The Poor Souls

What Is Pur­gato­ry?
Pur­gato­ry, or the puri­fi­ca­ti­on, can­not actual­ly be exp­lai­ned becau­se you would have to have seen GOD just as He is in Hea­ven now: incom­pre­hen­si­ble beau­ty, incom­pre­hen­si­ble love.

If someo­ne dies in sin or imper­fec­tion, this soul reco­gnises in the light of GOD’s pre­sence – the soul need not even have seen GOD yet – her ter­ri­ble dege­ne­ra­ti­on. With all her might and lon­ging she is drawn towards GOD becau­se the soul, after all, is a part of GOD. She wis­hes to unite with the beau­ty which GOD is. But she reco­gnises her dis­tor­ti­on through sin so that in the beau­ty and har­mo­ny of Hea­ven she feels so out of place that she steps back and desi­res to do pen­an­ce as quick­ly as pos­si­ble. Now she can­not go back into the body any more. She can­not put on the peni­ten­ti­al robe any more. She can no lon­ger do any works of pen­an­ce. So she hum­bly per­se­ve­res, far from GOD, in a sta­te of uni­ma­gin­ab­le year­ning, which is like a puri­fy­ing fire. She holds out so long until her trans­gres­si­ons have been ato­ned for.

Ever­ything Must Be Ato­ned for
For an as-yet-unato­ned-for lov­eless word, accord­ing to our per­cep­ti­on of time, you would have to hold out in this pur­ging sta­te perhaps a who­le year. You abso­lute­ly could not do anything for yours­elf any more. You could not go back any more to ask for for­gi­veness, could only sit tight in this “fire,” until your debt, be it ever so tiny, has been ato­ned for. If the Church Mili­tant (that is, we, the Church on earth) and the Church Tri­um­phant (the Saints of Hea­ven) now did not have the oppor­tu­ni­ty to help our bro­thers and sis­ters of the Church Suf­fe­ring (the Poor Souls), they would have to hold out long. – The­se three Church­es must work tog­e­ther. One who has on earth no com­mu­ni­on with the Church­es Tri­um­phant and Suf­fe­ring can­not be Church. – That is why GOD jud­ges it very, very severely if someo­ne out of indif­fe­rence refu­ses the suf­fe­ring souls in Pur­gato­ry their help. They will, when they are in Pur­gato­ry them­sel­ves, wait a long time for help.


With What Can We Help the Poor Souls
Give them a few drops of Holy Water. Skip a sip of water. At meals have only one hel­ping. If someo­ne cur­sed a lot during their life­time, then try in your heart to say pious words to their bene­fit. Has someo­ne neglec­ted pray­er, then you pray in their stead. Ever­ything you do on behalf of the Poor Souls will bene­fit them, and can con­si­der­a­b­ly shor­ten their time of suf­fe­ring. Bear in mind: you can cano­ni­se one or the other Poor Soul by hel­ping her to enter Hea­ven. Each soul rede­emed from Pur­gato­ry is holy, and is coun­ted amongst the com­pa­ny of Saints, even if they have not been cano­nis­ed by the Pope, are no fami­li­ar Saints on earth. Only what is holy may enter Hea­ven.

When you die, you will see how many souls you have made into Saints by your pray­ers for for­gi­veness. They will all recei­ve you and accom­pa­ny you inter­ce­din­gly or tri­um­phant­ly to GOD’s thro­ne. So do not hesi­ta­te, start your cano­ni­sing them.

If you could real­ly see how year­nin­gly the Poor Souls are wai­ting for our help. They depend on us. They abso­lute­ly can­not do anything for them­sel­ves. They may, howe­ver, make inter­ces­si­on for their bro­thers and sis­ters on earth. They are gre­at hel­pers of the Church Mili­tant. Gre­at mira­cles have alrea­dy hap­pen­ed through the inter­ces­si­on of the Poor Souls. Bear in mind, if someo­ne in this way in a sta­te of suf­fe­ring sel­fless­ly pleads for us, GOD cer­tain­ly can­not say no. The­re­fo­re, I fer­vent­ly ask of you on behalf of the Church: use your oppor­tu­ni­ty! Do not for­get the Poor Souls. They will thank you by let­ting you expe­ri­ence their help.

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