Page 3 - In the Name of GOD TRINITY
P. 3

We call upon

                                  GOD TRINITY

           as a WITNESS to testify that we have been called neither by man
           nor through man nor through ourselves, but simply and solely
           through the will of GOD under the special cooperation of MARY to
           extraordinary apostle and bishop as His elected

                            and His personal INSTRUMENT,
                             simply and solely assigned to
                                    JESUS CHRIST!

           We are the two-edged sword, coming out of GOD’s mouth, of
           which Sacred Scripture (Rev. 1,16; 19,15) speaks. Our struggle is not
           against flesh and blood, but against the spirit, against the spirit of
           men and the spirit of darkness, which is Satan. Our judging emer-
           ges simply and solely from the Main Commandment. The
           Main Commandment is our only standard of value in judging and
           acting. Therefore our GOD-given sword is two-edged. Let no man
           say that he loves his neighbour if he does not first love GOD with all
           his heart, with all his soul, with all his mind, and with all his strength,
           as JESUS would have us do (Matth. 22,37-40; Mark 12,30). Let no man
           say that he loves GOD if he does not love his neighbour (all men),
           even if they were his adversaries and enemies. For it is written:
           „Love your enemies, do good to them that hate you, and pray for
           them that persecute and slander you” (Matth. 5,44). It is according to
           this two-edged sword that we must act!

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