Holy Sacrifice of the Mass

At the be­gin­ning of my priest­hood I cel­eb­rated the Tridentine Mass in the German lan­guage be­cause GOD said to me: “I want you to pray word for word with your heart!” The Tridentine Mass is a work of art of men, of schol­ars, of aca­dem­ics, yet GOD once said to me: “Look, Nikolaus, the whole Tridentine Mass does not even once con­tain the word ‘love’! Nevertheless, the Holy Mass is the crown­ing of love, of My love. The time will come that through the grace of the HOLY SPIRIT you will com­plete this! The love that I am go­ing to teach you will sup­ply the blood that will flow through this ri­gid­ity! And this is go­ing to be the re­newal!”

GOD then re­quired from me: “Nikolaus, write a Holy Mass which nowadays pleases Me!” I res­isted GOD’s ur­ging for ten years, un­til one day I stood at the Altar and did not know any­thing any more. I was like a fool al­though I def­in­itely knew the Sacrifice of the Mass by heart. Then I per­ceived the calm voice of the SAVIOUR: “Now go and write!” I went into my of­fice and within three days I had writ­ten the Sacrifice of the Mass as I and my bish­ops and priests cel­eb­rate it.

People’s Altar
We have an al­tar pic­ture, which is one of my fa­vour­ites. It shows a newly or­dained priest cel­eb­rat­ing his second Holy Sacrifice of the Mass in the sac­risty. Someone took a pho­to­graph dur­ing the Holy Consecration. When the pho­to­graph was de­veloped, this pic­ture could be seen: the cru­ci­fied SAVIOUR in life size above the Chalice of the priest. Exactly as is shown on the pho­to­graph, I per­ceive or see it dur­ing every Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. From the wounds of JESUS CHRIST the Precious Blood flows into the Chalice of the priest. Some say that the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass needs to be cel­eb­rated with the priest’s back to the con­greg­a­tion, fa­cing the cross. There were priests who meant well and said that the Precious Blood flows from the wounds of the SAVIOUR on the al­tar cross into the Chalice of the priest and for this reason one should cel­eb­rate fa­cing the cross. But, my dearly be­loved, does the Precious Blood of JESUS CHRIST flow from the body on the al­tar cross or from Himself? Surely, it stands to reason that it flows from Himself as He ap­pears above the Altar, into the Chalice. Whether the priest now cel­eb­rates the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass to­wards the al­tar cross or fa­cing the people, the SAVIOUR will al­ways ap­pear above the Altar in front of the priest, in whatever dir­ec­tion the priest cel­eb­rates. It is so im­port­ant to me that the people are taken into the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and can see how the priest treats the SAVIOUR, with what love … Therefore, the faith­ful should look as much as pos­sible at what is hap­pen­ing at the Altar and not join in the cel­eb­ra­tion of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass with their heads down or their eyes closed.

Video Recording of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass
In view of the present pre­cari­ous situ­ation of the Church and be­cause not all have the op­por­tun­ity to at­tend the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass with me or one of my or­dained priests, GOD wanted us to make a video re­cord­ing of my Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

The SAVIOUR as­sured me that all who join in the cel­eb­ra­tion of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass with a be­liev­ing and an open heart will re­ceive the same graces and strength as those who are per­son­ally present. They will re­ceive spir­itual Communion. However, I re­com­mend, if pos­sible every two to three months, that you go to Confession and re­ceive the Body of JESUS in Holy Communion with a good priest. If you do not have the op­por­tun­ity to re­ceive the Sacraments with me or a priest edu­cated and or­dained by me, then go in­stead to the Traditional Church be­cause there they still val­idly ad­min­is­ter the Sacraments, al­though, to my taste, this Church lacks heart. There they at­tach much greater value to out­ward ce­re­mon­ies and rub­rics than that the priest at the Altar can of­fer the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass with his heart.

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Communion in the Hand or Communion on the Tongue?
Communion while stand­ing should be done away with, the so-called bar counter man­ners! There is no use at all in re­ceiv­ing Communion on the tongue, if there is no love for the SAVIOUR in my heart, even if there is so much rev­er­ence about it. JESUS prefers a lov­ing heart! The SAVIOUR Himself did not ad­min­is­ter Communion on the tongue to His Apostles either, be­cause they were no wafers but chunks of bread, which the SAVIOUR could not slide in the Apostles’ mouths. In this way, it was also kept by the Apostles af­ter­wards. Now some may ob­ject: “Yes, they were bish­ops after all, and are al­lowed to touch the Body of JESUS!” Every Catholic and Orthodox per­son is anoin­ted with the Oil of Catechumens at Baptism and even with Sacred Chrism at Confirmation. That is why they, too, are anoin­ted for sure. However, what must not be for­got­ten in the pro­cess is that I con­stantly urge those in my charge to re­ceive the SAVIOUR with a lov­ing heart, to give Him pleas­ure, to keep your heart pure from grave sin … – in other words, edu­ca­tion of the heart. Because are you not much more likely to sin with your tongue than with your hand? However, if someone would ab­so­lutely like to re­ceive the kneel­ing Communion on the tongue, they can have it in­deed; there is no bick­er­ing at our Communion rail.

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