Page 6 - In the Name of GOD TRINITY
P. 6

You dallied, whored and committed adultery with the world!
           Shamelessly you undressed to lure in the dark. You threw your
           clothes away from you, and with your nakedness tried to draw your
           neighbours toward you in the dark.*

           In doing so you broke My holy Covenant! Therefore I will
           take it away from you and will renew it in the HOLY SPIRIT with the
           now coming Church of Love.

           The call from your heart was no longer: „In love and holy zeal all to
           the greater glory of GOD!” but: „As you like it!”

           You did so in order to please the children of this world, people who
           are given to the allurements of this world, and who, turned soft,
           travel the broad and comfortable road. But I taught you who the
           prince of this world is: Satan. The children of this world are,
           therefore, children of Satan. You, My Church, like Satan’s children,
           have cherished and nourished vipers in your bosom.

           But you pushed away, mocked, scoffed and jeered at My little chil-
           dren, who love Me humbly. You had them even dragged before
           worldly judges and sold them to the pagans. You acted against
           Sacred Scripture and the instruction of My Apostle Paul. So I tell you:
           verily, Scripture is beginning to fulfil itself anew: My children and
           instruments are cast out of your synagogues …!

           You are like the Pharisees and scribes at the time of My earthly
           life. They were well versed in the Scriptures. But when what was writ-
           ten began to be fulfilled they did not understand! You, however,
           even dare to interpret Sacred Scripture after your own taste and as

           * Through conformity to the spirit of the world, through a terrifying desacralisation and irreve-
           rence towards GOD and all that was hitherto regarded as holy and venerable (questioning of
           the dogmas, watering down of the morals, etc.), the formerly so pure Bride of CHRIST, the
           Church, has divested herself of her dress and has become a shameless whore.

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