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Signs and Wonders

          Curing of the Eyes
          When M. H. was still a novice, she told me in a conversation that she
          was very worried about her eyes. The same symptoms were making
          themselves felt again like the first time some years ago. The eyesight
          was deteriorating rapidly (she was already wearing strong glasses) and
          her doctor had told her that this time she must be prepared for blind-
          ness. I gave her the advice to tell the Sword-Bishop. So she did.
          At Christmas in a Nativity play, she played the part of a poor blind
          child. During the performance on Christmas Eve, when she at some
          stage in the play had to touch the Infant JESUS and cry out rejoicing: „I
          can see again!“ she noticed how at that very moment when she said
          this, her eyes were healed. She knew that she would not have been
          able to avoid having an operation with the very high risk of becoming
                                                         M. P. Ä. (Archive No. 06)

          I Had Cancer of the Larynx
          It was in the year 1980. On the eve of the operation I was told: „No
          guarantee of regaining my voice!“ – After a difficult operation some-
          thing much worse was diagnosed and I was advised to undergo radio-
          therapy should there be no improvement. There was no improvement –
          on the contrary. Then I made up my mind to ask the Sword-Bishop for
          his blessing, and, lo and behold – recovery took place! A thousand
          times „May GOD reward you“ for it to all eternity – Most Reverend
                                                           A. R. (Archive No. 07)


               Acts 3,2ff: „And a man lame from birth was being carried.
               … But Peter said: ,I have no silver and gold, but I give you
               what I have: In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth rise up
               and walk!‘“

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