Page 3 - Quotations
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          1. „The best way to start everything: in
             the Name of the FATHER and of the
             SON and of the HOLY GHOST. Amen!“

          2. „It’s dogged that does it. – Be a tum-
             bling figure.“

          3. „Wemustseetoitthatwecan fill our
             neighbour with enthusiasm.“
          4. „‚LORD, forgive them, because they
             do not know what they are doing.’ That
             should be our response to insults.“

          5. „The Name of JESUS be your strength
             and help!“
          6. „Everything that comes from GOD is
          7. „Whatisdonefromthehearthereon
             earth is of such great value because it
             is voluntary.“
          8. „Love is the strongest power a human
             being can receive.“
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