Heaven & Hell

Heav­en exists and hell exists. Where do you want to go to? It will be your deci­sion. For which king­dom have you worked: for the divine one or for the hell­ish one? For whose plea­sure have you lived: Heaven’s or hell’s? There is no oth­er choice! GOD may give you an 80 or 90 years’ life­time on earth. Every day He gives you the oppor­tu­ni­ty to choose freely. GOD does not want the sinner’s death but that he may be con­vert­ed. It is a bat­tle but it is sure­ly worth­while fight­ing for an ever­last­ing blessed­ness.

Death — and What Hap­pens After­wards?
When man dies in the love of GOD, the soul slips out, just like that. How­ev­er, the souls of those who are lost for Heav­en, or the souls of those who still very much clung to the world hard­ly want to leave the body. It is an enor­mous bat­tle. As soon as the soul leaves the body, she feels an undreamt-of free­dom. She is no longer in the prison of the body. She enters the light and sens­es GOD’s unfath­omable love. In like man­ner, she also sens­es her own dread­ful sin­ful­ness. Unless these souls are damned, the long­ing surges up in them: “I can­not go to GOD. I am so dirty. He is the Pure One, I want to puri­fy myself.” Then they come to a place of purifi­ca­tion, it is the souls them­selves that throw them­selves into the pur­ga­tion (Pur­ga­to­ry), where full of long­ing they await the vision of GOD. But a soul that has been damned needs not wait long; the demons fetch her swift­ly and drag her to her appro­pri­ate place.

Death of a Right­eous Man
Death of a Sin­ner who Dies with­out Repen­tance

Hell is A Col­lec­tive
Lucifer was once the great­est Angel in Heav­en – he was the Angel of light. Now he is the oppo­site: the angel of dark­ness! All his pow­er and strength will now through men be direct­ed against GOD. Hell itself is a col­lec­tive com­ple­ment­ing one anoth­er in knowl­edge and mal­ice. The fall­en Angels took with them into hell their orig­i­nal knowl­edge changed into spite­ful­ness. What an awful knowl­edge must such a demon have! Only if you are like a child before GOD, if you love and lis­ten to the words of JESUS with a child­like heart, you are able to pro­tect your­self against that dead­ly breath of pesti­lence.

The Dark Room
We can­not describe Heav­en, any more than we can explain hell. You could say that there are count­less rooms in hell, each com­plete­ly dif­fer­ent. I speak of hell right now as it is until the Judge­ment Day. After the judge­ment of GOD there will be a dif­fer­ent hell. In one of those rooms there can be e.g. utter dark­ness, a hell­ish dark­ness. You are in this dark­ness and nev­er know what will hap­pen. Let me explain it like this: One or two hideous dev­ils come at you, do cru­el things to you, yet you can­not see them. They tear you up yet you can­not die. You hear some­thing crawl on the floor sound­ing like an enor­mous tape­worm or a ter­ri­ble drag­on which is sneak­ing up on you … For ever they can tor­ment you, for ever they can do awful things to you. The ter­ri­ble thing of it is that you can­not see them. You nev­er know whether they are back again or when they will come, you are always in this dread­ful dark­ness. This is only an exam­ple. In each of these mil­lions of rooms it is dif­fer­ent and thus in per­pe­tu­ity, for ever­last­ing, to all eter­ni­ty, with­out end.

Will Satan with His Fall­en Angels Con­vert in the End?
I know that a case is made for the the­sis that the dev­ils will at long last become con­vert­ed and go to Heav­en. If that were the case, then CHRIST’s Sac­ri­fice of the Cross would not have been nec­es­sary. Holy Scrip­ture says: „They tri­umphed over him by the blood of the Lamb …“ (Rev 12,11) The Angels who rose against GOD were giv­en the grace to rec­og­nize their mis­take. Mere­ly going down on their knees before GOD, a token of humil­i­ty would have been need­ed and they would have been for­giv­en. But their pride would not allow it and so they plunged into hell for ever: „The great drag­on was hurled down, that ancient ser­pent called the dev­il or Satan …“ (Rev 12,9) „But woe to the earth and the sea; because the dev­il has gone down to you filled with fury …“ (Rev 12,12) This mighty rage is burn­ing in Lucifer because he knows he is unable to harm GOD. With this anger and hatred he is aim­ing at the chil­dren of GOD. He tempts them with all his pos­si­bil­i­ties in order to draw them to him down into hell.

The Fall of the Angels

The Unimag­in­able Hap­pi­ness of Heav­en
When think­ing of the unimag­in­able bliss we can once have in Heav­en, what are a hun­dred earth­ly years in com­par­i­son? Who on earth wants to exchange a bil­lion Francs for a hun­dred Francs? Well, if some­one choos­es the hun­dred over the bil­lion Francs, some­thing is wrong. Because GOD is so great, beau­ti­ful, almighty, pow­er­ful that you can just look at Him for bil­lions of years and be per­fect­ly hap­py. All beau­ty in Heav­en is GOD’s ema­na­tion. In Heav­en it will be so unspeak­ably beau­ti­ful, spot­less, clean, that first one must be absolute­ly cleansed in Pur­ga­to­ry in order to be able to come and stand before GOD.

Rais­ing of the Dead at the End of the World

When Will the Last Judge­ment Take Place?

The Last Judge­ment will only come lat­er, only then when the earth will dis­ap­pear, will no longer exist. Then every­body, the holy and unholy, and even Satan with his fol­low­ers must appear before the throne of GOD. Then the SAVIOUR will appear in the Name of the FATHER in the HOLY SPIRIT as eter­nal Judge. Do you know what it is going to be like when the SAVIOUR will appear as divine­ly lov­ing Good Shep­herd, who is Love Him­self, and – ah, only GOD can smile like this – while smil­ing in this love of His will call those on His right: „Come, My lit­tle sheep, enter into the joy of Heav­en for­ev­er!“ If GOD did not hold you at that moment, you would melt with joy. But then, hor­ri­fy­ing­ly, He will speak to those on His left: „Depart from Me, you cursed, into ever­last­ing fire! Go to your father, who is Satan!“ – JESUS is trem­bling in anx­ious antic­i­pa­tion for man to recon­sid­er and come to Him in love. Yet that ”self” of man, which always only sees him­self, looks only after him­self, cov­ets only for him­self, bars the invit­ing calls of the SAVIOUR so many times. Were man to for­get this ”self”, he would already have on earth a lit­tle Heav­en.