Page 7 - Quotations
P. 7


          1. „Do not try to think about your neigh-
             bour as you think yourself, but as the
             SAVIOUR thinks.“

          2. „I am not able to do anything at all –
             but in GOD I can do everything.“

          3. „Pious is to bear sufferings and sorrow
             with cheerfulness.“
          4. „If one seeks feelings then one seeks
             oneself, not the LORD GOD!“
          5. „Eternal beatitude – everything is worth
          6. „Why do people always judge GOD in
             the same way as they are themselves?“
          7. „Often look up to GOD.“

          8. „You can ask GOD for whatever you
             want: He will surely make the best of

          9. „True love of GOD is wanting to weep
             because your love seems so very mise-
             rable to you.“
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