Civil name of the Sword-Bishop: Nikolaus Schneider
Address: Bergstrasse 52, CH-9038 Rehetobel

He is founder of the Neuchristen-Vereinigung, Bergstrasse 52, CH-9038 Rehetobel
Commercial Register-No.: CHE-103.308.073
Register Court: Kantonsgericht, CH-9043 Trogen

Board mem­bers of the Association of the New Christians and their func­tions:
and their func­tions:

Nikolaus Schneider, pres­id­ent
Paula Schneider, vice-pres­id­ent
Pia Muff, board mem­ber
Gabriela Abgottspon, board mem­ber

Person re­spons­ible for the ed­it­or­ial sec­tion:
Nikolaus Schneider, Bergstrasse 52, CH-9038 Rehetobel AR, Telephone: +41 (0)71 /​ 877 22 22

Domain: www.schwert-bischof.com
E‑mail: sb@schwert-bischof.com

Sister Liselotte Gsponer
Postal ad­dress: Bergstrasse 52, CH-9038 Rehetobel
Telephone: +41 (0)71 877 22 22
E‑mail: sr.liselotte@neuchristen.com


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1. Liability for con­tent
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2. Liability for links
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