Page 8 - In the Name of GOD TRINITY
P. 8

And then you, My people,

           who profess the so-called Traditional Church. If at first I looked on
           you with delight, you have now become My and My Mother’s great-
           est pain. The reasons for this I have already let you know in the writ-
           ings of My Sword-Bishop.

           Know, little flock, I had chosen you for Myself. I let it happen that
           you would not fall prey to Satan’s bedazzlement as it happened in
           My Official Church. Why, however, do you praise yourself above
           the others and take the credit for it yourself? Everything I do or allow
           is meant to bring something forth according to My holy plan and
           counsel. – You, however, I have chosen to do penance for the blind
           and for the sinners with most holy zeal, and to intercede for the evil-
           doers with a heart full of glowing love. But what did you do?

           With harsh words you condemned, criticised them, and self-right-
           eously looked down upon them. You have not done what I had or-
           dained you for. Many of you practise their pious devotion in a sheer
           self-satisfied and selfish way, your disposition of heart and soul re-
           mains unchanged for years just as it was! Your priests are not con-
           cerned about your sanctification, about your growing in perfection.
           Like machines they administer the Sacraments to you without both-
           ering any further about you. You have become a talkative people.
           With you, therefore, I shall have to deal harder than with those who
           became worldly and went astray. You are like people who have
           gone back to the Old Testament. You consider the fulfilling of the
           laws and rubrics as most important, as the essence. But what I, your
           GOD and LORD, am looking for is a warm heart glowing with love,
           a heart full of love towards Me and your neighbour, even towards
           your enemies. He who really loves Me with a warm and living heart
           fulfils the laws without being particularly aware of it. You, tradi-
           tional priests, remained old wineskins. In these I cannot pour the
           new wine any longer.

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