Heaven & Hell

Heaven ex­ists and hell ex­ists. Where do you want to go to? It will be your de­cision. For which king­dom have you worked: for the di­vine one or for the hellish one? For whose pleas­ure have you lived: Heaven’s or hell’s? There is no other choice! GOD may give you an 80 or 90 years’ life­time on earth. Every day He gives you the op­por­tun­ity to choose freely. GOD does not want the sinner’s death but that he may be con­ver­ted. It is a battle but it is surely worth­while fight­ing for an ever­last­ing blessed­ness.

Death – and What Happens Afterwards?
When man dies in the love of GOD, the soul slips out, just like that. However, the souls of those who are lost for Heaven, or the souls of those who still very much clung to the world hardly want to leave the body. It is an enorm­ous battle. As soon as the soul leaves the body, she feels an un­dreamt-of free­dom. She is no longer in the prison of the body. She enters the light and senses GOD’s un­fathom­able love. In like man­ner, she also senses her own dread­ful sin­ful­ness. Unless these souls are damned, the long­ing surges up in them: “I can­not go to GOD. I am so dirty. He is the Pure One, I want to purify my­self.” Then they come to a place of puri­fic­a­tion, it is the souls them­selves that throw them­selves into the pur­ga­tion (Purgatory), where full of long­ing they await the vis­ion of GOD. But a soul that has been damned needs not wait long; the demons fetch her swiftly and drag her to her ap­pro­pri­ate place.

Death of a Righteous Man
Death of a Sinner who Dies without Repentance

Hell is A Collective
Lucifer was once the greatest Angel in Heaven – he was the Angel of light. Now he is the op­pos­ite: the an­gel of dark­ness! All his power and strength will now through men be dir­ec­ted against GOD. Hell it­self is a col­lect­ive com­ple­ment­ing one an­other in know­ledge and malice. The fallen Angels took with them into hell their ori­ginal know­ledge changed into spite­ful­ness. What an aw­ful knowl­edge must such a de­mon have! Only if you are like a child be­fore GOD, if you love and listen to the words of JESUS with a child­like heart, you are able to pro­tect your­self against that deadly breath of pes­ti­lence.

The Dark Room
We can­not de­scribe Heaven, any more than we can ex­plain hell. You could say that there are count­less rooms in hell, each com­pletely dif­fer­ent. I speak of hell right now as it is un­til the Judgement Day. After the judge­ment of GOD there will be a dif­fer­ent hell. In one of those rooms there can be e.g. ut­ter dark­ness, a hellish dark­ness. You are in this dark­ness and never know what will hap­pen. Let me ex­plain it like this: One or two hideous dev­ils come at you, do cruel things to you, yet you can­not see them. They tear you up yet you can­not die. You hear some­thing crawl on the floor sound­ing like an enorm­ous tape­worm or a ter­rible dragon which is sneak­ing up on you … For ever they can tor­ment you, for ever they can do aw­ful things to you. The ter­rible thing of it is that you can­not see them. You never know whether they are back again or when they will come, you are al­ways in this dread­ful dark­ness. This is only an ex­ample. In each of these mil­lions of rooms it is dif­fer­ent and thus in per­petu­ity, for ever­last­ing, to all etern­ity, without end.

Will Satan with His Fallen Angels Convert in the End?
I know that a case is made for the thesis that the dev­ils will at long last be­come con­ver­ted and go to Heaven. If that were the case, then CHRIST’s Sacrifice of the Cross would not have been ne­ces­sary. Holy Scripture says: „They tri­umphed over him by the blood of the Lamb …“ (Rev 12,11) The Angels who rose against GOD were given the grace to re­cog­nize their mis­take. Merely go­ing down on their knees be­fore GOD, a token of hu­mil­ity would have been needed and they would have been for­given. But their pride would not al­low it and so they plunged into hell for ever: „The great dragon was hurled down, that an­cient ser­pent called the devil or Satan …“ (Rev 12,9) „But woe to the earth and the sea; be­cause the devil has gone down to you filled with fury …“ (Rev 12,12) This mighty rage is burn­ing in Lucifer be­cause he knows he is un­able to harm GOD. With this an­ger and hatred he is aim­ing at the chil­dren of GOD. He tempts them with all his pos­sib­il­it­ies in or­der to draw them to him down into hell.

The Fall of the Angels

The Unimaginable Happiness of Heaven
When think­ing of the un­ima­gin­able bliss we can once have in Heaven, what are a hun­dred earthly years in com­par­ison? Who on earth wants to ex­change a bil­lion Francs for a hun­dred Francs? Well, if someone chooses the hun­dred over the bil­lion Francs, some­thing is wrong. Because GOD is so great, beau­ti­ful, almighty, power­ful that you can just look at Him for bil­lions of years and be per­fectly happy. All beauty in Heaven is GOD’s em­an­a­tion. In Heaven it will be so un­speak­ably beau­ti­ful, spot­less, clean, that first one must be ab­so­lutely cleansed in Purgatory in or­der to be able to come and stand be­fore GOD.

Raising of the Dead at the End of the World

When Will the Last Judgement Take Place?

The Last Judgement will only come later, only then when the earth will dis­ap­pear, will no longer ex­ist. Then every­body, the holy and un­holy, and even Satan with his fol­low­ers must ap­pear be­fore the throne of GOD. Then the SAVIOUR will ap­pear in the Name of the FATHER in the HOLY SPIRIT as eternal Judge. Do you know what it is go­ing to be like when the SAVIOUR will ap­pear as di­vinely lov­ing Good Shepherd, who is Love Himself, and – ah, only GOD can smile like this – while smil­ing in this love of His will call those on His right: „Come, My little sheep, enter into the joy of Heaven forever!“ If GOD did not hold you at that mo­ment, you would melt with joy. But then, hor­ri­fy­ingly, He will speak to those on His left: „Depart from Me, you cursed, into ever­last­ing fire! Go to your father, who is Satan!“ – JESUS is trem­bling in anxious an­ti­cip­a­tion for man to re­con­sider and come to Him in love. Yet that ”self” of man, which al­ways only sees him­self, looks only after him­self, cov­ets only for him­self, bars the in­vit­ing calls of the SAVIOUR so many times. Were man to for­get this ”self”, he would already have on earth a little Heaven.

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