The Poor Souls

What Is Purgatory?
Purgatory, or the puri­fic­a­tion, can­not ac­tu­ally be ex­plained be­cause you would have to have seen GOD just as He is in Heaven now: in­com­pre­hens­ible beauty, in­com­pre­hens­ible love.

If someone dies in sin or im­per­fec­tion, this soul re­cog­nises in the light of GOD’s pres­ence – the soul need not even have seen GOD yet – her ter­rible de­gen­er­a­tion. With all her might and long­ing she is drawn to­wards GOD be­cause the soul, after all, is a part of GOD. She wishes to unite with the beauty which GOD is. But she re­cog­nises her dis­tor­tion through sin so that in the beauty and har­mony of Heaven she feels so out of place that she steps back and de­sires to do pen­ance as quickly as pos­sible. Now she can­not go back into the body any more. She can­not put on the pen­it­en­tial robe any more. She can no longer do any works of pen­ance. So she humbly per­severes, far from GOD, in a state of un­ima­gin­able yearn­ing, which is like a puri­fy­ing fire. She holds out so long un­til her trans­gres­sions have been atoned for.

Everything Must Be Atoned for
For an as-yet-unatoned-for love­less word, ac­cord­ing to our per­cep­tion of time, you would have to hold out in this pur­ging state per­haps a whole year. You ab­so­lutely could not do any­thing for your­self any more. You could not go back any more to ask for for­give­ness, could only sit tight in this “fire,” un­til your debt, be it ever so tiny, has been atoned for. If the Church Militant (that is, we, the Church on earth) and the Church Triumphant (the Saints of Heaven) now did not have the op­por­tun­ity to help our broth­ers and sis­ters of the Church Suffering (the Poor Souls), they would have to hold out long. – These three Churches must work to­gether. One who has on earth no com­mu­nion with the Churches Triumphant and Suffering can­not be Church. – That is why GOD judges it very, very severely if someone out of in­dif­fer­ence re­fuses the suf­fer­ing souls in Purgatory their help. They will, when they are in Purgatory them­selves, wait a long time for help.


With What Can We Help the Poor Souls
Give them a few drops of Holy Water. Skip a sip of wa­ter. At meals have only one help­ing. If someone cursed a lot dur­ing their life­time, then try in your heart to say pi­ous words to their be­ne­fit. Has someone neg­lected prayer, then you pray in their stead. Everything you do on be­half of the Poor Souls will be­ne­fit them, and can con­sid­er­ably shorten their time of suf­fer­ing. Bear in mind: you can can­on­ise one or the other Poor Soul by help­ing her to enter Heaven. Each soul re­deemed from Purgatory is holy, and is coun­ted amongst the com­pany of Saints, even if they have not been can­on­ised by the Pope, are no fa­mil­iar Saints on earth. Only what is holy may enter Heaven.

When you die, you will see how many souls you have made into Saints by your pray­ers for for­give­ness. They will all re­ceive you and ac­com­pany you in­ter­ced­ingly or tri­umphantly to GOD’s throne. So do not hes­it­ate, start your can­on­ising them.

If you could really see how yearn­ingly the Poor Souls are wait­ing for our help. They de­pend on us. They ab­so­lutely can­not do any­thing for them­selves. They may, how­ever, make in­ter­ces­sion for their broth­ers and sis­ters on earth. They are great help­ers of the Church Militant. Great mir­acles have already happened through the in­ter­ces­sion of the Poor Souls. Bear in mind, if someone in this way in a state of suf­fer­ing self­lessly pleads for us, GOD cer­tainly can­not say no. Therefore, I fer­vently ask of you on be­half of the Church: use your op­por­tun­ity! Do not for­get the Poor Souls. They will thank you by let­ting you ex­per­i­ence their help.

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