Saint Michael the Archangel

Who is the Archangel Michael?
Archangel Michael – Prince of the heav­en­ly Host! He is the first and most pow­er­ful war­rior of GOD, whom GOD chose to lead the whole heav­en­ly host. Let us only con­sid­er that a sin­gle Angel was able to defeat a whole army of sol­diers at one flick of his fin­ger. How­ev­er, for the Archangel Michael it is not only one Angel who is fight­ing but legions of Angels – what a pow­er!

Who is like GOD?
Because Michael was the first Angel to rise up against Lucifer and call out: “Who is like unto GOD!” he was giv­en as a reward what Lucifer held. From a low choir where he was before, he was raised to the high­est posi­tion as First Angel, although not in the man­ner of the Seraphim and Cheru­bim in ado­ra­tion of GOD. And yet, we know that GOD placed a Cherub with a sword at the entrance to Par­adise to guard it. Inter­est­ing­ly, there was no such thing as a reward in Heav­en before the bat­tle of the faith­ful against the unfaith­ful Angels. This was insti­tut­ed by GOD only after­wards.

Look how rapid­ly all things have changed. At an incred­i­ble speed, what human strat­e­gy would nev­er achieve, the whole world has turned away from GOD in no time. Lucifer wants to lead mankind away from GOD because his fury at now being the exact oppo­site of beau­ty and pow­er, name­ly the ser­pent and the drag­on, is enor­mous. He knows: “Against GOD I am pow­er­less!” Don’t you for­get it! Satan’s fury is so enor­mous because now these lit­tle human beings – in his eyes these scum­my crea­tures, who are utter­ly beneath his dig­ni­ty – are meant to take the places of the fall­en angels in Heav­en. It is only against a GOD-lov­ing heart that he can­not fight, nor even against a lit­tle child who says: “Dear GOD, I love You!” Then Satan is check­mate.

It is not GOD who pun­ish­es us, mankind pun­ish­es them­selves by dis­re­gard­ing the order and Com­mand­ments of GOD. To think that in Heav­en we would have such mighty, absolute­ly invin­ci­ble heroes for allies.

St Michael the Archangel – Prince of the Heav­en­ly Hosts

The time will come when I will be allowed to call St. Michael the Archangel in a spe­cial man­ner. Let us ask, invoke and ven­er­ate St Michael the Archangel as Patron of CHRIST’s sol­diers in order that he may defend the Church of CHRIST and lead her to vic­to­ry!

Prayer to Archangel Michael:
“Saint Michael the Archangel,
with Your light enlight­en us!

Saint Michael the Archangel,
with Your wings pro­tect us!

Saint Michael the Archangel,
with Your sword defend and save us!

High­ly Sacralised Michael’s Salt
I have pro­vid­ed the high­ly sacralised Michael’s Salt with an extra­or­di­nary bless­ing pow­er by GOD’s com­mand as His Sword-Bish­op. It works like an exor­cism, since GOD gave me a spe­cial pow­er and a pro­tec­tive armour against evil to effec­tive­ly oppose the supe­ri­or pow­er of the Evil One.

Salt is a tra­di­tion­al ele­ment for acts of bless­ing and sacral­i­sa­tion in the Church. Sacralised salt is more easy to han­dle and can also be sent more eas­i­ly than holy water.

St Michael the Archangel is the Chief Com­man­der in the bat­tle against Satan. This salt is ded­i­cat­ed and entrust­ed to him. Who­ev­er uses this Michael’s salt with good intent invokes St Michael the Archangel, the war­rior of GOD, for sup­port and pro­tec­tion. „Saint Michael the Archangel, You invin­ci­ble war­rior of GOD and Prince of the heav­en­ly Hosts, to You we ded­i­cate this hal­lowed salt and entrust it to You. Grant that in each grain of salt Your sword’s and radi­at­ing pow­er may dwell, and that any­thing hos­tile to and oppos­ing GOD as well as any­thing hos­tile and harm­ful to man may be UNCOVERED, CAST OUT, BANISHED and DEFEATED by Your com­mand.“ (from the con­se­cra­to­ry prayer)

This holy salt can also be dis­solved in water and then be used as holy water (a pinch of the sacralised Michael’s salt is enough, e.g. for 5 litres of water). I rec­om­mend bless­ing the dwelling with holy water by sprin­kling a drop of it in each room with the words: „All evil away from here, JESUS CHRIST, do You reign in here!“ and like­wise by mak­ing the sign of the cross on one­self with holy water when leav­ing the house and on return­ing home. In inner tur­moil you can also take a few sips of it or car­ry the salt with you. For this pur­pose we added this salt to a Michael the Archangel holy card, which also prac­ti­cal­ly fits in the wal­let.

How­ev­er valu­able this high­ly sacralised Michael’s Salt may be, I am just as con­cerned that some may only use this Michael’s Salt with­out acknowl­edg­ing my GOD-giv­en mis­sion as per­son­al Instru­ment of JESUS CHRIST and with­out trust­ing me.

There­fore, exam­ine your dis­po­si­tion and then use this high­ly sacralised salt in the readi­ness to keep His Com­mand­ments as a child of GOD. Only in this way will the bless­ing pow­er of this sacralised salt be able to help you.

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