Page 11 - Quotations
P. 11


         1. „If you want to please Mary, then hon-
             our her spouse.“
         2. „On the Cross, GOD has given for-
             giveness to everyone, you just have to
             come and get it!“

         3. „I love pious, fighting Christians be-
             cause by doing so they please GOD.“
         4. „Everything needs cleaning time and
             again. Why not the most important
             thing: the heart, the soul?“

         5. „It is important to do everything out of
             love for the LORD.“
         6. „Every good work that you do will be
             deposited in Heaven.“
         7. „If you do not have the occasional in-
             ner opposition, you cannot grow.“
         8. „GOD is interested in what you in-
             tended to do.“
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