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Healings of the Sick

          vomit after almost every meal leading to rapid loss of weight. Finally, I
          learnt in the hospital to tube-feed our little problem child and give her
          Being in great distress we asked for help from the Sword-Bishop. Then
          when our daughter at the age of six months was operated on, the mira-
          cle happened: the five-and-a-half-hour operation passed off without
          complications. After the operation our little daughter had a slightly ir-
          regular heart-beat, which, however, „would disappear of its own ac-
          cord,“ asserted the doctors. For only three days she was in intensive
          care and never had to return there. Her stay in hospital did not exceed
          three weeks. Our child could drink her bottle and eat with a little spoon.
          She was firmly on the mend. The doctors could not get over their aston-
          Since then we have only been in the hospital for the usual check-ups,
          the last of which was in 1995. The Professor of the clinic was so aston-
          ished at what our little darling looked like that he did not even make an
          ultrasound examination and pointed out that it was not necessary for us
          to come back until April 1998. Such a long period is quite unusual for
          children suffering from a heart condition.
          Each day with our little ray of sunshine is our proof of GOD’s help
          through the Sword-Bishop. We changed our lives for the love of GOD
          and are very happy today to have found faith.
          When we were expecting a baby again, my doctor advised me to take
          all kinds of medical tests because the chance of having another sick
          baby was considerable, she argued. Should this be the case, it would
          be no problem to legally interrupt the pregnancy. We vigorously turned
          down the suggestion of my doctor and were absolutely confident that
          GOD would help us through the Sword-Bishop. Now we are the happy
          parents of a perfectly healthy boy. It was only later that we found out
          that GOD had worked anew a miracle through the Sword-Bishop
          because of our unswerving faith.

          And for that and for so much more we ask GOD that He may ‘eternally
          reward’ the Sword-Bishop for what he has done to us. Greatly obliged
          and with much love.
                                                       H. u. S. B. (Archive No. 05)

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