point where physi­cians go to court if they are being pre­vent­ed from killing lit­tle, inno­cent chil­dren to make mon­ey. (So it already hap­pened in Bavaria in the year 1998.) There­fore, exe­cu­tion­er of human life, which has been pro­nounced NOT GUILTY!

Abor­tion is mur­der!
There are women who shout: “My body, my choice!” You mur­der­ess! We are sure­ly not talk­ing about your body, you are not killing that after all, but we are talk­ing about the soul cre­at­ed by the Heav­en­ly FATHER, which He puts inside the begin­ning life. (As a mat­ter of fact, the organ first func­tion­ing is the heart.) GOD, who cre­ates the soul, still puts some­thing unique and pre­cious into the soul, name­ly: the free will, which He Him­self as Cre­ator respects. You, how­ev­er, dare to decide on this life cre­at­ed by GOD! So you want to be more than GOD, the GOD who calls each sin­gle star at the infi­nite fir­ma­ment by its name.

The chil­dren do not come from father and moth­er, but from GOD – through father and moth­er! He, the Heav­en­ly FATHER, is the true Father. You, how­ev­er, dare to destroy His joys of being a Father and His plans of cre­ation! Do you know that you will once stand before HIM and must give an account?!

Incom­pre­hen­si­ble is and remains that this mur­der­ing, killing, exe­cut­ing of inno­cent lives was ordered or at least approved with­out com­ment by politi­cians, “fathers” and “moth­ers” of the nation, even if part­ly under com­pul­sion.

These, this sin in their num­ber have become unbear­able! Hitler does not have so many mur­ders on his con­science as you who assent to abor­tion!

If you, moth­er or father, physi­cian or who­ev­er was involved, die unre­pen­tant­ly and appear in GOD’s sight, you will have the abort­ed child or chil­dren as accusers before you!

And you, politi­cians, who gave your voic­es to the child mur­der will have all the abort­ed chil­dren of your coun­try as accusers before you, mil­lions upon mil­lions!!! For GOD there will then, at the lat­est, be jus­tice for these inno­cent chil­dren!

More than body, spir­it or age counts the soul cre­at­ed by GOD, because she has been cre­at­ed from Divine breath! And each sin­gle soul is cre­at­ed by GOD so that He may receive from her praise, love and ado­ra­tion and He can reward her because of that with ever­last­ing bliss with Him. You, how­ev­er, have deprived Him of this joy through your self-seek­ing behav­iour! Dare you still appear in His sight?

How can one make amends for an abor­tion before GOD?
You are for­tu­nate that you can still make up for this since GOD in spite of every­thing (as long as you are still alive) does not want the death of your soul but that you may recog­nise your offence and make good to the best of your abil­i­ty! Repent, con­fess and change!

And if you as a moth­er have abort­ed your own child or as a father want­ed or have allowed it, bap­tise it with the “Bap­tism of the Unborn”! Only in this way will GOD for­give you, and instead of your child becom­ing your accuser, it will imme­di­ate­ly after­wards become a hap­py and grate­ful child accom­pa­ny­ing you spir­i­tu­al­ly and angel­i­cal­ly.

Should your church not be will­ing or able to help you, I am will­ing­ly pre­pared, or one of my bish­ops as well as priests, to do so in their stead!

Those who want to can also pray the “Bap­tism of the Unborn” on behalf of all the peo­ple, but then it should be left up to GOD how He will dis­trib­ute these graces. Once a month all my bish­ops and priests cel­e­brate a Holy Sac­ri­fice of the Mass for the abort­ed chil­dren.