Page 7 - In the Name of GOD TRINITY
P. 7

you see fit! Your knowledge has already puffed you up so much
           that you will soon burst! Truly did My Apostle write: „Knowledge
           puffs up. Charity alone builds up”.

           Know, therefore: you have become false prophets! You
           speak and act according to the tastes of men. You are seeking to
           flatter their ears. You proclaim a way of comfort and not the one of
           the cross. In the coming time you will know how much your doing
           provoked My anger.

           And to you, bishops
           I ask you: for what did I call you to the ministry, then, if you have
           been called and chosen at all? You were meant to be leaders and
           shepherds in My stead. But where is your imitation? Do you act as I,
           your LORD and Master, did? Have I not taught you in every-
           thingonlytodothewill of My FATHER andtoseek the
           glory of My FATHER, and this even to the giving of your life if
           need be? But you are even afraid of an opposing word or the loss of
           the bishop‘s see. Did your holy predecessors and models not rather
           go into exile for their courageous words? And you? Are you not
           ashamed, then, to celebrate the feasts of your holy predecessors
           who, for their clear and decisive words to the glory of GOD, went
           with holy composure, nay, with pleasure and readiness to their
           deaths? How should I be able to save My Church with you?

           Let each of you ask himself what he has done in the Church to the
           greater glory of GOD. Has he, for example, even helped to abolish
           the appropriate expressions of whorship to GOD (removal of Com-
           munion rails, omission of genuflections, irreverent behaviour in the
           House of GOD)?

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