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The Church of JESUS CHRIST

                       The Church of JESUS CHRIST

          With the help of Sacred Scripture I will reveal that the Roman Catholic
          Church, be it the Official Church or the Tridentine Traditional Church,
          but also all others going by the name of Church, in many respects
          absolutely contradict the teaching of CHRIST and His Apostles, indeed
          act against it! Today it is even so that he who would live up to the acts of
          JESUS and the teaching of the Apostles would be anathematized and
          excommunicated! Before going into further details about it, we would
          like to point out which Church is the Church of CHRIST, which has been
          endowed with GOD’s richest graces.
          The answer is: the true Church of JESUS CHRIST is the one which pos-
          sesses all powers (Sacraments) and legacies handed over by JESUS
          CHRIST to his Apostles, which were uninterruptedly and provably con-
          ferred through the ceremonial imposition of hands (according to Sacred
          Scripture 1 Tim. 4,14 and 2 Tim. 1,6 etc.).
          Only few possess this. They are: the Roman Catholic Church, the
          Orthodox Churches, the Old Catholic Church as well as some of the
          Free Bishops, who are outside the Official Church. Be that as it may,
          CHRIST has not founded various Churches but only one. And in order
          for her to be and remain one, He appointed Peter as the one who unites
          among all bishops as
                               first among equals!

          This foundation of the Church will continue to exist until the end of the
          world. Thus the Apostles have also understood it and have passed on,
          by the laying on of hands, the powers which were given them by
          CHRIST as Sacred Scripture testifies. – Some examples:

          1 Tim. 4,13-14 Till I come, attend unto reading, to exhortation and to doc-
          trine! Neglect not the grace that is in you, which was given you by prophecy,
          with imposition of the hands of the priesthood.

          1 Tim. 5,22 Impose not hands lightly upon any man …

          2 Tim. 1,6 For which cause I admonish you that you stir up the
          grace of God which is in you by the imposition of my hands.

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