May 2018

Whitsun – Working of the HOLY SPIRIT

My dearly beloved, today we celebrate one of the greatest feasts: Whitsun! It is the great feast, when the Apostles were gathered around the Mother of GOD, the HOLY SPIRIT came with a mighty roaring from Heaven filling all, so that without fear they went out preaching full of fervour to the people.

One thing must be clear: no one, not even an Angel of GOD can explain to you what the FATHER is, what the SON is, what the HOLY SPIRIT is. As a child I was so annoyed, and even today I am annoyed at the way the TRINITY is most commonly depicted. For example, you see the Almightiness of GOD, the FATHER and the SON, and if you look closely, you see a tiny little Dove above them, representing the HOLY SPIRIT. I saw it differently. As a nine-year-old boy I was caught up to the Most Holy TRINITY and I first saw them in three Persons. I will be brief about it because it is impossible to describe anyway. As I have repeatedly ex­plained, I went to the FATHER, then to the SON, and coming to the HOLY SPIRIT, His figure disappeared, the third figure, and turned into a giant fire. It was a sun, greater than all the planets together, without a beginning, without an end, and yet I was allowed to look out over it, but its sheer size was unfathomable. And when I was told to  now go to the HOLY SPIRIT, I did hesitate for a moment – for a moment I did not dare to go into that fire. But being the kind of GOD He is – you cannot say no to Him – and so I just went; it was something wonderful. I felt like being wrapped in plush, like being in the divine, motherly womb of the HOLY SPIRIT.

The SPIRIT of GOD Was Hovering over the Waters

Why did the HOLY SPIRIT also show Itself as a Dove? Well known, for example, is the Dove at the Annunciation when Mary conceived the SAVIOUR through the HOLY SPIRIT, as well as with John the Baptist when he baptised JESUS. Why does the HOLY SPIRIT appear in this way? – Sacred Scripture says: „The SPIRIT of GOD was hovering over the waters.“ It is not written “GOD the FATHER,” not “GOD the SON,” but “the SPIRIT of GOD,” the HOLY SPIRIT. And now I will tell you why He appears as a Dove: because He is so powerful, so supremely powerful, that He is beyond our ability to fathom Him out. We would be afraid of this incomprehensible power! Therefore, He comes gently like a Dove, which we do not fear.

My dearly beloved, the HOLY SPIRIT is the One who hovered over the waters and created. He is the Worker in GOD TRINITY. It is so hard to explain. Actually, He is – I will now tell you something which could be misunderstood – the motherly side in GOD. GOD does not think as human beings do. GOD the FATHER is from everlasting to everlasting, the powerful GOD the FATHER. And His SON is not less. But what would these two be without the HOLY SPIRIT? These two Persons, FATHER ... more