March 2019

The Letter Kills – Being Happy for GOD

My beloved! Man is divine, because the soul is seated in him, also in every pagan and even every great sinner. And what is the soul? It is the breath, the breath of life of GOD. GOD breathed into the first man’s nostrils the breath of life. And afterwards on earth: as soon as the heart of the begotten child begins to beat, GOD puts His breath into the heart. GOD’s breath of life is divine, which is why it says in Holy Scripture: „You are gods!“ So man is divine, but not the Sunday nor the Sabbath. Who is more im­por­tant: Sunday or man? Important according to GOD is: „Six days you shall labour and on the seventh day you shall rest!“ And those who  claim so zealously that the Sabbath must be kept holy and not the Sunday, let them go to the Jews and stay there. We have such great Saints who kept the Sunday holy. Do look at their lives, follow their example. One has become holy through social works, another in prayer and still another as a hermit. Not everyone can live as these did but you can study their virtues and then live your life according to your own assignment and vo­ca­tion.


Know-It-Alls and Those Faithful to the Letter
Many people judge according to their already preconceived hu­man opinion, which is why the HOLY SPIRIT cannot enter into them. If someone comes up to you, whether he be a sinner, a Saint, an Islamist, or anybody else: you must empty yourself so that the HOLY SPIRIT can recognise the other person through you. They are the know-it-alls who are stuck in the Old Tes­ta­ment. They  are the ones faithful to the letter like the stub­born Jews in those days. Apostle Paul said: „The letter kills!“

And those who judge with a preconceived know-it-all attitude, from their human head are the ones who will always just pick cer­tain phrases from the Bible for themselves, only the phrases that suit them. They are rightly called sectarians.


Bible Translations
Then one should keep in mind that Holy Scripture was translated  many times. Unfortunately, they made the mistake of not always using the original text when translating, but the latest trans­lation. Mind you, language changes. If our great-great-grand­mother were came to the earth now, she would not be able to understand our language at all any more. Therefore, I find it very practical in the Church that we have Latin, but not for the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, but for the archives. Latin is a dead language. It is no longer spoken in the world and consequently remains unchanged – unlike our language that even changes from year to year. In any case, my German speaking great-grand­mother or even my grandmother would not know what city, street, shop or job means, she would have no inkling. Do you un­der­stand? That is why ... more