Page 9 - Quotations
P. 9

19. „Disappointments are of great value
             with GOD. It matures you as much as
             hardly anything else and leads you
             more closely and intimately to GOD.“

        20. „Fighting a bad mood is also a fight
             against the ‘self’ or evil.“

        21. „If something has hit you in the heart
             and you accept it in humility, then you
             are catapulted nearer to Heaven.“

        22. „Nothing on earth can be so bad that
             it is not worthwhile for Heaven.“

        23. „With the LORD GOD one never comes
             out short. – Never!“
        24. „We must be like soft wax for GOD
             and for the devil like sharp pebbles.“
        25. „A soul satisfied in GOD considers
             everything she receives as sufficient.“
        26. „With St. Michael the Archangel I have
             learnt that apart from love, humility is
             the greatest thing.“
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