September 2018

Infant Baptism and Confirmation – Remission of Original Sin

My beloved! St. John the Apostle teaches us: „Yet to all who did receive Him and believed in His name, He gave the right to be­come children of GOD. Who were born not of natural descent, nor of human decision, nor of the will of man, but born of GOD“ – through Baptism. Baptism applies to all Christian Churches. To­day it is said when parents want to have their newborn child baptised: „The human being should choose for themselves after all. You simply force your child to accept faith. He ought to be able to later decide freely which religion he wishes to embrace!“ Partly you also hear from scholars of the Church: „It is wrong to baptise children!“ These have understood absolutely nothing. In Sacred Scripture we read, e.g. when Peter went to Cornelius the Centurion, who was between 40 and 50 years of age, and still had younger children: „While Peter was speaking there, the HOLY SPIRIT came on all those present in the house and they received the HOLY SPIRIT.“

Were there not many children during the persecution of Chris­tians who defended their faith when they were about to be killed? Today people would say about children this age: „It is still too early for Baptism or Confirmation. They must be able to decide for themselves. Baptism can be done later at the age of 20!“ You do know quite well: nowadays 20-year-olds are usually already sexually depraved from school, television, etc., if the HOLY SPIRIT had not previously been able to work in the child. If you plant something, you certainly water and tend to it. We can put the HOLY SPIRIT into the child through the Sacrament. If some­one has the gift to read the eyes, he will recognise whether a child has been baptised or not.

The HOLY SPIRIT flows from the eyes, the window of the soul, the eyes shine. I actually do not know how you see it, but when I see these eyes of a little, still underage child after Baptism, they are clear as mountain lakes. You could almost say, I see the Angel looking out or the breath of GOD is looking out. One would really like, if one could, to fall into the eyes. I say “mountain lakes” because they are mostly still clear. Besides, the baptised children share in all the treasures of grace of the Church. Who would actually want to keep this from the infant? – Know that through Baptism the guilt of original sin is erased. Without Bap­tism the guilt of original sin, displeasing to GOD, remains, and where it is still clinging, the HOLY SPIRIT cannot work that freely.

Baptismal Name
The name is very important to GOD. GOD says: „I have called you by your name!“ In Paradise GOD did not call: „Human!“ He called: „Adam!“ It is also known with the Prophets that GOD called them by their name. Through the Sacrament of Baptism the name will be  sealed in Heaven. GOD, Heaven, your Guardian Angel – they always call you by your name. That is why at Bap­tism you should not give  the name of some or other crazy idol, but a name that has already been borne by a Saint or any other beautiful ... more