Page 12 - Quotations
P. 12

9. „Do not waste your strength with
             someone who is not willing.“
        10. „We fast because the SAVIOUR gave
             His life for our salvation and so we,
             too, want to prove that we are prepa-
             red to renounce delights.“

        11. „It is not until we begin to fight that we
             receive the grace to fight.“
        12. „JESUS took upon Himself all the sins
             of the whole of humanity.“
        13. „Truly great are those people who
             have preserved their childlike heart.“
        14. „The most loud of all is the silent ex-
        15. „We are never perfect – we must keep
             working on ourselves.“

        16. „If you seek GOD in the stillness and
             look at Him, then you will receive wis-
        17. „The world lures in a manifold man-
             ner, that is the power of the Evil One.“
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