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Signs and Wonders

          Then, on 6 December 1987, at the feast of st Nicholas, I was 65 years
          old at the time, an event occurred which caused deep feelings of grati-
          tude, reverence and awe. In the afternoon, after the Holy Sacrifice of
          the Mass, shortly after 3 p.m., while having lunch, I suddenly got very
          tired and rested my head on my arms. After a short while I started to
          sweat profusely and I thought: „You need to get some fresh air!“ and
          stood up. M. P. S. came to my aid, led me out and made me sit on a lit-
          tle wall and after a few breaths of air I passed out. From then on I can-
          not remember anything so that I have to let M. P. S. and the other wit-
          nesses tell their story of it.
                                                           A. H. (Archive No. 02)

          M. P. S. recounts: Alfons sat at a table. I was with the Sword-Bishop
          and other faithful in the same room and observed how Alfons went
          pale and rested his head on his arms as if he were going to sleep. On
          asking him whether he was not feeling well, I received no reply. Alfons
          stood up and I immediately took him by the arm to go out with him for a
          breath of fresh air. Sluggishly we moved towards the front door and sat
          down on a little wall. No sooner had we sat down than he fell back-
          wards, a last rattle and he passed away. Stretched out he was lying in
          my arms. Straightaway I called in a loud voice to the Sword-Bishop: „…
          come quick, your blessing!“ At once the Sword-Bishop stood beside us
          and spoke the following words: „Come, Alfons, the time has not yet
          come to go to the Angels.“ At the same time the Sword-Bishop was talk-
          ing with GOD in his heart: „LORD, if it is not against Your Providence,
          then satisfy this faith of M.P.S. and do not allow him to leave us this
          way.“ At the same instant he perceived the voice of GOD: „Then order
          him!“ In answer to that the Sword-Bishop commanded: „Come, Alfons,
          back, however nice it may be with the Angels. Your time has not come!
          In the Name of the FATHER and of the SON and of the HOLY GHOST.
          Immediately the man opened his eyes. Filled with amazement he ob-
          served: „Why do you call me back?“ I suppose I have hardly ever seen
          such large shining eyes as at that very moment. Everything happened
          with such unspeakable peace and matter-of-factness, and the amaze-
          ment beggars description.

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