Page 5 - Quotations
P. 5

18. „Imagination – the big paintbox that
             GOD gives us!“
        19. „One is light-hearted as soon as one
             is a child before GOD.“
        20. „Just do not believe that you are able
             to give up unpleasant character traits
             until GOD has shown you, how awful
             this behaviour of yours is.“
        21. „The teaching must be clear, but the
             way how every single person lives it is
        22. „Who lets himself go in little things, will
             not manage to do great things either.“
        23. „Be much more worried about GOD’s

        24. „Everything that exists and has life, has
             that very life from GOD’s existence.“

        25. „The better you can bear the sufferings,
             the greater will be the joy, too.“

        26. „Do you want to know how you love
             GOD? Pay attention to how you love
             your neighbour who gets on your
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