Page 4 - Quotations
P. 4

9. „Because of anger you can go to rack
             and ruin or become a saint.“
        10. „You will never be victorious over the
             devil, even if you are priest, bishop or
             pope, if first of all you have not over-
             come your own ‘self’.“

        11. „You should do everything to please
             GOD – that is prayer.“
        12. „The intertwined streets of life on the
             earth are the path leading us to Heav-

        13. „Prophecies are divine, however, we
             can only grasp them in an earthly way.“
        14. „GOD asks us to be His helpers in or-
             der to save souls.“
        15. „The era of the HOLY SPIRIT brings a
             total renewal.“
        16. „Only he who has true love can be
        17. „Every human being must reckon on
             being able to fall into sin – every hu-
             man being!“
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