The Billion-Fold Child Murder

It is still the case: to gain grow­ing power and in­flu­ence, Satan needs HUMAN VICTIMS!

So it was and has been since Cain and Abel. Let us think of the civ­il­ised na­tions in the past, which sac­ri­ficed to their gods (idols) chaste vir­gins, male youths as well as prefer­ably in­no­cent suck­lings. Behind all these seem­ing gods fallen an­gels and ac­com­plices of Satan were hid­ing.

And today? Never be­fore, even in the most prim­it­ive times, were there such in­hu­man prac­tices as well as vast num­bers of murdered hu­man vic­tims! And this for the most part ex­ecuted by phys­i­cians un­der state pro­tec­tion! Physicians, who are ac­tu­ally called to sup­port life and heal sick life.

Now, how­ever, things have already come to the point where phys­i­cians go to court if they are be­ing pre­ven­ted from killing little, in­no­cent chil­dren to make money. (So it already happened in Bavaria in the year 1998.) Therefore, ex­e­cu­tioner of hu­man life, which has been pro­nounced NOT GUILTY!

Abortion is murder!
There are wo­men who shout: “My body, my choice!” You murderess! We are surely not talk­ing about your body, you are not killing that after all, but we are talk­ing about the soul cre­ated by the Heavenly FATHER, which He puts in­side the be­gin­ning life. (As a mat­ter of fact, the or­gan first func­tion­ing is the heart.) GOD, who cre­ates the soul, still puts some­thing unique and pre­cious into the soul, namely: the free will, which He Himself as Creator re­spects. You, how­ever, dare to de­cide on this life cre­ated by GOD! So you want to be more than GOD, the GOD who calls each single star at the in­fin­ite firm­a­ment by its name.

The chil­dren do not come from father and mother, but from GOD – through father and mother! He, the Heavenly FATHER, is the true Father. You, how­ever, dare to des­troy His joys of be­ing a Father and His plans of cre­ation! Do you know that you will once stand be­fore HIM and must give an ac­count?!

Incomprehensible is and re­mains that this mur­der­ing, killing, ex­ecut­ing of in­no­cent lives was ordered or at least ap­proved without com­ment by politi­cians, “fath­ers” and “moth­ers” of the na­tion, even if partly un­der com­pul­sion.

These, this sin in their num­ber have be­come un­bear­able! Hitler does not have so many murders on his con­science as you who as­sent to abor­tion!

If you, mother or father, phys­i­cian or who­ever was in­volved, die un­re­pent­antly and ap­pear in GOD’s sight, you will have the abor­ted child or chil­dren as ac­cusers be­fore you!

And you, politi­cians, who gave your voices to the child murder will have all the abor­ted chil­dren of your coun­try as ac­cusers be­fore you, mil­lions upon mil­lions!!! For GOD there will then, at the latest, be justice for these in­no­cent chil­dren!

More than body, spirit or age counts the soul cre­ated by GOD, be­cause she has been cre­ated from Divine breath! And each single soul is cre­ated by GOD so that He may re­ceive from her praise, love and ad­or­a­tion and He can re­ward her be­cause of that with ever­last­ing bliss with Him. You, how­ever, have de­prived Him of this joy through your self-seek­ing be­ha­viour! Dare you still ap­pear in His sight?

How can one make amends for an abor­tion be­fore GOD?
You are for­tu­nate that you can still make up for this since GOD in spite of everything (as long as you are still alive) does not want the death of your soul but that you may re­cog­nise your of­fence and make good to the best of your abil­ity! Repent, con­fess and change!

And if you as a mother have abor­ted your own child or as a father wanted or have al­lowed it, bap­tise it with the “Baptism of the Unborn”! Only in this way will GOD for­give you, and in­stead of your child be­com­ing your ac­cuser, it will im­me­di­ately af­ter­wards be­come a happy and grate­ful child ac­com­pa­ny­ing you spir­itu­ally and an­gel­ic­ally.

Should your church not be will­ing or able to help you, I am will­ingly pre­pared, or one of my bish­ops as well as priests, to do so in their stead!

Those who want to can also pray the “Baptism of the Unborn” on be­half of all the people, but then it should be left up to GOD how He will dis­trib­ute these graces. Once a month all my bish­ops and priests cel­eb­rate a Holy Sacrifice of the Mass for the abor­ted chil­dren.

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