Page 8 - Quotations
P. 8

10. „If I know that I know nothing, then I
             open myself to Him who knows every-
             thing: the HOLY SPIRIT.“
        11. „The Evil Ones are one as a collective,
             in the hatred against us.“
        12. „A charisma surely is a gift, but it also
             demands sacrifices.“
        13. „GOD has an ardent desire for you –
             and what about you?“
        14. „It is of no importance if one is mis-
             judged after all. – GOD knows.“

        15. „The higher someone is in a position,
             the severer are the attacks from below
             he has to reckon with.“
        16. „Everything is so valuable – the joys as
             well as the sufferings …“

        17. „If we make honest efforts, then GOD
             will help us.“

        18. „For the smallest good I could do, I
             thank GOD.“
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