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Healings of the Sick
           Signs and Wonders

                             Healings of the Sick

          Cured of Asthma

          In early infancy I had milk-crust. Then I got bronchial asthma during the
          whole period of my youth. So I was constantly under medical treatment
          and went to a health resort twice for a longer period of time. When I
          finally was travelling the first time in France as an interpreter with the
          Sword-Bishop, he heard how I had asthma and used the Ventolin in-
          haler, which I was always carrying with me to help me breathe more
          easily. He said inwardly to GOD as he made known later: „She has no
          use for that as Abbess!“
          From that day I never needed to inhale again and did not have asthma
          any more.
                                                         M. P. Ä. (Archive No. 03)

          During the Holy Consecration My Grandchild Was Healed
          My terminally ill grandchild was brought home from hospital, since the
          doctors had abandoned all hope of recovery. The mother began to have
          doubts about the Sword-Bishop whether he would help because of the
          backbiting and slander affecting him. It was for this reason that I went
          to the Sword-Bishop and begged him to celebrate Mass for the child.
          And so I attended. After the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass he told me that
          he put his whole heart into it at the Holy Consecration. And indeed, it
          must have been at the time of the Holy Consecration that the child sud-
          denly got up from bed healthy, went to his mother and complained
          about being really hungry. The mother then visited the Sword-Bishop
          and thanked him, but he gave her to understand that she ought to go
          to church and give thanks to GOD.
                                     S. H., also M. P. S. testifies to this (Archive No. 04)

          Our Child Lives

          Our little daughter had been born with a serious heart condition, and it
          was dreadful to stand by and see her struggling for her young life. One
          pneumonia followed the other, and to make things worse she had to

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