Page 13 - Quotations
P. 13

18. „Who wants to become a saint will go
             through turbulences!“
        19. „St. Joseph gives you the strength to
             persevere and not go away from
        20. „During the Holy Week, contemplate
             JESUS’ words: ‚This is what I did for
             you, what will you do for Me?‘“
        21. „Do your utmost and have faith in
        22. „If only you knew: nothing is in vain!“

        23. „The nets of unchastity are every-

        24. „Who does not want to venerate the
             Mother of GOD, ignores GOD’s most
             exalted creature.“

        25. „I like those little sacrifices which go
             unnoticed by the people.“

        26. „With GOD there is nothing that is not
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