May 2019

On the Worldwide Political Situation – Mary’s Majesty

My beloved, here I stand again with a task given to me by the SAVIOUR personally: „You are there to uncover the secret machi­nations of Satan and to teach the ignorant!“ Of course, this applies worldwide because the LORD of the universe is CHRIST and not some or other state president, a Bilderberger or one of the illuminati. Compared to GOD they are all mere pawns, which I laugh at. Because I have this task, I just also have to speak in GOD’s name about the worldwide political situation from time to time and warn. I do not want to spread fear, as some stated, be­cause how am I supposed to frighten you when I myself do not know fear at all. If I love GOD – and GOD is my witness that I do – why then should I still be afraid? Of whom? Of death? In that case I would be with GOD – with Him whom I love above all else – and would have eternal blessedness. If I could win but one single soul, who would otherwise be lost, I would lay down my life for her, but only in the strength of CHRIST. But if I could achieve anything for GOD here on earth, I would also be willing to live another thousand years here for Him.

I Love the Church of JESUS CHRIST
If I look out into the world now, not with GOD’s eyes, but with the insight as GOD gives it to me, then I would have to say: „Too late!“ The whole world has already been so much infiltrated by the Evil One and I see the peoples like bleating flocks of sheep, which no longer have the courage to stand up for the LORD, for GOD. Have people still not understood that only dead fish swim with the stream, and sound ones against the stream?

Where then do we have our spiritual source? With GOD! There­fore, we must go back to the origin and swim against the stream. So many lukewarm Christians say or want to show that they are still Christians. Yet they have already become so utterly estranged from GOD that they do not have the light any more. The people have breathed in the smoke of Satan. There are those who go to Church and believe that at Holy Communion they have the true SAVIOUR, but upwards of 70% of the priests no longer believe in the Transubstantiation, which consequently does not take place. And here people are simply being led up the garden path.

Do you believe that I enjoy saying these things? I love the Church. By this I mean, of course, what JESUS understands by the Church. But the ground staff of the Church has completely failed. Therefore, too late – everything too late if it were not for something written in the Gospel, which gives fresh heart to us again: the parable of the mustard seed. „The kingdom of Heaven is like a mustard seed, that, when sown in the soil, is one of the very smallest seeds. Yet when grown, it is taller than all the garden plants, and produces large branches, so that the birds of the sky can perch in its shade!“ I take ... more