The Darwinian Theory

Dege­ne­ra­ted Tri­bes
From the fami­ly of Adam and Eve all tri­bes deve­lo­ped. They are the first ances­tors of man­kind. Some of the­se tri­bes are listed in Sacred Scrip­tu­re, such as that of Seth, from who­se line came Noah, – “Seth” means: “This one shall bring us reli­ef …” – and Cain’s tri­be. This tri­be, howe­ver, was dar­ken­ed through the sin of fratri­ci­de and in their dar­ke­n­ing the peop­le beca­me more and more invol­ved in the occult by invo­king medi­ums, ora­cles, cult objec­ts and such, from which demons pro­phe­sied as to what was to be done, con­cer­ning decisi­ons, and so on. But often they were also com­ple­te­ly absurd, puz­zling, ambi­guous remarks.

Through this demo­nic influ­ence, cer­tain tri­bes were led to a high, even dia­bo­lic intel­li­gence, others again were plun­ged into com­ple­te pri­mi­tiveness and absur­di­ty. It is com­mon know­ledge that the devil takes his sar­castic plea­su­re in brin­ging cha­os amongst peop­le, lea­ding them to pri­de but also to stu­pi­di­ty. As a result, cer­tain tri­bes lap­sed into sin and had con­tact with demons to such an extent that they dege­ne­ra­ted, until final­ly they actual­ly lived in caves like ani­mals, beha­ving and loo­king like apes. Howe­ver, most sci­en­tists igno­re this dege­ne­ra­ti­on of who­le tri­bes. When they now found such an ape-like head, they jud­ged right­ly that it is the skull of a human being. Yet they drew a com­ple­te­ly wrong con­clu­si­on by clas­si­fy­ing the­se dege­ne­ra­ted eth­nic groups as the ear­ly ances­tors of pre­sent-day man. In this way, they came to the far-reaching state­ment: “Man is descen­ded from the apes.” A mista­ke that so many still belie­ve in. He who asserts that man is descen­ded from the apes is no Chris­ti­an any more.

The Evo­lu­ti­on theo­ry was pro­ven wrong
Alt­hough mean­while many sci­en­tists have pro­ven that the Dar­wi­ni­an Theo­ry can­not pos­si­b­ly be cor­rect, it con­ti­nues to be taught in schools. If this theo­ry were true, then the Bible would not be right, which says that GOD crea­ted Adam and Eve, the first human beings, as the crown of crea­ti­on. Yet I know it to be true! GOD crea­ted Adam and Eve as it says in the Bible. If that were not true, one could attack the who­le Bible.

Sacred Scrip­tu­re, howe­ver, is the gua­ran­tor on which we can rely. The SAVIOUR did actual­ly say: “Hea­ven and earth will pass away, but My words will not pass away.”

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