July 2018

Sacraments Are Food of the Soul – Dryness as a Trial

My beloved! I welcome you all very heartily to the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and since you have come, I will give you the Body of JESUS CHRIST in return. Those who did not come, will not have the Body of CHRIST. The question is how important it is to you to receive the Body which is GOD. Do not think that you can simply be in union with GOD or have feelings if you do not come and take Him. Do not expect GOD to come to you first, no, first you must go to Him, in prayer and also in contemplation. The body is hungry and thirsty. For it to grow and stay well preserved, we must eat and drink. The soul is much more powerful in us and is hungry and thirsty, too, more than the body. The holy Sa­cra­ments are food; reading a good spiritual book or listening to sermons is drink.


Trial of Love

If people are doing well, they like to pray. If in prayer you have many nice feelings, you like to be involved. When dryness comes or people are not well healthwise and GOD does not come down at once and says „Be healed!“ so that quickly they can be on their feet again, it is all over and done with. It does not work that way! It would not be normal if everything is fine all the time. A new convert might say: „Dear GOD, I love You, I love You!“ again and again. That is quite easy with many nice feelings. Then GOD will say: „Just let us see if, indeed, it is true. We will send him a little doubt, a little sorrow, an illness or his money runs out …“

Then it will show. Then many people leave GOD and  forget about Him. Perhaps they say: „LORD GOD, help me, I do love You!“ and they receive nothing, no answer, no feeling – so then they turn away from GOD. It does not work that way!


This is Not the Time for Healings

People complain about pain, diseases, disability, about all the suf­fering they have. But if you manage to cope with it, you will rejoice at  it after death. I, too, do know what pain is. You are free to choose: do you want to give to GOD as a present your disability, disease or the fact that you count for nothing with other people, then you will  give to GOD something huge! If not, you will have to suffer from it tremendously. If that is what pleases you … I do not say that you are not allowed to ask GOD: „LORD, if it is Your will, take it away from me, please! But not my will, but Yours be done!“ Today is not the time for healings, at least not from GOD’s point of view, because humanity is so steeped in sin, so estranged from GOD. Do you really think that GOD should still be sweet-talking? First give due honour to GOD, then He ... more