Page 4 - In the Name of GOD TRINITY
P. 4

GOD’s Word,
                        a Sharp Two-Edged Sword

           Notice and hear GOD‘s WORD, which like a two-edged sword
           comes out of His mouth and penetrates into the hearts of men.

           Nineveh was led to repentance through a sole prophet. One single
           prophet was enough. But to you, today’s mankind, hundreds of
           prophets were sent, and still you have not been converted. How
           many times even the Mother of the LORD herself came deeply wor-
           ried, full of sorrow and affliction, warning you in a voice choked
           with tears. You did not listen to her. How many privileged souls
           GOD raised up in order to urge you to repentance and announce to
           you a terrible punishment if you continue to persist in your impeni-
           tence. But you threw it all to the wind, and scoffed at, mocked,
           despised and rejected those who were sent to you by GOD. Thus
           you sinned against the HOLY SPIRIT.

           But it was the victim and atoning souls (privileged souls), so mocked
           and despised by you, people, that had caused GOD the LORD to
           calm His holy and just wrath, and to keep putting off the threatened
           chastisement. Their continued pleading and sacrificing for sinners
           and for their very pursuers and tormenters were able to hold back
           GOD‘s punishing arm. So far GOD showed Himself to be patient
           and full of compassion. But now His long-suffering is at an end.

           This is what GOD the LORD says: „Completed be the time that I
           warned mankind. Woe, woe to you, human race! All the tears of
           My dearest Mother, all the tears and sufferings of My privileged
           children I will charge to your account. You will have to pay this bill.
           Relentlessly I will, in holy wrath, make sure you pay them off to the
           very last penny.“

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