January 2019

The Name of JESUS – Triumph over Hell

My beloved, I heartily welcome you because once again we may offer up to GOD the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. Not for everybody in the world it is such a natural thing. Many who await with eager anticipation the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass cannot attend it. Be­cause the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is not just a prayer or a pious act, but we can give, sacrifice to GOD the FATHER, through the HOLY SPIRIT, JESUS CHRIST Himself. What then is our sacri­fice in comparison? It is not just the priest who sacrifices Him, it is GOD Himself sacrificing Himself. You can join the sacrifice by placing your own special intentions into the Chalice. You know full well  that the priest does not only pour out wine, but also a drop of water. When the SAVIOUR died on the cross and His heart was opened, blood and water gushed forth. The wine signifies JESUS’ sacrifice, His Blood, and the water signifies our participation in  this sacrifice, which we place into the Chalice and which is watery compared with JESUS’ sacrifice. But at the Holy Consecration, this drop of water will also be tran­sub­stantiated into the Precious Blood of CHRIST and will cry out to the FATHER on high; thus the SAVIOUR prays for our requests as well. In this way, all the acts in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass have a deeper meaning. But it ought to be so simple to understand that you do not need to obtain a professorship first, as was exactly the case in the Church and still is in certain places. Today we celebrate the most awesome thing, besides the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, the name JESHUA, in Englisch: JESUS, the key to Heaven.

GOD Came on Earth to Practise Justice

Sometimes it says in prayer books: „The name of JESUS is sweet.“ Somehow it is, yes, but the name of JESUS is the key to the kingdom of Heaven.

Mighty is the name of JESUS! In the Old Testament, animals were sacrificed, slaughtered, that is to say, they were stabbed, drained of their blood, so that it was not painful for the animal, it just slowly passed away. They were always animals although GOD said: „I take no pleasure in this sacrifice!“ Now look at the altar picture of today’s feast: the high priest holds up the Infant JESUS as an offering. Instead of an animal, this little Child is going to sacrifice Himself, for us, for all mankind. Is there anything more tremendous than for the almighty GOD to come down on earth in order to make satisfaction towards justice by sacrificing Himself for all the sins of men, from Adam up to the last man yet ever to be born, that we may have another opportunity to enter Heaven provided that we use His Blood in holy Confession.


The Mighty Name of JESUS – Key to Heaven

Mary and Joseph pronounce this name in a wonderful manner, the Mother of GOD, of course, in the first place. When she ap­pears and utters the name of JESUS, her reverence is so grace­ful, ... more