Holy Sacrifice of the Mass

At the begin­ning of my priest­hood I cele­bra­ted the Triden­ti­ne Mass in the Ger­man lan­guage becau­se GOD said to me: “I want you to pray word for word with your heart!” The Triden­ti­ne Mass is a work of art of men, of scho­l­ars, of aca­de­mics, yet GOD once said to me: “Look, Niko­laus, the who­le Triden­ti­ne Mass does not even once con­tain the word ‘love’! Nevertheless, the Holy Mass is the crow­ning of love, of My love. The time will come that through the grace of the HOLY SPIRIT you will com­ple­te this! The love that I am going to teach you will sup­ply the blood that will flow through this rigi­di­ty! And this is going to be the rene­wal!”

GOD then requi­red from me: “Niko­laus, wri­te a Holy Mass which nowa­days plea­ses Me!” I resisted GOD’s urging for ten years, until one day I stood at the Altar and did not know anything any more. I was like a fool alt­hough I defi­ni­te­ly knew the Sacri­fice of the Mass by heart. Then I per­cei­ved the calm voice of the SAVIOUR: “Now go and wri­te!” I went into my office and wit­hin three days I had writ­ten the Sacri­fice of the Mass as I and my bishops and priests cele­bra­te it.

People’s Altar
We have an altar pic­tu­re, which is one of my favou­rites. It shows a new­ly ordai­ned priest cele­bra­ting his second Holy Sacri­fice of the Mass in the sacris­ty. Someo­ne took a pho­to­graph during the Holy Con­se­cra­ti­on. When the pho­to­graph was deve­lo­ped, this pic­tu­re could be seen: the cru­ci­fied SAVIOUR in life size above the Cha­li­ce of the priest. Exac­t­ly as is shown on the pho­to­graph, I per­cei­ve or see it during every Holy Sacri­fice of the Mass. From the wounds of JESUS CHRIST the Pre­cious Blood flows into the Cha­li­ce of the priest. Some say that the Holy Sacri­fice of the Mass needs to be cele­bra­ted with the priest’s back to the con­gre­ga­ti­on, facing the cross. The­re were priests who meant well and said that the Pre­cious Blood flows from the wounds of the SAVIOUR on the altar cross into the Cha­li­ce of the priest and for this rea­son one should cele­bra­te facing the cross. But, my dear­ly beloved, does the Pre­cious Blood of JESUS CHRIST flow from the body on the altar cross or from Him­s­elf? Surely, it stands to rea­son that it flows from Him­s­elf as He appears above the Altar, into the Cha­li­ce. Whe­ther the priest now cele­bra­tes the Holy Sacri­fice of the Mass towards the altar cross or facing the peop­le, the SAVIOUR will always appe­ar above the Altar in front of the priest, in wha­te­ver direc­tion the priest cele­bra­tes. It is so important to me that the peop­le are taken into the Holy Sacri­fice of the Mass and can see how the priest tre­ats the SAVIOUR, with what love … The­re­fo­re, the faith­ful should look as much as pos­si­ble at what is hap­pe­ning at the Altar and not join in the cele­bra­ti­on of the Holy Sacri­fice of the Mass with their heads down or their eyes clo­sed.

Video Record­ing of the Holy Sacri­fice of the Mass
In view of the pre­sent pre­ca­rious situa­ti­on of the Church and becau­se not all have the oppor­tu­ni­ty to attend the Holy Sacri­fice of the Mass with me or one of my ordai­ned priests, GOD wan­ted us to make a video record­ing of my Holy Sacri­fice of the Mass.

The SAVIOUR assu­red me that all who join in the cele­bra­ti­on of the Holy Sacri­fice of the Mass with a belie­ving and an open heart will recei­ve the same graces and strength as tho­se who are per­so­nal­ly pre­sent. They will recei­ve spi­ri­tu­al Com­mu­ni­on. Howe­ver, I recom­mend, if pos­si­ble every two to three mon­ths, that you go to Con­fes­si­on and recei­ve the Body of JESUS in Holy Com­mu­ni­on with a good priest. If you do not have the oppor­tu­ni­ty to recei­ve the Sacra­ments with me or a priest edu­ca­ted and ordai­ned by me, then go ins­tead to the Tra­di­tio­nal Church becau­se the­re they still valid­ly admi­nis­ter the Sacra­ments, alt­hough, to my tas­te, this Church lacks heart. The­re they attach much grea­ter value to out­ward cere­mo­nies and rubrics than that the priest at the Altar can offer the Holy Sacri­fice of the Mass with his heart.

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Com­mu­ni­on in the Hand or Com­mu­ni­on on the Tongue?
Com­mu­ni­on while stan­ding should be done away with, the so-cal­led bar coun­ter man­ners! The­re is no use at all in recei­ving Com­mu­ni­on on the tongue, if the­re is no love for the SAVIOUR in my heart, even if the­re is so much rever­ence about it. JESUS pre­fers a loving heart! The SAVIOUR Him­s­elf did not admi­nis­ter Com­mu­ni­on on the tongue to His Apost­les eit­her, becau­se they were no wafers but chunks of bread, which the SAVIOUR could not sli­de in the Apost­les’ mouths. In this way, it was also kept by the Apost­les after­wards. Now some may object: “Yes, they were bishops after all, and are allo­wed to touch the Body of JESUS!” Every Catho­lic and Ortho­dox per­son is ano­in­ted with the Oil of Catechu­mens at Bap­tism and even with Sacred Chrism at Con­fir­ma­ti­on. That is why they, too, are ano­in­ted for sure. Howe­ver, what must not be for­got­ten in the pro­cess is that I con­stant­ly urge tho­se in my char­ge to recei­ve the SAVIOUR with a loving heart, to give Him plea­su­re, to keep your heart pure from gra­ve sin … – in other words, edu­ca­ti­on of the heart. Becau­se are you not much more likely to sin with your tongue than with your hand? Howe­ver, if someo­ne would abso­lute­ly like to recei­ve the kne­e­ling Com­mu­ni­on on the tongue, they can have it inde­ed; the­re is no bicke­ring at our Com­mu­ni­on rail.

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