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Read and Recognize

          Dear reader!

          The matter you are about to read defies human judgement because this
          was not written from a human point of view, but
                                   as GOD sees it!

          This writing is published in order to expose the secret machinations of
          Satan, as GOD has instructed me to do. It must, therefore, be written in
          a matter-of-fact and uncompromising openness. Rather than the men-
          tioned persons or circles of persons the criticisms concern their activity
          or inactivity. That is to say, I do not judge the sinner but the sinner’s sin,
                      mainly, however, the machinations of Satan!

          To this end we have been called and appointed by GOD to be the
          Sword-Bishop of JESUS CHRIST!

          Yet let us never forget: as long as a person has not died, GOD seeks to
          save him. And this with all His love. But often GOD first has to make a
          person face his mistakes so that he may recognize them and change!

                                                of JESUS CHRIST
                                                  + Nikolaus

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