Leaving the Church

The Roman Catho­lic Church was once my beloved mother. Yet through too many things con­tra­ry to GOD this Church has beco­me the spawn of dark plot­ting and sche­ming, or as GOD Him­s­elf says: “A who­re and an adul­teress you have beco­me! My holy Covenant you have bro­ken!” And JESUS said to me as I wal­ked down the steps of Saint Peter’s with a heart dis­tres­sed at such decay of the Church: “Niko­laus, take My Church with you!”

Pro­phe­cy of the Mother of GOD: “Rome will lose its faith!”

In La Salet­te the Mother of GOD said that the time will come when peop­le must tra­vel seven hours in order to attend a GOD-plea­sing Holy Sacri­fice of the Mass! This time is now. What a pain for GOD: many a cler­gy­man in a sta­te of death-brin­ging sin and wit­hout love steps up to the Altar to cele­bra­te the Holy Sacri­fice of the Mass and CHRIST deli­vers Him­s­elf up to him if he belie­ves. The Church has beco­me a cess­pool, an unpre­ce­den­ted hell­ho­le of vice, thus the SAVIOUR tells me. Howe­ver, the­re is no rule wit­hout excep­ti­on! And do you belie­ve that the HOLY SPIRIT works in a cess­pool?

Many come to me and say: “I have left the Church!” Then I have dif­fe­rent fee­lings wit­hin me: on the one hand, it hurts that the per­son had to do such a thing, on the other hand, I think: “It is good that you did so, so that you will not be cor­rup­ted.” The SAVIOUR shows me such a vast num­ber of priests who no lon­ger belie­ve that the bread and wine after the Tran­sub­stan­tia­ti­on are tru­ly the Body and Blood of JESUS CHRIST. The SAVIOUR said: “This is My Body! … This is My Blood! … As often as you shall do the­se things, you shall do them for per­pe­tu­al rene­wal.” As soon as a human being, be he ever so high­ly con­se­cra­ted or edu­ca­ted, says about this: “It can­not be unders­tood in this way …,” he starts ques­tio­ning the plain words of JESUS, and that is wrong inde­ed. Howe­ver, in order for the Tran­sub­stan­tia­ti­on to be able to hap­pen, the faith of the valid­ly ordai­ned priest is requi­red.

Appa­ri­ti­on of Mary in La Salet­te

Lea­ving the Church – and what next?
If someo­ne lea­ves the Church, it does not mean, though, that you just do not go to Church any­whe­re at all any more but that you then should look for the “pure spring water.” Still, GOD gave us the seven Sacra­ments as aids. He undoub­ted­ly knew how weak we human beings are, that we need strength. Go and seek out, while you can, a valid­ly ordai­ned cler­gy­man, who can give you that strength. Becau­se for what is com­ing our way you will no lon­ger recei­ve any strength in the Offi­ci­al Church, at least not the strength you need.

My grea­test and deepest grief is the Church’s pre­di­ca­ment. It is my most ardent desi­re that very soon that time may come in which the Church is again all right befo­re GOD. Then I will be the first to recom­mend mys­elf to the Pope. But for the time being it is sta­ted: “So when you see stan­ding in the holy place the abomi­na­ti­on of deso­la­ti­on, spo­ken of by the pro­phet Dani­el – let the reader under­stand – then let them flee …” (Matt 24,15f)

I am only an Instru­ment of JESUS, but I am also bishop. I could give you what you are loo­king for. I am pre­pa­red to do so, becau­se GOD actual­ly cal­led me for this pur­po­se. It is my grea­test wish to take all peop­le back to GOD!

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