November 2018

The Place of Purification – Help for the Poor Souls

My beloved! You have seen the Monstrance here with the little wafer of bread and in it is the SAVIOUR in His whole Divinity and humanity. His human size is a little over 1.80m and as to His divine size, the whole universe is too small, so tremendously great is He! That is GOD – He can make Himself so small. He can also make Himself so small that you can receive Him in your heart. In that case, we might as well call Purgatory here now, mightn’t we? Because Purgatory is not as great as GOD. After all, there are people in it, for the time being without a body, so spirits. I asked GOD to allow the Poor Souls to appear here at the beginning of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. Don’t worry, not visibly, you could not bear it at all. And then we want to make sure that GOD’s  mercy will grant everyone in Purgatory mighty help, even the least one, the greatest debtor – and even if he cannot go straight to Heaven, it may still give him a nice push upwards into a better sphere. What does being better off in Purgatory mean? It means no longer having to feel this horrific anguish of longing for GOD.

The Gigantic Basin with the Precious Blood
All the Poor Souls who are allowed to come to the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass will of course be joined by their Angels as well. What a joy of these Angels for their protégés in Purgatory! When the priest holds up the Chalice with the Precious Blood at the Holy Transubstantiation, he only sees that little bit of wine, or rather Blood, but to the Angels it is a gigantic holy basin filled with the Precious Blood of CHRIST. Each Angel draws near and dips his hyssop stem, a branch with leaves, into it and sprinkles it into the Purgatory.

At times the Poor Souls seem to me like young little birds craning their necks and hungrily opening their little beaks when their bird mother comes with wormlets. And so the Poor Souls are waiting like hungry little children to receive their milk now: the Precious Blood of CHRIST.

Love Spends Itself
Purgatory, or the purification, cannot actually be explained be­cause you would have to have seen GOD just as He is in Heaven now: incomprehensible beauty, incomprehensible love. GOD, of course, has no love because He is love. And this mighty love spends itself. A woman came to me saying: „I love my SAVIOUR so much, my heart is brimful of love for Him!“ My ans­wer: „That is not love yet. Love is giving. You must allow love to overflow – for both agreeable and disagreeable persons, be­cause all of them would actually be children of GOD!“ All right, there are some who are children of the devil. But why should they not be torn from the dragon’s teeth? „For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, against human beings,“ Paul says, „but against the spi­ri­tual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.“

Rather fight against evil. First of all, you start with yourself, be­cause everyone has their weaknesses. If someone claimed that they have no shortcomings, they would be holier or more perfect than the SAVIOUR. JESUS endured ... more