GOD’s Corner

Originally, in every liv­ing room there used to be set up the GOD’s corner, usu­ally in a corner or where the fam­ily liked to meet at a pre­ferred place. This corner was al­ways well looked after with love and care, dec­or­ated with fresh flowers, and es­pe­cially in the even­ing the fam­ily gathered there for joint prayer. Unfortunately, this beau­ti­ful tra­di­tion has van­ished in many places so that many do not even know any more what a GOD’s corner is.

You know that the “three days of dark­ness” were of­ten spoken of and proph­esied about. That in this time you must keep the shut­ters and everything firmly closed, that in this dark­ness only sac­ral­ised candles will give light, that hell will be de­pop­u­lated and the evil ones will roam around vis­ibly in or­der to tear the souls be­long­ing to them out of the liv­ing bod­ies of the hu­mans, and many more things. – I do not say that it is bound to hap­pen like this but I won­der, if sur­pris­ingly this were to hap­pen and you did not have an op­por­tun­ity to go into a con­sec­rated Church: where then would you go if you have no con­sec­rated corner in your house?

Father, mother, to­gether with the Sacrament of mar­riage, a priest­hood within the fam­ily is con­ferred on you. It is true, it is a re­stric­ted priest­hood be­cause you can­not, for ex­ample, bless and sac­ral­ise like the priest, can­not con­sec­rate, can­not cel­eb­rate the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, etc. However, in or­der for you to be able to ex­er­cise this fam­ily priestly of­fice in this your little church, which is the fam­ily, you do need a small chapel, a little al­tar, a GOD’s corner. You do need a place where you can gather for prayer.

Therefore, please choose a beau­ti­ful little spot, set up an ap­peal­ing cru­ci­fix on that spot, and an im­age of Mary, the Mother of GOD, is an in­dis­pens­able part of it be­cause GOD wants to work through her. Likewise, it is not com­plete without a sac­ral­ised candle. As a mat­ter of fact, in a fam­ily the im­age of the Holy Family should also be ven­er­ated. Moreover, you may add an im­age of a Patron or Saint, whom you ven­er­ate. This little al­tar is sup­posed to be dec­or­ated like the Altar in the Church with flowers or the like.

It is my par­tic­u­lar in­ten­tion and wish that such GOD’s corners should be set up in the homes. I warmly re­com­mend this to all of hu­man­ity!

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