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Dead Rise

                                    Dead Rise

          The Sword-Bishop Gave My Husband Back His Life

          The hands were cold, breathing had stopped, his eyes had glazed over.
          My daughter called out: „Father has died!“ A son answered the lady
          next door: „Father died just now!“ All my eight children present, who
          left the room crying, as well as I, his wife, were convinced: father is

          As the Sword-Bishop, who had given us advance notice, drove up, life
          came suddenly back to Pierre, and as he took my deceased husband’s
          hand in his, one of my children shouted: „He opens his eyes!“ Another
          child went into the street again and reported: „Father died just a minute
          ago, now he is alive again.“ For weeks it had not been possible to
          speak with my husband any more, now he caressed his grandchildren
          and you could talk to him about anything. We were shaken … – „Pierre
          is allowed to stay for another two weeks, then he will pass away while
          peacefully falling asleep,“ the Sword-Bishop remarked when saying
          goodbye. Precisely in this way and precisely after these two weeks he
          passed away peacefully.
                                      Bearing witness to this on the husband’s demise,
                                             her children T. a. H. B. (Archive No. 01)

          A Faithful Soul Is Allowed to Live Anew
          I have always felt a great inner need to drive to the Holy Sacrifice of the
          Mass of the Sword-Bishop on Sundays, and therefore I got up every Sun-
          day morning at about 3 o’clock in order to look after the cowshed on
          my farm first. I made about a two-and-a-half hour drive of some 200
          kilometres to the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass of the Sword-Bishop. But I
          have never thought it too much trouble. After leaving the official Church
          for having become modernistic, I went to the traditional Church for a
          while. This Church, however, is stubborn and rigid, and you never
          change because you are hardly given any spiritual direction. When I
          finally met the Sword-Bishop through the book „Church in Danger“, I
          attended a Holy Sacrifice of the Mass with the Sword-Bishop for the first
          time on 2 October 1983. I am very happy with it to this day.

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