GOD alone is the One who called, trained and, after many trials chose me to be His personal Instrument. To Him and to Him alone am I an Instrument. Without the master’s hand a hammer or a paintbrush are but useless tools. In the same way, I am nothing in the world without His guiding hand.

Directed by the power of GOD to operate outside ecclesiastical authority, I speak freely and act without hierarchical constraint as GOD allows me to perceive within my heart. My jurisdiction as Bishop refers directly to JESUS CHRIST, the sovereign Head of the Church. Although extraordinary, such is known by the Church and, by general consent, is based on ecclesiastical lawfulness.

Baptized Nikolaus Andreas in the Roman Catholic Church in 1937, I was instructed by GOD from my childhood through a deep per­sonal intimacy with Him. Years of dryness and terrible attacks from Hell followed from which I did not always emerge victorious. JESUS, however, communicated to me that I never willingly conceded to those attacks within my heart.

It was GOD’s will that I should marry. I was 28 years old at the time and fully aware of the meaning of marriage so that I was able to lead a harmonious married life with my spouse. Our marriage was blessed by four sons and never was there an angry word exchanged in our home. During that time GOD taught me many things about the Sacrament of Matrimony, family life, and many things that the Church’s leadership did not recognize, or misjudged concerning marriage. Suddenly GOD’s hand painfully intervened once again requiring me to renounce family life. GOD wanted me to be His personal Instrument and that de­man­ded absolute willingness to make sacrifices, not only of me, but of my spouse and our children as well!

Sword-Bishop by the Altar

GOD equipped me with all that I needed to be His Instrument. He gave me, although I do not know to what extent, the feelings of JESUS’ Heart. – When this first occurred I experienced great difficulty as I felt, saw, heard and experienced the pain, suffering and joy of JESUS’ Heart.

One of the most dreadful sufferings that came into my heart was JESUS’ grief over His beloved Bride, the holy Church, which is blinded by Satan’s smoke to such an extent that JESUS is no longer able to raise a bishop in Her who could save the Church. Though there are men of good will in the Church, the current hierarchical structures are such that all attempts to effect change in the spirit of JESUS are completely hindered. The few loyal ones in the Church’s leadership believe that they do good. They do not, however, act in accordance with the Heart of JESUS. There is no more salt; no more fire in the Church of CHRIST. What, to the faithful, looks like fire, is mere paper fire which is rekindled again and again. It flares up brightly, but instantly crumbles into ashes again!

Now is the time that was foretold during which even the just could go astray, were not GOD to come to their aid. That is why GOD has chosen to send His Sword-Bishop from outside the Church. Such outside help has often been prophesied, but, as it happened when JESUS came as the Messiah to the Jewish hierarchy, the Church’s leadership of today will not acknowledge what did not pass through Her school or receive Her personal benevolence.

JESUS told me at the consecration to Bishop:


You are there to instruct the ignorant and uncover the secret machinations of Satan.“

The SAVIOUR later added to this task another one, viz. that of renewing His Church in the HOLY SPIRIT.

Consequently we tried more than once to have an audience with the Pope. However, we never received an answer back.

I know that it is very difficult to acknowledge a Bishop who has been consecrated without the official Church’s consent. However, Heaven confirms this consecration by signs and miracles: dead rise again, sick people are healed, sinners are converted. In mani­fold and uncountable ways, GOD’s blessing reveals itself.

It can be said that the devil can work false miracles. My reply is: Never will he nor can he implant in human hearts the Main Commandment of love and never would he be able to make love burn. It is absolutely impossible for him to kindle the virtue of true humility.

Yet exactly this is the fruit brought forth by our work as directed by JESUS and in the Name and power of GOD!

Acknowledged doctors of divinity, of ecclesiastical law and of litur­gy, and other extraordinarily privileged souls, too, have re­cognized and confirmed us and have certified our consecration as well as our mission as Sword-Bishop of JESUS CHRIST.

At that time JESUS began to speak and said:
I praise you, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, because you have hidden these things from the wise and prudent and have revealed them to little ones! Yes, Father, for so it has seemed good in your sight.“ (Matt. 11:25f)