The Seven Holy Sacraments

There is only one Church. It is the Church which JESUS CHRIST Him­self found­ed and which is to stand on the first Bish­op – Peter, the rock! There­fore, it is also called apos­tolic. It is the Church which pos­sess­es the sev­en holy Sacra­ments. In the Sacra­ments of the Church the faith­ful seek resis­tance against sin and the strength to live a GOD-pleas­ing life.

The Sev­en Sacra­ments – Sources of Grace

blots out orig­i­nal sin as well as all com­mit­ted sins. It puts the soul of the per­son to be bap­tised in the par­a­disi­a­cal sit­u­a­tion and incor­po­rates him into the Church of CHRIST. Bap­tism is the con­di­tion for receiv­ing all oth­er Sacra­ments.
Matt. 28,19: “Go you there­fore, and teach all nations, bap­tis­ing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost.”

also called the Bap­tism of fire, com­pletes the Sacra­ment of Bap­tism and calls man to be a sol­dier of GOD. With it the con­fir­mand receives the HOLY GHOST in an extra­or­di­nary way.

Acts 8,17: “Then they laid their hands upon them, and they received the Goly Ghost.”

brings about GOD’s for­give­ness if the con­fes­sant repents, con­fess­es and makes a seri­ous res­o­lu­tion to sin no more. It affords the oppor­tu­ni­ty to make a fresh start with GOD at all times.

John 20,23: “Whose sins you shall for­give, they are for­giv­en them; and whose sins you shall retain, they are retained.”

Anoint­ing of the Sick and Extreme Unc­tion
blots out the sins, cleans­es all five sens­es and can con­tribute to the recov­ery of the sick per­son. It com­forts and strength­ens the dying per­son.
James 5,14: “Is any man sick among you? Let him bring in the priests of the church and let them pray over him, anoint­ing him with oil in the name of the Lord.”

The Sacra­ment of Mat­ri­mo­ny
is a holy bond between the spous­es and GOD. It leads to a priest­hood with­in the fam­i­ly.
Matth. 19,5f: “For this cause shall a man leave father and moth­er and shall cleave to his wife, and they two shall be in one flesh! There­fore now they are not two, but one flesh. What there­fore God has joined togeth­er, let no man put asun­der.”

The Sacra­ment of Holy Orders,
grants a share in the priest­ly pow­er of JESUS CHRIST by the lay­ing on of hands and anoint­ing with Holy Oil. Only a valid­ly con­se­crat­ed bish­op, whose line of suc­ces­sion can be traced back to the Apos­tles, can con­fer these orders.

1 Tim. 4,14: “Neglect not the grace that is in you, which was giv­en you by prophe­cy, with impo­si­tion of the hands of the priest­hood.”

The Most Blessed Sacra­ment of the Altar
is the high­est mys­tery of all Sacra­ments. In it, the absolute love of JESUS CHRIST cul­mi­nates because bread and wine real­ly become Body and Blood of the SON of GOD. The Eucharist is food for the soul and unites in a super­nat­ur­al way with GOD.

John 6,53ff: “Ver­i­ly, ver­i­ly, I say to you: unless you eat the flesh of the Son of man and drink his blood, you have no life in you. Who­ev­er eats my flesh and drinks my blood has eter­nal life, and I will raise him up at the last day. For my flesh is meat indeed, and my blood is drink indeed. Who­ev­er eats my flesh and drinks my blood, abides in me and I in him.”

Infant Baptism and Confirmation

St. John the Apos­tle teach­es us: “Yet to all who did receive Him and believed in His name, He gave the right to become chil­dren of GOD. Who were born not of nat­ur­al descent, nor of human deci­sion, nor of the will of man, but born of GOD” – through Bap­tism. Bap­tism applies to all Chris­t­ian Church­es. Today it is said when par­ents want to have their new­born child bap­tised: “The human being should choose for them­selves after all. You sim­ply force your child to accept faith. He ought to be able to lat­er decide freely which reli­gion he wish­es to embrace!” Part­ly you also hear from schol­ars of the Church: “It is wrong to bap­tise chil­dren!” These have under­stood absolute­ly noth­ing. In Sacred Scrip­ture we read, e.g. when Peter went to Cor­nelius the Cen­tu­ri­on, who was between 40 and 50 years of age, and still had younger chil­dren: “While Peter was speak­ing there, the HOLY SPIRIT came on all those present in the house and they received the HOLY SPIRIT.”

