Page 9 - In the Name of GOD TRINITY
P. 9

The New Generation of Priests,
                           the Priests of the Heart

           I am about to appoint for Myself a new generation of priests: priests
           of the heart. I do not want mere intellectual priests any more. In this
           new generation of priests I will pour My new wine.

           Then My Church will nowhere be found any more as she appeared
           before: in churches of stone, on written, printed and sealed paper,
           in organisations and external bustle and the like. My Church will
           then live on in the hearts of men. Wherever a heart is burning with
           true love towards Me, there will My Church be found. In this way I
           have transplanted My Church into the heart of My Sword-Bishop. In
           there, the HOLY SPIRIT will enkindle her to ever greater power and
           brighter splendour until the hour of renewal of the Covenant in the
           Church of Love, which will arise in the age of the HOLY SPIRIT, after
           the purification of My people, which is now beginning. Because the
           people must be purified before the Church of Love can come into

           Behold, My words prove to be true in the Official Church,
           which no longer possesses the light. What is happening then in
           today’s Official Church? What a dance around the Golden Calf just
           as the Israelites did! They dance on and rejoice, and they think that
           everything is just fine, whereas you cannot recognise any fruits at
           all, fruits that would redound to My greater glory.

           So tell Me then, My people, why do you cheer, heap praises on,
           idealise and idolise the leaders of the Church on account of their
           great occasions and so on? Afterwards the churches are just as
           empty as before, aren’t they? How is it, then, that you judge a per-
           son by his words and grand gestures? Have I not taught you not to
           pay heed to mere words but to the fruits. To the very fruits only!
           Know, therefore, My people, that My Sword-Bishop, in the same

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