Were there not many chil­dren dur­ing the per­se­cu­tion of Chris­tians who defend­ed their faith when they were about to be killed? Today peo­ple would say about chil­dren this age: “It is still too ear­ly for Bap­tism or Con­fir­ma­tion. They must be able to decide for them­selves. Bap­tism can be done lat­er at the age of 20!” You do know quite well: nowa­days 20-year-olds are usu­al­ly already sex­u­al­ly depraved from school, tele­vi­sion, etc., if the HOLY SPIRIT had not pre­vi­ous­ly been able to work in the child. If you plant some­thing, you cer­tain­ly water and tend to it. We can put the HOLY SPIRIT into the child through the Sacra­ment. If some­one has the gift to read the eyes, he will recog­nise whether a child has been bap­tised or not. The HOLY SPIRIT flows from the eyes, the win­dow of the soul, the eyes shine. I actu­al­ly do not know how you see it, but when I see these eyes of a lit­tle, still under­age child after Bap­tism, they are clear as moun­tain lakes. You could almost say, I see the Angel look­ing out or the breath of GOD is look­ing out. One would real­ly like, if one could, to fall into the eyes. I say “moun­tain lakes” because they are most­ly still clear. Besides, the bap­tised chil­dren share in all the trea­sures of grace of the Church. Who would actu­al­ly want to keep this from the infant? –

Know that through Bap­tism the guilt of orig­i­nal sin is erased. With­out Bap­tism the guilt of orig­i­nal sin, dis­pleas­ing to GOD, remains, and where it is still cling­ing, the HOLY SPIRIT can­not work that freely.

What exact­ly is Bap­tism? Through it you become a child of GOD. And who has any­thing against it? Hell. As long as a child has not been bap­tised, the Evil One can plague him. By the short com­mand to the dev­il to no longer dare to vio­late this cross of the bap­tismal anoint­ment any more, – it is called exor­cism –, the Evil One can­not plague the child as long as it is inno­cent, only lat­er again when the human being sins of his own free will. How­ev­er, if at Bap­tism the exor­cism is not per­formed, the Evil One may plague the child phys­i­cal­ly. It makes you won­der why chil­dren are some­times so fid­gety and scream like that. They even brought us chil­dren who were bap­tised in the Offi­cial Church with­out this exor­cism. These chil­dren were squirmy and often screamed through­out sev­er­al nights. Hav­ing done the bap­tismal exor­cism on them after­wards, they slept qui­et­ly.

Admin­is­tra­tion of Holy Bap­tism

Bap­tismal Name
The name is very impor­tant to GOD. GOD says: “I have called you by your name!” In Par­adise GOD did not call: “Human!” He called: “Adam!” It is also known with the Prophets that GOD called them by their name. Through the Sacra­ment of Bap­tism the name will be sealed in Heav­en. GOD, Heav­en, your Guardian Angel – they always call you by your name. That is why at Bap­tism you should not give the name of some or oth­er crazy idol, but a name that has already been borne by a Saint or any oth­er beau­ti­ful name, which the bap­tised per­son should turn into a Saint’s name.

Con­fir­ma­tion of Chil­dren
Nowa­days, they do not want to give holy Con­fir­ma­tion to chil­dren or youths any more either, but only when they are adults. They should explain the mean­ing of Con­fir­ma­tion. It is also called Bap­tism of fire. It imparts in a spe­cial way graces and gifts of the HOLY SPIRIT, which should secure and strength­en the con­firmed per­son for a Chris­t­ian life. It calls one to be a sol­dier and defend­er of GOD and com­pletes Bap­tism. Does it not tru­ly need, espe­cial­ly today, at an ear­ly age the armour of GOD? That is why we con­fer Bap­tism and Con­fir­ma­tion on lit­tle infants. Already in kinder­garten and at school a child nowa­days must stand firm for GOD.

The Descent of the HOLY SPIRIT

When some­one has received Bap­tism and Con­fir­ma­tion, their soul will always hunger for the Body of JESUS CHRIST. – The Holy Eucharist is the Food of the soul, the Bread of Angels. Come and take this food, the Body of JESUS CHRIST! Amen!